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Nope, I just checked your page and saw that I dind't know this game of yours yet. Now and then I check your games for inspiration, I really like your style.

Simple but fun! Very good!

This has potential!

Very good! A little hard but very good!

Hello, is it allowed to update the game after submission?

I am talking about little updates, like improving the web/mobile experince when buggy, not new game content .

Cool game!

haha thanks for the nice words. The problem is that usually my games are too hard :D so this time I tried to make it very easy. If you want a hard bullet hell game check out my game "Can you beat the square?" It is pretty hard :)

Thanks! I am glad you like it. Maybe I can work further on the game after the jam ends.

Great work! Super polished game with great visuals and music!

Awesome work! The visuals are very nice! Well done!

Very nice pack! Awesome work!

Cool track! I think I will use it for my jamgame :)

These are some awesome tracks! Well done!

Very nice tracks! Keep it up!

Cool stuff!

Hey hello everyone!

I recently published my new game "Billy accidentally creates wormholes in the garage". The game is all about a fun and silly story about a boy that doesn't want to clean his room and thus creates wormholes so that he can just bump everything into it. But this isn't the end of the story! While bumping everything into the wormhole suddenly two aliens in a ufo appear and tell him that he messed up the space-time continuum! Find out how the story continues here:

Your stuff is awesome! Keep up the great work!

Very good game! Fix the controls and this could become a game on the frontpage...

Nice game.

Cool idea!

Simple but fun!


Good job! Expand on the concept after the jam!

Very cool game! Please expand on that!

Good job!

Nice game! Handling is a little wierd but the overall game is nice! I can only really drive the curves when holding space bar.


Cool game! The random hats are great :D

Awesome! Great job!

Great game!

simple but fun!


ok thanks for the reply.

Hey, I submitted my game and got feedback that it is too hard. Can I make changes or is that forbidden?

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This is my submussion:

Looking foreward to the rating phase! Let's do a lot of ratings and comments!

Awesome stuff! Great job!

Good stuff!

Very interesting. I currently work on a game with a very similar artstyle and mechanic. But it's more of a strategy game than a puzzle game. 
And always remember, Hexagons are the Bestagons!

uhm what did I just play? Good atmosphere. But very disappointed that shrek didn't say "get out of my swamp!" :D