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That's a very good question. Ideally, I'd love to find a system where everyone can just post photos, so they can draw on paper and then just take a picture with their phones or computers. Honestly, the best way might even be to run a game on a forum or messaging service, so you could just scroll through the replies. I think Skype chat would probably work.

Awesome! I'm traveling for work the next couple of weeks, but I'd like to set something up when I get back. Will contact you when I do. (And feel free to organize your own game too! I'd love to see how the game goes when players who aren't familiar with it run it)

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Hi everyone! I'm Adam. Pronouns are he/him. I started playing RPGs as a tween in the early aughts (D&D, Shadowrun, and some informal play-by-post), then took about 15 years off to pursue other interests before getting into writing them as a creative outlet a few months ago. I've written six short games so far (check them out at . I'm trying out different genres and consider myself a novice, but I'm especially interested in writing the kind of horror games that I'd like to play.

Find me on twitter at @adnroy. (Be forewarned: I write about outdoor sports and the environment for my job, so along with the game design tweets, there are a lot of rants about hiking/the national parks/global warming and mass extinction).

Name of System: Custom/indie

Number of Players:  2 or more

Approximate Session Length: 30-60 minutes, though game includes options for longer lengths if desired.

Testing Period: Ongoing; hoping to launch final version next month.

Other Details: Moss Creeps, Stone Crumbles is a co-op storytelling and drawing game where the players build the story of a forest over 100 years. It was created for the #CozyGameJam, and is meant to be both easy to pick up and calming.

How To Contact:

Get the game here:

Nice! I'd love to be part of a tarot jam. I actually did a tarot-based hack of Alone Among the Stars by Takuma Okada for the #SadMechJam and had a lot of fun making it.

I released a little game this month called Moss Creeps, Stone Crumbles for the #CozyGameJam. It's a diceless, GM-less drawing game about 100 years in the life of a forest. One player in the circle draws a little, minimalist scene and the next one interprets it, and so on:

That makes my day! I'm *so* glad you liked it, and I can't wait to play your game.

So glad to hear you liked it!

Just gotta go find a Jenga tower first lol

Gonna play the hell out of this

Love this. Super elegant.

Love it!