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Ooh! This looks interesting :3

Yay! :D

Thank you for the support, it means a lot!

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Check it out! I'm trying to get designers to flex those writing muscles and make some compelling micro-rpgs all for the sake of fun and community!

I only encourage you to adhere to the following guidelines

  • Try to be as kind as possible both to your own work and others'!
  • No intentional hate speech or bigotry of any sort; it will not be tolerated
  • The game need not be free; feel free to charge if you want!
  • I encourage you to have a text-only version of your game in basic formatting only
  • Micro-RPGs are the main thing we hope to see from this! Something that can be finished in one sitting or only a few more sittings if really need be. Check out games like Lasers with Feelings, Honey Heist, and Lady Blackbird for inspiration!
  • Other kinds of tabletop games are welcome as well, however!
  • Try to ground your game in the now prevalent superhero genre as much as possible!

You can find more about the jam in the link below! Thank you!

This is my first time ever using a forum and I'm a young millennial.