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Well, the Gauntlet forums that opened like three days before these here XD

But it's all a weird throwback to late 90s/early 00s, tbh. All the more so with the same typical silly and unnecessary and childish drama that's cropped up, already.

What I notice most is how ways of communication have changed. I think what I miss in forums are reactions; a like or <3 is not quite enough but I also  am more sensitive to a posting a reply with some semblance of content and not just a "this. so much this" or something.

But I'm glad there are now places to have persistent and public discussions/longer takes; I never really got into being active on G+ and while Discords/Slacks are good and important, I'm glad this aspect is being covered.

And to be clear: I think it's a good thing to have multiple such places and not just one central location. Ideally they have strong overlaps. I strongly hope we take an open minded approach to each other, learn of each other and not fall into us vs them camps.

The big question I have is how the values of those more private/closed communities that these have sprung out of get to be propagated and lived in these public spaces. I'm excited for this, here, especially because who has taken the lead for this space that is tied so closely to creators' ways to distribute their stuff.