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Hi all, I'm Bird (also known as Aidan), and I use they/them pronouns. I've been playing role-playing games since I was a kid, mostly with family and friends.

I prefer to create my own worlds, and have been working on a massive world-build project called Elivera since my youth. Most of my science fiction novels, short stories, and game narratives take place in this universe. I've created some resources for playing in this universe that utilizes Starfinder's approach to dice rolls, attributes, feats, etc (just adopting it to Elivera).  Though I'd love to develop my own system rather than relying on core rules of others. So far, I've been working with friends on a computer game for Elivera, but I'd love to have my tabletop resources refined and available too.

I've also created an alternate history that utilizes Pathfinder classes and combat systems, but it's set on Earth, where dwarves, elves, halflings, and so forth lived along with humans, and how that altered history. I mostly use these resources with homebrew games with friends and family, but have thought about sharing it with the wider public. I haven't published anything in the tabletop genre yet. I mostly just lurk and listen in the community.

You can find me at:  or on twitter @AAidanbird