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Oooooh, very nice!

Hey everyone!

Please use this space to share the game jams you've missed. Any jams at all, even those that you're not thinking of finishing a game for.

Here are some I've missed (and some I actually made haha) that might inspire people:

Wretched & Alone Jam

What is so Cool About Jam


MS Paint Jam

Second Guess Jam

Story Synth Summer Jam

Scrabble TTRPG Jam

Carta Jam

Applied Hope Jam

Pleasure-Not-Business Card Jam

Add jams you might come back to below!

Hey! #MissedJam 2 has begun!

Hey! I am in fact planning on hosting a MissedJam 2, for all the jams you missed, including MissedJam 1! Stay tuned 😊

Thank you Rei <3
LOGAN means a lot to me, so I'm so glad it speaks to others too

Heya! I've just gone through and topped up Community Copies on all my games based on how many other folks have bought them, including Time After Time. Go ahead and grab one now :D

A wonderful and intimate game to really explore being alone with someone you love. I've played twice now, and really enjoyed the story I've told with my partner both times. Definitely recommend.

Such a stellar collection (hehe)! Really evocative and so exciting to explore! Wanderhome!! in space!!!

Great food for thought, got me to stop and ponder...

It’s so neat Josh! We’re having a great time :D

What really struck me is the powerful writing of the playbooks. They hit that perfect middle ground between 'specific enough to evoke inspiration' and 'vague enough to leave room to explore'. Great work Josh!

Why thank you Droshan! I appreciate you taking the time to comment! Have a good day :)

wow, what a sea voyage!

I’m so glad you enjoyed, I’d never seen a mad lib game before. 

Thank you so much for the kind words, I will!

Physical CROSSROADS?! Exciting!!!

Thank you so much! If you ever play a Wee One, I'd love to hear about it :D

Thank you Sebastian!

such a lovely intimate game! I played with my partner and it was a wonderful experience of exploring each other’s bodies and making stories out of it. I really enjoyed it :)

Guess what, played it again!

This time we teamed up to steal The Burning Soldier from the tyrant Her Baroque Majesty Callixte XII.

It was a very close call, almost everything went wrong. But finally, 3 of 4 thieves made it into the cockpit... only for a traitor to be revealed!

The Burning Soldier got away, but in the hands of an assassin, loyal only to The Burning Soldier itself...

Such a blast, you gotta play it yourself!

Absolutely stunning and powerful game. I had such a touching experience playing, will play again! Crossroads is now my second favourite game of all time <3

Such a cool premise, with an easy ruleset too! All you need is a deck of cards, no prep or anything.

We told an epic story of stealing back the Star Goddess, an ancient Throne that had watched over our ancestors. It was such a close call, for a while we weren't sure we were going to get away!

Really great fun, definitely want to play again. Such a great heist game with lots of replayability. Grab it for sure!

I actually meant The Feather that Flew on the Other Wind haha, but whichever catches your fancy!

Wacky fun game that turned into a group stand up comedy show! Absolutely hilarious, easy to get into, and works real smooth on StorySynth. Great stuff Randy and Greg!

do they have to be non fiction sounding books? It could be cool to have fiction in there too.

like, The Wolf Boy and his Seven Parents. The Bee that Became a Forest. The Heaven that Flew on the Other Wind. 


This game is so, so wonderful!! I love it dearly. I told a beautiful story of a pair of mittens and their owners that was so touching I cried!

Such a wonderful game, please play if you get the chance!

Really interesting gameplay that allows you to navigate intimate topics carefully and with enthusiastic consent! Pretty easy to learn, lovely art, and satisfying gameplay. Would recommend!

An experience of discomfort, deep reflection, and hopefully healing. Deeply touching and otherworldy...

A game that focuses around care and kindness. A lovely focus, and such lovely cover art too!

another masterpiece by achillobators. short, poignant, an invitation to delve into yourself and fly away. please play it

For others' viewing, here is a twitter thread about Time After Time Marc wrote for #HypeSwap:

Thank you Marc, I'm so glad you enjoyed!!

Oh wow that quick! That story of baking sounds very lovely tho <3

I’m so glad you got to play with your partner! Thank you for sharing :D

Can I ask how it ended? Did one of you succumb to Time Sickness or no?

Power Couple is a 2+ (hello polycule!!!) player game of badass superheroes who stick together through thick and thin, through anything that the universe could possibly throw at them. They have weathered much together, but always return to each others' sides.

It's pretty rules light, no GM and no prep! So if you want to play something where your imagination can run free across any superhero comic arc you've ever read, grab Power Couple!

Thank you for sharing your journey into the Forest Jon ❤️🌱🌲🌳

Thank you so much! 

EMPOWER is a really neat, system-agnostic super power supplement. It encourages players to really think about powers in a new way, and tease out all the possibilities they could hold beyond the 'obvious' or the 'norm'.
It's also a really great example of a system-agnostic module for those wanting to write their own. Highly recommend, great stuff Jon!

Aw thanks Ray! When you finish your portal I'd love to see it and hear about where it takes you :)

An fun, light, choose-you-own adventure game that shows superheroes in a new light! I enjoyed the take that superheroes are so ordinary, so everyday, it's not exciting anymore. Mayhem WILL ensue so buckle up, you're only human after all!

Erotia is a game of intimacy yes, but that can look like anything from holding hands to sex. It can be sexy & fun or soft & gentle, depending on what YOU want. It's a way to speak your needs and desires and not feel badly for them, but feel confident and divine. Now that's really something else.

Buy Erotia to become a god, make gods of those you love, and probably be extremely sexy.

An adorable game with easy-to-understand mechanics. I especially like how you can add companions to bring along on the journey! Defs recommend for a nice oneshot with friends.