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Hi everyone! James here, been roleplaying since I was in grade 3, and making homebrews since shortly after that. :)

In uni I loved playing D&D (2nd and 3rd), all the WoD games, Rifts, GURPS, and pretty much any other game I could afford. Since then I've settled on 5E, mostly because I've been developing a game for 5E, and want rules mastery. :D

The comraderie and friendship are by far the most important draw for me, but it is stacked on a shared interest in fantasty/scifi, and wonderful humour and violence, hahaha. 

Molecular biologist and teacher, as well as recent game developer. To be honest, though I've always loved science and biology in particular, one of the reasons I got my M.Sc. in molecular biology was to gain insights that would help me make my biopunk game. Is that sad, or awesome, or both? :)

Twitter: @genefunk2090, Discord: #9338

Would love to chat about any project, genre, or anything else creative, philosophical, or scientific!