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yo, i hope you enjoy it!

Mhm, it's a balancing factor.

This slipped past me! If you have thoughts I'd be happy to hear them - feel free to shoot me an email (

Some of them have a negative stat modifer, yeah.

Typically only for outlets I'm familiar with, unfortunately. You're more than welcome to wait for more community copies to become available, though

I'm aware there's a couple inconsistencies! I'll be fixing them soon. Armour is spent immedaitely to absorb 2 Harm!

they're primarily narrative - they don't have a defined mechanical effect! if you think, for example, being slow would change your position in a situation, they can do that.  whatever feels appropriate!

should be compatible! no core rules got changed notably. if you do spot anythign that no longer lines up let me know and I'll fix it

i knew i missed something!! it'll get fixed tonight

no sheets for this one yet! it's still in a vague prototype stage. i'll knock out some final sheets once i'm totally happy with them.

you were totally right. i just did this

the conflict turn happens after the sortie! before downtime.

astirs only ever have one move, their astir move.

Bound spirits are released when they run out of Power typically, but you can also willingly release them. They might break your binding early if you give them reason to, but that's a narrative thing. Re-binding them would work the same as bdinging them to begin with; if they're willing to work with you, or you can force them into it somehow, you just assign them Power again.

you're totally right. i'll look at a new resolution for this

The free version is cut down and less pages so i figured it'd be smart to bundle them together as a pack of reference stuff! Maybe I'll seperate them out, I didn't know folks found it awkward

You mentioned in your review there were no sheets - check the play materials! They're a seperate pdf.

Ok! So;

Re: Draw Your Bath And Load Your Gun, it's done in addition to your Downtimes - it doesn't replace them.

I wanted to keep the thing with the Adrift's clock pretty simple, but I could maybe look at making it more interesting.

Re: the Advocate, I usually give out CHANNEL based on if the playbook has mechanics that cause them to lose it and what kind of moves the playbook has that use it. Advocate only has one move that directly uses it, and it's purely a supportive move you're likely to only roll once per session. Outside of that, the only thing you have naturally to use it on is Weave Magic - anything else, you'll need to go out of your way to get by taking a move. That said, I like the idea of tuning it more into the local environment. Look for that in a fuiture version.

Revenant I'm comfortable with, since their CHANNEL can decline with their one move that naturally uses it. 

Re: Performance, it replaces it becuase I wanted the Idol to be focused on that. When it's showtime, that's what you're doing - not lurking around doing downtimes.

(Just wanted to tag a reply on here to say I've seen this and will get back to a proper reply sometime soon!)

tysm for reading!!! I really appreciate this writeup ♥
(i'll get right on that fix too, thankyou!)

That one's defined per playbook, since it differs! It's near the top of each playbook, under 'Gear'. You get everything in that column, but it should define an amount of choices you get from the other one.

6- is a move as hard as the GM wants, as per standard PBTA rules, though I'm now realising that... might not actually be explicitly mentioned anywhere, somehow? Good catches on both counts.

tysm thursday!!! ♥

there'll be tweaks/fixes based on feedback

ty for catching that!

It's one of a few small errors left over from the last sweep of changes. I'm aware of it - it'll be corrected in the future.

Not currently!

Minor spelling / grammar corrections.

Hi, thanks! I'll look at clarifying some of this stuff.

it is TECHNICALLY a-STIR, but im not a cop and also i forget which is the right one half the time too

There are no print copies available unfortunately!

Probably not? It'd be a weird game though I think

Hey! I can actually update these myself, it's just a lot of work I don't want to really do until playbooks are locked down, because Scribus is a very unwieldy little piece of software.

Downtime was completely rewritten!

remi!!! you're too kind 💚 this one should work! sorry about that

Glad to hear you're having a good time with ! As for the discord, here's a link :

Thanks again!

Thanks for finding that! And yeah, the moment provided by B-Plot is a metatextual one. The b-plot player is basically moving the 'camera' over to their scene for a while, letting the other players think about their situation until the focus is back on them.

hey! the mentions of reserve are a holdover from an earlier system. astir parts take up mana now, not reserve! this language will be cleared up in a future update.

thankyou! I like to leave 6- open to hard moves most of the time, but sometimes when the opportunity presents itself for something specific I can't resist...