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If I purchase the Beta will I get access to the final version, or would I have to purchase it again?

Witch Game Generator

A generator that creates small, PbtA-inspired games about a dead witch's apprentices.

[Not sure where to put this, I want to talk about some of the ideas behind it and the things it generates, but being a weird mix of stuff I'm gonna put it here]

It's not so much a jam, but I'm doing a weekly challenge, making a game a week for 2019. If it's appropriate I can post the prompt sheet here.

I'm going, any other folks from here going to be there too?

I'm running a game design workshop about making games in an hour, then playtesting them - it's a tiny game jam, working in teams.

There's some Indie Games on Demand going on, and Epistolary Richard's organising a UK game designers meetup. Don't know a huge amount about the traders, but there's usually a bunch of indies there - hopefully someone else can expound on that!

There's a lot of improv stuff in both the games I write and how I play. I certainly agree with previous posters that the difference between podcast play and a regular session is that there's less table-talk, less going off-topic, which can be a bit of a shame as that audience-awareness can sometimes cause people to try be entertaining at the cost of playing the game, however I find it can also yield more collaborative play. I also find myself not enjoying play as I'm too busy worrying about the time, the amount of over-talk, that [REDACTED]'s phone just went off and I'll need to edit that, which I didn't find when I've played live on stage without the possibility of editing. I wonder if that comes across...

Hi folks,

I'm Dave (they/them), and I put out a bunch of half-baked games - currently on a more-than-weekly basis as I set myself a challenge for the year. I'd like to do some more longer-form stuff in the future though.

I also do a tabletop design podcast but don't feel too good about going on a marketing offensive as I introduce myself to a new forum!

I don't get to play very often, too busy running games most of the time - I do bunch of conventions, an Exalted 3e game, and a homebrew game Monster Hunter game.

I'll try keep up on this, but I'm pretty terrible at forums!

Probably about a year and a half or so, maybe two since I was reasonably active on one.