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Some cool game jams!

My jams page on itch is like 'Jams Joined (many), Jams Submitted (far less)' so I have lots of suggestions haha. In no particular order!

Anti-fascist Game Jam

TTRPG Resource Jam

Folklore Jam


The Five Powers Jam

Neurodiversity in Games Jam 2020

Fungus TTRPG Jam

Acoustic Cover Jam

Guided by the Sun Jam

Journey Jam

The One Scene Jam

Wretched & Alone Jam

And here are other jams I did join and submitted to, but maybe you missed!

Supervillain Redemption Jam (my very first game jam :') )

Bookmark Jam

End Jam

Jammi Jam Jam

Your Move Jam (ok I actually didn't submit to this jam I had the idea for my submission wayyy too late and just published afterwards)

Hey everyone!

Welcome to #MissedJam, the game jam for all your unfinished game jam games!

Please use this Community forum to post about all the game jams you've missed that others can use for inspiration to submit a game for this jam. Please include links if you can, but if you can't (like if you can't remember the exact name of the jam) ask around and maybe someone else can help you out!

I'll start, see below for some jams I've missed and others you might have too!

And as always, feel free to ask one of the hosts any questions you may have. (That's Logan and Viditya).

Thanks Mitch! I’ll never forget the office chair jousts at rich boy Croquet’s house haha, what a time xD

thank you Kiri! I love seeing things happen in game that you could never predict before hand 👌🏽

thank you Hailey!! I’m so glad you enjoyed playing :D

A Modern Prometheus does an excellent job of exploring the question 'who is the real monster here?' and what a monster is. There are some really poignant questions here, making great use of the Firebrands system. And the layout is super slick! Definitely recommend! 

This game is beautiful, captivating and exciting to play. The story we told was heartfelt and went to places I never expected! Definitely grab this wonderful game.

thank you for this comment! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Stay safe <3

Racing the sunset has an intriguing premise with evocative prompts that really deliver. A great game I can't wait to play! There's so much you could do with this game, so many stories to explore!

Thanks for the kind words, and for picking up that spelling error 😅. 

The sentence about iron starting again is a saying I’d heard that means even things (or people) that seem set in their ways have a chance to start over. 

Thank you again!

Great cast of characters,  great plot, great art, great music, great voice acting, literally everything about this game is awesome! I really like all the choices you have and how impactful they feel when you're making them. Thanks for making this game!

Let’s raise some money!!

This is so adorable I can't even. Ah!!! So cute! I am definitely playing with my gf. Thank you Fen!!

Thank you so much Arthur, I really appreciate your kind words. Glad you enjoyed telling a messy story of messy people!

An amazing award name tbh, I’m very flattered!

Thank you Mitch, that means so much! I'm glad you enjoyed journeying through the Forest...

This game is great fun! I really enjoyed using tarot cards as story guides, something I'd never done before. And the questions prompts were also really interesting in driving the story forward. 

My human Nathaniel dated the Archangel Chamuel but unfortunately it was not meant to be. Nathaniel broke Chamuel's heart by falling into his old stubborn ways while Cham grew and learned what he wanted. 

Definitely recommend a play for cute dates and a rich story!

This is adorable!!!

I played this game at ArcanaCon and it was wild fun! The story cards each player takes turns drawing provide great prompts for your adventures, while leaving enough room for each player to add their own creative flair. This game is great for telling wild and dramatic stories with your friends and being surprised at what chaos you find/cause!

The mechanics are quite straight forward and easy to pick up. Once you play you can easily teach others. Definitely recommend!

This is such a cute concept, I love it! I really like the idea of building bunkers to make the game feel real, and the tension created by the KOS mechanics. Can't wait to play!

Thank you! You’ve made some good points here, especially about the flowchart. I’ll chat with my co-creators and see if we can’t release a visual aid too

Just read this, and it's delightfully eerie with a wealth of outcomes to dig into, highly re-useable and really gets those creative juices flowing! Just going through it I already began to imagine the forest and running my players through it...

I had a great time playing this game! I made a knight and his griffon companion who journeyed to a large city in the hopes of beating a gauntlet of challenges to improve their skills as protectors of their small town.

Unfortunately, they did not succeed, but they grew a lot closer over their journey and they'll try again for sure!

I really enjoyed the mechanic of drawing a card and having the number represent the DC.

Definitely buy this game to create a beautiful story of companionship and growth!

A fun lil snake game, can't go wrong!

Very important information, highly invaluable. Thank you for writing this!

Adorable, moving, inspiring <3

Deep and provoking, definitely recommend!

Very straight forward mechanics, super easy to jump right into playing! The mechanics suit the tone very well, reinforcing the inevitability of the end. A sad game, but a good one!

You did a great job! Thanks for making this game :)

This is a really sweet game! The prompts are open enough for you to complete them however you like, while providing a very nice framework. Super straightforward and replayable too, definitely recommend!

Thank you!

Hey Jammi! Can I asked what software/website you used to create the zine version of We Forest Three? It's absolutely gorgeous!

I ran out of Soul Resilience and became something else, a furry creature. I eschewed morals and responsibility and roamed the city to find other sad souls with the belief that only I could free them...

Haha yup, did not make it through this time, but made for a great new story which I love! Thanks again 💚

Playthrough number 3! I only have 9 Soul Resilience, my Bravery is 6, my Innocence is 5 and my Kindness is 11... wish me luck?? This will definitely be a different story experience than my last ones, I'm looking forward to it!

I just published a game inspired by #YourMoveJam and especially by @jdragsky's entry. I made it long after the jam was over but I'm pretty proud of it anyway. Feel free to check it out if you like! Thanks to the Bakers for running the jam and to Jay Dragon for their rad little game.

My game, titled 'Believe':

You're very welcome! 

I also noticed the following, after meeting the Sirena, the '5-6' result isn't bolded.

And finally, after meeting with the Second Sister and retrieving the second glass bottle it refers to the First Sister again rather than the Second which confused me a little. Not sure if it's meant to be the Second or if I'm just reading it wrong.

Thank you again! As I've said, I really love this game. It seemed to really touch something for me that I can't quite explain?

I still made it through! Whew! Still love this game so much. 

I did notice a few wee things, like the image attached (no 4-6 option?).

Just wanted to let you know.

I'm starting my second play through now; my first time I had 17 Soul Resilience, this time I have 7!