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Thanks man!


Hey! Cool stuff! Feel free to try out my game!

Its a top-down shooter where the boss gets progressively harder. It starts pretty easy and than gets hard really fast, so be careful!

It supports gamepads and can even be played in local-coop mode :) couldn't beat the sqaure?..

Can you be the sqaure?

Can you beat the sqaure? - A challenging bullet hell shooter!

Hey, Can you beat the sqaure? is a top-down action shooter! The idea of the game is very simple. You have to beat the same sqaure in each level, but the sqaure is developing better and more complex attacks in every level. It starts very easy but gets progressivly harder very quick! Can you beat the sqaure in every level? There are 40 unique levels! The Boss develops new attacks in almost every level, so each level is a completly new challenge!

The game supports gamepads and can even be played in local-coop mode! So grab a friend and beat that damn sqaure!

Here is the gamepage:

Thanks! I am very busy lately due to uni but I will play your games some time!

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Hey man! Really cool topic! I would be very thankful if you would review my game! Thanks in advance!

Hey guys, 

My latest game supports local-coop, but so far nobody really tested it (expect me).

So, if you have family or friends, please consider testing the local-coop mode of my game. (I don't mean that you can't play it singleplayer too :D)

The game is a top-down action shooter with rage potential

There is a bug: In WebGl there is a unity bug when using Controllers. The y-axis is reversed. This only affects navigation in the UI.

Hi, I totally forgot to post my release here. So here it is!

Can you beat the sqaure is an action shooter where you have to beat the same boss in every level. But be carefull because he develops new attacks in each level! So grab a friend and beat him!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! The cursor should be a crosshair, I think it's just buggy in WebGl.

yes that is the case. Just go to the jam site and set the filter to "most rated". I think this is the easiest way to find my game. Would be very thankful if you rated this game :)

Hey, I don't want to be mean here, but this is not a very nobel way of advertising. In your age, money should not be the reason for you do make games. If you keep on making games and learn programming, you will have a bright future! But please don't copy this begging for money on other peoples game pages!

cool game!

Cool! Thanks for playing!

thanks for playing it! Really enjoyed watching it! Also you can not buy chasing bullets since you already got the 3 bullets.

Wow! Your games really inspire me! I love the artstyle!

Haha thanks! Will check that out later!

I am in!

Thanks for the feedback! I submitted this game for the FFS2021 gamejam and only other participants of the jam can rate this game.

Thanks, I really aappreciate your comment! :)

This game was more fun than I've expected! Well done!

oh okay! Sorry for missing that!

I love this! What a masterpiece! The characters are interesting and fun! The graphics are awesome and the music and sfx fits the overall atmosphere. The story is interesting and fun! I love the fun characters and their intelectual comments. I really had to laugh at the dude that wanted a internship so badly he wanted to count the walls bricks :D

Soo, very well done!

Hey! What can I say? The game is just awesome! I really love the silly artstyle (everyone just looks like a loser or nerd) and the fun music. The idea of implementing platforming challenges is really cool! I especially like the screaming when falling into the holes :D 

So now let me finish this comment so I can keep playing this! 

Nice game! I like the artstyle.

Hey! The game is very nice and got a lot of potential! I like the overall concept of the game but there are a few things that can be improved:

For instance I would like to see diffrent colors of the sqaures based on the value they have. So the player can easily see what are the "hard" sqaures.

Also I kind of didn't understand how often the ball bounces around until it stopped. And I kind of wished that a square hit increased the possible bounces.

The visuals can be improved as well.

The upgrade system is very nice! This shall be a positive comment, I really liked the game! 

So, keep it up!

Hey, the game is quite nice but the controlls are aweful! You really have to change those! 

The visuals are nice thou!

Here is my game! It supports gamepads and local coop! So grab a friend and try it out!

Thanks for the nice words! Really appreciate it! Will check out your entry later! :)

Awesome game! The atmosphere is really really nice and well done! It feels like it plays in a postmodern world where bio-robots rule the world! But for me the enemys where hard to see (maybe use outlines) and also some music would push the atmosphere even further!

Check it out! Can you beat the sqaure? Grab a friend and find out!

nice :D

Awesome artstyle! The game is fun but very hard!

Hey! Cool video! Here is my game for the next video ;)

Hey everyone!
So I wanted to play some games but most games doesn't fit on the screen and on the Jam-site the fullscreen button for the games doesn't work! 

Am I just to dumb or do you also have this bug? 

This is my Game! Supports gamepads and local coop!

Awesome atmosphere!