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I think FitD is more about bouncing off a world that already exists outside your characters, and PbtA is more about building out a world around the characters as move results tell you things about it.  There are other differences that mostly amount to sliders of "actor vs director" and other such meta-game concepts, but the nature of the setting and the players'/characters' place in it is a big one.

The first thing I took out was load, because it didn't seem to make sense for my game.  I'm not looking at putting it back in but changing what it means significantly.  I've pulled claims as well for more descriptive or networking style stuff, for roughly the same reasons you did.

I'm now looking at simplifying the action terms, as I've seen other hacks where that seems to be turning out pretty well and I might want to go that direction.

I spent years and years over on the Penny-arcade forums, after my roommate got me into them.  But I kinda fell off a couple years ago. 

I like position and effect as game element, and I honestly hate writing PbtA style moves.  I'm struggling with the faction turn elements in my game, honestly.  Not that they don't feel like they should be there, but that stuff never feels natural to me.