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I wasn't sure where to put this; it came up since I am working on a Belonging Outside Belonging game, which has explicit name lists, but other games have lists of suggested names as well. DnD certainly has names for different 'races,' which comes with its own set of baggage.

What would drive you to include name lists in your games, or to not? If you do decide on name lists, what should go into them? Specifically, how do you go about making those lists for different types of characters, if they are differentiated like that? Do you order names alphabetically, or some other way?

This seems like an aspect of design that could become invisible, but has a lot of implications for a game. Many names imply certain genders, races, and cultural backgrounds, which implies who is envision as belonging in a certain game. I don't have any answers here, but I would be interested in hearing more people's thoughts and design processes.

1) Subverting systems can happen in small, but powerful ways.

1a) Subverting systems is punished.

2) When we overthrow what currently exists,  we do it as communities, not alone.

2a) There will be bad actors in those communities. They will hurt people, and we will hurt each other.

2b) We have to struggle as communities anyway, and figure out how to best do that.

I think these actually work for both games I've published so far, and for the one I am currently working on. Thank you for this, it was helpful to outline it explicitly in these terms!

I remember I tried to play/run some play by post games on GitPG when I was in high school. I did not know what I was getting into at aaaall.

I’d like to throw my voice behind an area for Jams as well. It’s really cool when multiple game jams are going on at once, but it would be so nice to be sure not to miss any or not mix up deadlines, since that’s easy to do if there is no central location.