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When you follow someone on, what are you most interested in?

A topic by Paul Czege created 4 days ago Views: 106 Replies: 4
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Seeing the games they review/collect/comment on?
Not missing a new release from them when they publish it?
Some other reason?


For me, it's their devlogs. I find people's progress on their games to be quite interesting.


Like Bynary Fission said above, getting to see people's devlogs is a big reason for me.

But I also follow people as a way to say "Hey I like your stuff", and so that I see what they're doing/making/following/etc. in my feed.


I mainly following folks as a way of supporting them at first. After that, I mainly care about the email I get whenever they release something new.


I follow someone here just to see if they release a new game.