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I’m excited to check this out, I saw the submission come through and thought that was a really clever subject to write about 

a hit as always, simple enough to be intuitive but rich enough to be worth playing over and over

this sounds awesome, welcome! As a little trick, something I’ve done in the past is submit an unlisted or unfinished itch game to a jam and finish it past the deadline, it’ll still show up as a submission later when you’re ready but takes some of that time pressure away. I recommend it to anyone interested in making something that doesn’t think it’ll get done this month! 

these are all great but I especially love the last one. I’ve been using atlas obscura for inspiration creating cool and unique items but obviously the site is a wealth of locations and visiting those in fiction could be really cool 

this is one of my favorite borg hacks. A lot of these games live and die by their ability to find their own voice & vision and corp Borg excels. The setting is super rich and evocative, elevating the expected corporate horror stuff to even more horrifying heights. The art and layout evokes Borg-likes while still being innovative and very sound. After this, I’m on the hook for whatever yall are cooking next. 

thank you! and yes, I initially had written both health and items as circles cause thats how i tend to think of them, then had the thought that differentiating the shape would make it easier to reference in play, clearly it was not easier to parse in my head lol

I've been devouring Cthork Borg and it's plentiful supplements lately and am so impressed by the wealth of ideas you have, both in tweaking/suiting the Mork Borg core system and in making it something unique and your own. That you continue to deepen this well with expansions continues to surprise and delight me, there's so much great stuff there to learn from and have the most immersive game possible. Always impressed by a Richard TTRPG but this (and pharmagothica) are at the top of my list.

I’ve been coming back to this a lot lately in my borg studies and I’m in awe of what a great job you did. So clever in both flavors and mechanics, I’m very inspired. 

Feel free to share your ideas or hopes in this thread! No commitments of course, no shame if you don't pursue or finish the ideas listed here.

I'm about to finish my first entry called Home Game, its the generic rpg rules that exist in my head for all purpose quick play, combines some stuff from blades in the dark, trophy, clink, and a few others into a really streamlined and simple system. 

I also am hoping to do an art zine called Monster Fucker, a compilation of public domain romance and horror comics art mixed with my own original illustrations in black and white. craphound meets.. well, monsterfuckers. 

Hey gang, I am Adam Vass (he/they), I make games as World Champ Game Co. since 2016 but have been making zines since I was a kid. I play bass in a band called La Dispute. I love horror movies, heavy music, coffee, and my dogs Frankie & Beans. 

I'm thinking of making some illustrative/sketchy/collagey art stuff this month as well as hopefully a little zine of my pick-up-and-play ttrpg rules that always exist in my head for emergencies. I'm also working on a bigger book project of vampire punks called Blood Borg thats crowdfunding in April but this little zine experiment will be a nice way to relax from that while also being creative :)

i'd love a plaintext/rtf or even just black &  white version of this for easier reading!

played this on stream with Ryan & Hunter of The Weekly Scroll and had a great time :) 

excited to dig into this! just as a note, the pages and spreads files are actually both spreads right now

thank you! The expectation is yes, if you want a software you have one, since we as players are dropping into these characters lives in-media-res, they probably have one installed already but it isn’t mandatory. It’s left as an implication instead of a setup rule so you can decide per character how they interact with software in their everyday lives. 

that’s a really great explanation, thank you!! 

i really love the writing and design here! I really wanna check out Dead Letter Society too now. After reading through, I feel I might've missed something, Can you explain further how interactivity in two-player version works? It sorta seems like both players are solo in parallel with the other acting as pseudo-gamemaster in the almanac phase, but I'd love to know more specifically about the interactive aspects of play.  Thanks!

correct, everything starts at zero and the playbooks say which stats need amending for each type of character 

Lone Archivist is someone I really admire in the ttrpg space so I had to check this out upon seeing it in my feed. This is a slick game in an even slicker format (I have a feeling the one page game/gm-screen hybrid will catch on and become a thing and that's exciting). 

The rules are simple but enough to get going and motivated. I personally think zombie/outbreak type of games do better with less rules/definition and allows players to learn and adapt as you would in a panicked situation. I would personally rather play this than a big chunkie zombie game, the point isn't doing math it's just scrambling and surviving which feels like it works right with rules lite.

Play will feel familiar to fans of adventure games, especially high lethality d20 fantasy stuff, but it still has a voice of its own. I really like the paperclips as a simple meta thing that you can just have around, especially in this minimalist format, a little clip on thing is such a clever easy solution to passing tokens or something more bespoke. 

love this and excited to see where it leads!

the most innovative and weird designer in ttrpgs today strikes again

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'd love to hear about a noteworthy Ritual you performed if you could :)

I really love this game, I haven’t played it yet but flipping through its pages and seeing how it works and the ways it inspires creativity and the bleak joy of futility and fate in fantasy. The system has enough tooth to get into and feel engaged but gives you plenty of space to make your own story. I was really impressed by the layers at play here and can’t wait to engage with it some more! 

This is one of the most unique games out there right now (and well deserving of its newly awarded ENNIE!). The interactivity across the airwaves evokes play by post/epistolary gaming in a really cool audio medium. I looked up "unique" synonyms when writing this post because I've never seen something that does what this game does and I want so much more of it in my brain.

 I'm excited to dig into Voices in the Void and see how weird and creepy this game can get.

thanks for asking! This is an unintentional conflation of the two things, which I might claim to be intentional to be clever lol, but it was meant to be 

 razing. : to destroy completely by knocking down or breaking to pieces : demolish. razed the building.

Just refilled them! 

this might be my favorite review that you’ve left on one of my games and it’s really heartening, thank you so much!

Thank you! Please come back and share what you make with them 

just added a bunch, have at it! 

in lieu of community copies, I made the game entirely free at 

this is such a nice review, thanks a ton! 

I love this so much! 

you're right! medium went missing somehow between writing and print.

Here is the d10 method of using a drug:


I’m so stoked you could decipher it :) it was easier for me on a screen than in print 

thank you so much! I have used this game the last couple years to elaborate on worldbuilding stuff for my other games and really enjoyed it. I might revisit the location stuff and see if there’s any new life I can breath into it. Thanks again! 

I hadn’t heard of normie generator before but you’re right that combo rules! 

unfortunately I let this slip my mind as I’ve been on tour for the last 7 weeks! I’m going to work on that when I get home but probably won’t be ready for your first play session. Hopefully will have that uploaded before December, thanks for the reminder! 

it’s just .co not .com! And the first address looks like a spelling error with world. That should fix it!

I didn’t realize they were out, I just added 100 more! Thanks 

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yes, just forward your receipt to axv at worldchampgame dot co and I’ll send you a download key 

legend, thank you! stoked to dig in

feel free to grab a community copy if you want to check anything out without worrying about payment! If you're looking for a fun light experience like this one, Foreverhorse or After The Party are good choices. Cobwebs, Lucid, and Candy Teeth are great story-focused systems that don't worry about overcome challenge as much as just learning about and exploring the world. and of course Babes in the Wood, Necronautilus, and Cybermetal 2012 are my big babies that I'll continue creating new stuff for in the future. thanks again!