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I really dig this game. It highlights the joyful aspect of wrestling from my childhood before you knew it might not be real, the idea that the vampire in the ring will really suck your blood unless they get pinned for three seconds. While this could easily just be a combat game of in-ring action, the procedures listed for setting up a gig, exploring the circumstances of the area and your opponent, and t hen diving into battle is a really nice structure for a more involved and satisfying story for all players. I think this would work really well too as an ongoing campaign with rotating players, having the core agency function as a mission hub and whatever brawlers are available to do missions, allowing for campaign-like progress without much commitment or buy-in.

Having modular rules for different tasks, whether it be the above-mentioned investigation leading to a fight, the way fights are paced and controlled mechanically, or variants like using a wrestler's entrance music to affect the story are all really fun inspired takes on the genre. 

Def will be rallying to get this played (was going to say "to the table" but yknow, 2020). Excited to see what showboats and swamp things my friends come up with and how they settle things in the squared circle.

really great stuff. loved how its organized and how friendly the writing is, information is super accessible, story flow is all really well designed. even the examples of play are well written, conversational & welcoming but informative and targeted towards a specific experience. innovation in the fall of magic-inspired sector that I've been seeking in a tight concise package. really ticks all my boxes, 5-star game.

I'm happy for any of my games to be covered except Babes in the Wood or Protest Singer (since I'm working on revised editions of each)

This game does some really clever new things with the Forged in the Dark model that I hope ripple out and inspire other designers the way they have me! The setting is really rich and permeates through the rules and text in a way that is really masterful (even as the writer says setting and lore will be developed further!). Similarly, the design and layout are on point and look very pro, especially for something that is still in development. 

Super impressed by this whole game and eager to see how it continues to grow.

I neglected to mention the graphic style is very cool and what drew me in the first place! The layout is well done and clean, and the icon to bring attention to gm information is especially clever and useful on a one page game 

this is clever, succinct, and fun, i dig it. I love the near-instant setting generation by just saying things you enjoy. the time mechanic is neat, spend more time in the other realm and go for a big cool reward but risk getting stuck there. imho the dice could be simpler by just comparing 3d6 against a success range, but making some aspect of rolling a player choice amps up the gambling element which is fun too. Great work!

a really great, succinct, clean game about exploring a museum in search of something you desperately want. this feels the way I wish dungeon crawling felt in other games: mysterious, dangerous, and desperate but motivated and inspired. Each entry on the random tables fills the museum with flavor rich enough that you can picture yourself there, creating a unique little world to explore. Can see this being integrated into larger games but really prefer playing this as a standalone and exploring new randomized museums each journey.

This is all without mentioning that the art/layout/style is very cool and slick as well! A really exceptionally good project and excited to see more from this creator in the future.

just uploaded that PNG set as a compressed folder, let me know if there are any issues with it! 

yes! good call thank you. I'm a noob for online play and didn't realize how unfriendly print files would be. I should be able to do that this week.

abstract is cool! The Frequency uses hexes to track the city that you explore while trying to find the numbers, so the hexes aren’t directly related to that number the player is trying to quantify. I def like the sound of using hexes for some kind of ethereal/supernatural use

I’d love to use some pixel weird hexes! Also dropped your hexes as character sheet idea (with credit) on the most recent episode of the Brain Trust podcast and we tinkered with it a bit, I think a few people on discord resonated with that! 

Hex Jam community · Created a new topic What is your idea?

If you're working on something, letting an idea roll around your brain, interested in approaching a theme/mechanic and unsure, or otherwise wanna spitball together, use this community!

Personally, I still don't know what the heck I want to do. I've done a couple hex-based games in the recent past (S7REE7 DOGS and The Frequency) and submitted them both to the jam, but each use the hex in the more traditional method of overland travel with random encounters. I think for this jam, I need to shed the baggage of the hexmap as geographical and pursue something more out-there.

started playing today and immediately fell in love with it!

There is such cool stuff going on in the text and layout too... I won't spoil it for anyone but more than a few times I'd flip a page and see something so evocative and flavorful without being a huge lore text and it made my jaw drop

This game is on point. Takes a lot of the great innovative features of 6e, marries them with a unique, dynamic, creative way of bringing magic and spells to your game, and mixes that with a mysterious war-ridden world ala Howl's Moving Castle to make a really fascinating RPG.

hey wanted to chime in and let you know this url didn’t link and I think they’re using automation to find hyperlinks and add new games to the list! Might just be the https:// missing

I would love to include my hopepunk card crafting and story telling game AURORA

really innovative framework that could easily extrapolate to the system/setting/style of your dreams.


appreciate the offer but no need! It is very good!

So nice I accidentally bought it twice! And I gotta say... it's well worth each time. I got it once cause it was a Record Collection entry and another time in my Firebrands research. This is one of the most effective and evocative Firebrands games I've read, the selection of games and how each one creates atmosphere, furthers creepiness, and just generally causes unease is astounding. Perfectly captures The Shining in an RPG, something I would've thought incredibly difficult to do.

Hey! If you go to the game page (, the map pdf is listed as a “demo” for free, so you don’t need to buy the other file. This buy now button was automatic when I made the text update, I imagine it tries to purchase a return to sender pdf which you’d already have so don’t do that! 

played this week and loved it! told a really fascinating story, started very bright eyed & bushy tailed but got into a lot of political stuff like a good mech/war story does.

My only complaint is both turns focus just on the mech, whether they're being asked a question or telling a story, there isn't any on the new pilot, so we tweaked it that on the mech's turn, they aspire to learn more about the new pilot's motivation. in addition to exploring the mech's grief through the new pilot's eyes, you now also  get to witness how the loss of their old pilot will affect the mech's relationship with people going forward and made for a more balanced experience for two players.

Yes it’s there now! Thanks 

not sure if this is a problem for everyone or just me but the purchase button isn't showing up for me! looking forward to snagging this game though

My dog Dude went in for surgery today on a nasty hip joint (something hes had since before I got him, but since he's a shelter dog no one really knows the whole story). He had a femoral head ostectomy on his back left leg. This has been a sort of ongoing thing since I got him and I knew it had to be done, I was dreading both putting him through that and having to pay for it, and as I lamented over twitter, the dog game jam idea came about from my friend and jam co-host Aaron King.

dog jam 2k19 image

SO here we are: Dog Jam 2k19! This is for games inspired by, involving, derivative of, written for, designed by, etc DOGS. Any way that you choose to involve dogs in your game is welcome. This jam is currently just for analog games (rpgs, larps, card, board games) but I'm very open to widening that for digital games if there was interest. 

As many other jams have stated, this jam is welcome to all but will not tolerate any instances of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or other offensive material. Because of the dog subject matter at hand, this is also being expanded to exclude animal abuse or neglect.

As mentioned earlier, my dog's surgery was expensive, so I'll be charging for my game and hope to make a small chunk of that back. In the unlikely event that I exceed his hospital bill, the remaining proceeds will go to a dog rescue in my city called Michele's Rescue. Contributors are encouraged (though not mandated) to consider giving a portion of the revenue their games make to similar local animal charities.

This jam is a month away but as so many are being announced lately, I wanted to make interested parties aware earlier so they have time to contribute or schedule out other jams they might want to take part in. Hope you'll join us for the dog party!

This is incredibly helpful! 

haven't heard this particular conversation I'll have to dig in. while we've never talked, they were a big motivator in making me reconsider how things work and how I can shift my thinking on it!

this is a really great and interesting point! it feels like a lot of the fanfare of blades is the setting, but now that you mention this, the responsibilities a player has to the story/world/characters directly feeds into that.

I generally like trying to come up with my own system, sometimes just as a challenge and sometimes cause it matches a theme. I'll highlight a success and failure here:

I made a  game called Kintsugi that is like an emotional back to the future: 2 characters have some sort of fractured relationship and they travel through the timeline to change it, but successes/failures can have ripple effects that change time. The resolution is whenever either character wants to do something challenging, BOTH character players do a sort of rock paper scissors and shoot either 1 or 2 fingers out. If the sum of fingers is odd, they succeed, if its even, they fail. They're not allowed to communicate or strategize, so my idea is that the two people really have to be working together and want the same thing for it to work. The GM role also rotates in this game, so as the timeline changes, you might not have a sort of foundational strategy on how to game the system anymore. I think this is a good one!

Another game of mine, Protest Singer, is about musicians casting spells through magic songs, but admittedly the resolution isn't great. I REALLY wanted to use d12s because of the 12 notes in an octave, so there is a songwriting meta-game where you see how many times you can roll a d12 and not get the same result, a push your luck gambling thing, and you write those down on your setlist. then, in the game, you roll a pool of d12s based on your relevant stat trying to get one of the right notes. I think this is super themey but admittedly pretty clunky, would be difficult for new players to understand, and requires a bunch of d12s which is just sorta weird. I don't know why I was so married to the idea the whole time.

In general I find it hard when you're deep in a design to think critically about that sort of thing, so resolution is one of the first things I want to figure out. Unfortunately, it can lead to stubbornness and not wanting to change something that might not actually be the best idea. My advice for custom systems would be 1) question why you're doing it and who you're doing it for and 2) take a couple looks at it over the course of development and be willing to change it if the game evolves!

I am embarrassed by this, but I don't super understand the difference between Forged in the Dark and Powered by the Apocalypse.

I have a bunch of PbtA games in my collection and I have a copy of Blades, I've read it and liked it, but I just sorta considered it a well-polished pbta. I don't expect a full education here but to those of you fond of Forged systems, could you highlight a couple unique things which I can go read more intently that make it worth being differentiated?

So cool to see so many friends already here and more coming!

I'm Adam, he/him pronouns. I design and publish story games in Michigan, though planning a move to LA this summer to live with my partner in the sunlight. I'm also a touring musician in the band La Dispute, I kinda got started/inspired making music-related or adjacent games that turned into a much more broad thing but still have a lot of influence from 2000s emo and stoner metal music in the games I make now. 

For a while I was making postcard-sized microgames every month on my patreon, but I've fallen a bit off schedule lately thanks to ZineQuest on kickstarter and trying out some game jams on itch. I've also been reconciling lately with charging less-than-cost for those games and trying to find a solution that doesn't make me broke but keeps people happy. 

I'm a big fan of print and make nearly all my games available in physical form at, which is also a decent hub for new releases, character sheets, contact stuff, and social media likemy twitter @WCGameCo and more-active instagram @WorldChampGameCo

My first jam was the Record Collection jam in January. I make games based on albums all the time anyway so it was just sort of a fun challenge to make a game in two weeks, but that gave me a taste of what jams can be and now I check the list all the time for other things that might inspire me.

I'm planning on putting together a Dog Jam in April. My pitbull Dude requires a pretty expensive hip bone surgery and I was joking about needing to make a really good game to pay for it, but some friends on twitter suggested a gang of us making dog-inspired games and now my brain is already spinning with the potential. Inspired by dogs, for dogs?!, BY DOGS?!, I think there is a lot of potential there.

This is such a great perspective on the whole thing. I also like having a set of rules before starting, whether I set them myself or here the jams sorta dictate them, but it helps me narrow my focus and get things done. I also think the timeline of a jam is great for people who sorta perpetually edit or self scrutinize, with a deadline you have to call it "finished" at some point, even if it isn't up to your finished standards, but generally it seems that the people downloading these games also know what to expect and these won't be hundred page books with pro layout & art, the little things are quirks to me that I appreciate.

this game is EXCELLENT, really well done and I love the card mechanic, really great job. One thing I seem to be missing is the Soul stat, it isn’t listed as one of the three in character creation, but I see you can lose it in fighting, curious if I’m missing something or if it was accidentally omitted 

the printed  4-page zine edition of this game is available now at , only making 50 copies