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Daaaaaamn that hit hard. Very well done Sam 🤯

Whatever word you think it is, it’s not that, it’s worse (read: better)

Incredible, inspired, legendary, 10/10

Such cool additions to Preparing for Paris! I know a lot of people enjoy Roller Derby, I can see that one in particular becoming a fast fan favourite. Awesome work 🤩

Thank you Kay! I was hoping to play with the idea of long life, and the assumptions on expertise that can come with that. I really appreciate the kind words, thank you!

Ayyyyy, nice one!!

So glad the deadline extension made your submission possible 🤩

congrats that’s amazing!! If you do have questions about setting up itch pages, feel free to ask somewhere here :)

awesome stuff!! It’s been great to see so much creativity 🤩

congrats! I find visual design quite difficult too 😅

As for me, I have happily submitted my game. 24 words is tough! I enjoyed the opportunity to create within such tight restraints, a good creative exercise 👍🏼

Hey everyone!

Not long left in the jam now, how are you all going? Submitted and done? Designing and word-counting? Still puzzling out a concept?

Would love to hear how your experience has been so far!

Congrats on your first game!! I hope you enjoyed the experience, and that there’s many more to come 😊

That’s so great to hear, thank you!! Looking forward to hearing about your playthrough 😊

Love this! Super clear and simple, yet with enough mechanics to make trading actually interesting. I love how it’s open enough that I can easily use it in any game, from D&D to wanderhome and anything in between!

This is neat as! Great stuff, and I love the style too :)

thanks so much Arthur! I appreciate the kind words 😄

Congrats Moody!!

thank you! I’m very fond of him. And yes, Kaitlin did fantastic job with the art!! 10/10 highly recommend

Roll tables are a great use of limited words!

My goodness that's a lot of games!

We jam hosts are hoping to get some prompts out soon to help stir those creative juices... and all those formats you mentioned sound awesome!

Woohoo!! So glad to see you’ll be thinking of making something for this! Do you have any ideas so far?


This was good fun! I died really quickly the first time haha, but I played again and lasted ages, even managed to get to 11 air!

I am here championing you on! Or nodding sympathetically! Whichever fits your process atm

This was great fun! I ended up making a play about griffins and complicated relationships. A kind of tragi-comedy?

You can read it here if you like!:

Thanks Kaden!

Tag yourself,  I'm Rain ☔

Such a sweet game, loved it!

Oooh, gorgeous. Thank you for writing this

Ahaha, why thank you Aurath! I'm glad it put a smile on your face, as your lovely comment has put one on mine too!

Heya, thanks for letting me know they've all been claimed! I'll add some more right now 😊

Thanks Dión! I do love little inspiration generators 

Haha, yep! I imagine it would cause a number of jump scares before people got used to the shape of Crow Plants

Region 7. The Chills 

The Chills (believed to be named via the words ‘chill’ and ‘hills’ combined) is a tundra-like shrublands biome. 

Many rivers from the Alshar Prairie meet here, zigzagging around low hills. Here the water is freezing cold. Here is where the water spirits float when they die. Some say the two are connected. 

In many places grows the Crow Plant, so called for the thin twin stems like legs, that flower in one bush. The Crow Plant grows on the highest ground it can find, often on top on the hills of [name]. In Spring, small fruits brave the still-cold temperatures in the shape of goofy smiles - though their size is that of a smile a small rodent might give. The fruit of the Crow Plant gleams silver, as if a snail has travelled over it, and tastes surprisingly sweet. It’s good for a boost on a long walk.

Excellent game name, excellent mechanics, cannot wait to play!

Thank youuuu 😅😅❤️‍🔥

Wow, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoy them - and yes, I would like to do a 3rd volume too...

Just found this and keen to dig in! What ideas are you tossing around?

Thank you so much! The question prompts have come from my time in queer community, learning new ways to see and explore myself. This game wouldn’t exist without them!

Thank you for commenting 😊

Thank you for the comment 💖 I’m so glad these wee zines bring a little light to you and your family. And who wouldn’t love a Chippy game 😆

Very excited about this concept and can't wait for the release. Have fun designing!

Oooh, welcome to the world of solo ttrpgs! There are so many awesome games, I'm sure you'll have a great time.

Thank you for the kind words! The inclusion of the d20 was entirely thanks to the game Sapling Soul is inspired by - We Forest Three. I'm so glad you were able to create your own full forest, so cool 🤩. And congrats on leaving unscathed, phew!

Thank you for your comment 😊