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Hey! If you purchase the game now, you WONT have to purchase the complete game. I'll be updating the game, so anyone who purchases now will be able to download the complete game later. The price will increase wont be a factor for those who purchase the game now as well.

The game is currently a full experience as a Blades in the Dark hack. But the complete version will have it's own goals, more content to build from, and some general improvements. 

Great! Thanks for clarifying that. Final question: are there any Actual Plays you'd recommend that show how to make you're game sing?

No problem!

All the playtesting was done off stream, but that's going to change soon! I'll be running sessions on Twitch in October. Possibly sooner. 

Brilliant! If you want to do something before that, the Gauntlet Community does a fair amount of playing and records them.