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So cool!!! I had a lot of fun playing and making up wacky creatures and their habits :D

Yayayay so good!!! I love the images, the concept of The Shame, and the flashback mechanic to gain ingredients - super cool!!!

Also the recipe rhyming is very excellent, I am a fan 👌🏼👌🏼

No worries at all! The aim is for it to build - so I'm glad that worked for you! Thank you for sharing what's stayed with you 😊

Trans! Masc! Gender! Euphoria!!! Love to see it


Wow, thank you Alexander! I'm touched it moved you to tears. Was it any point in the game in particular that moved you so much?

Thank you for adding LOGAN to Goodreads, very kind!

Suuuuuper cool and interesting!! Can't wait to use it...

Love this!!

Super fun and interesting, I’ve never built towns quite like the ones I’ve built with This Town of Ours. Highly recommend!!

I really like how both characters have clearly and openly trans bodies, and that they both love their own and each other's bodies just the way they are <3

Thank you!! So glad you enjoyed it 😊

So cool! Love the multiple code bits that went into this and the gorgeous art. Real neat Rod!

thank you so much for saying so! I’m so glad it touched you and handled something dear in a way that felt beautiful. Thank you 😊

I’m showing this game to my partner rn and she’s like ‘who made this game?! They’re a genius!!’

yes exactly! I was thinking it would be great for exactly that purpose, while hanging out or waiting in lines etc. I don’t have kids either (yet???) but I do love puns and dad jokes, so here we are!

Glad you like it, and thanks for commenting 😊

Packs a real punch in such a small space! I've played many sessions, and this is the go-to quick game for my and my partner's 12yo. Each Job is like a mini session, which you can play through in 10-20 mins, depending on how much you elaborate. Perfect for playing in those awkward break times. Love it, and highly recommend!

Beautiful <3

Sounds good! As for twitter avatars, I was using picrews for a while there, or just pics of my favourite tv show characters haha

I had a read through and wow, what a story! I really enjoyed how you explored the story and grew it from the seeds in the text. Even though you lost Trust, it was a great story to read. Thank you for sharing!

Do you have a twitter or some such? I'd love to share this wider.

Ah yes, sometimes the dice have a different story in mind... I'm glad you enjoyed it even so! Perhaps next time your dice will be kinder :P

Thank you for sharing your blog, I can't wait to read! And thank you for taking the time to comment here, I really appreciate it.

Have a great day/night/timezone!

Wow, love the new layout! My partner's son and I play this all the time. It's so easy to play again and again, and good fun each time!

Thank you so much for the kind words 😄

So glad you liked it Mocha! I do enjoy spreading wholesomeness and light where I can 😊

omg thank you 🥺

Another great piece from Vlad here. I love how both characters are trans men, and are shown to be totally different people while having that in common. Our community is not a monolith and this really delivers on that. 

The writing flows wonderfully, just the right level of description to set the scene and the mood. Plus the dialogue is sweet and funny too! Great balance of humour, heart, and sexy trans men 🙌🏼🙌🏼

I also love that they’re both supers! We can be trans AND super, trans AND anything we want! Being trans isn’t 100% of any trans person’s identity. 

Loved it, can’t wait for more!

I've had the pleasure of playtesting Spectres of Brocken in the past. It has such interesting mechanics that lead to really interesting, interwoven character arcs over one story. Can't wait for the full release!

Thank you for this Rae <3

This looks so good!!!!

I am a monster and I rebirth myself!!

This is very cool. I love the fun element of abilities gained by different choices and that they are explained exactly nowhere. I also liked the space to think, as a trans man, what genitals I might actually prefer! Thank you :)

Loved the poetry and variety and cool as hand made look!

I especially like Cyril's open presentation as trans, the description of transition as 'sacred' and Bohden's immediate and strong positive support for Cyril. Thank you for writing this Vlad!

I really like What Am I Made Of! I love Jack's tone, which makes me feel welcome and like there's no wrong way to play. I want to play this game and see what my blobsona will look like 😊

Thank you!! I'm so glad you felt that experience <3

Such a cute game!! I love the character design and the story line and the underlining message of listening <3

Thank you so much Beau!

Rook did such amazing art, I love the variety in bodies and hair. They even made sure one trans man had no nips like me!! Nimael did amaaaazing layout, I was blown away tbh. Thank you for the kind words on the body framing stuff, that was really important to me and I'm glad it came through as supportive.

Thanks for the 5 star rating!

Thank you Tally!!

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Really interesting points there, thanks Aleks.

The point around solicited critique especially reminds me of Dan Maruschak's idea earlier this month, to run a TTRPG critique jam.

He first tweeted about it here:

And the conversation continues in the comments, and further in QRTs (eg. here;

I think it's a really interesting idea, and solicited critique could be a great way for designers to learn about and from each other.

I haven't heard anything further from Dan, so not sure where he's at with the idea atm.

I'm so glad it exceeded expectations Angela!

It was hard at times, but mostly quite cathartic and fun. As the epilogue says, I'm doing quite well now! Definitely a lot of Growth scenes I will say. And thanks for the reminder to take a Self Care scene, I don't always remember for myself 😅Take this as a sign to do some self care too if you haven't in a while!

Thank you again for playing LOGAN 😊

Aw thanks dad! I really appreciate you taking the time to say so 😄