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It's great game, but I'd make one small correction. (My OCD iscoming out... Lol)

Unless you prefer going through the painfully long and expensive process to purchase an automatic rifle (aka assault rifle), the semi-automatic is by far the most common rifle in the US wherever it's legal. It'd make more sense to use the term "semi-automatic" versus just "automatic."

Other than that, it's a pretty dark, but interesting story on psychological problems people face with grief.

I found it amusing. ;)

Very interesting! I liked it but found the price for that home way too much for 3bedrooms/2baths and on a 6542 square ft lot. Then again, that's what folks in our area would say, but I digress. Cool game overall!

Not bad, it was eerie throughout the game, but the ending definitely needs an update. Maybe like a fight or chase sequence. Otherwise, it's pretty good so far.

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I'm trying to finish the unity tutorials to be able to code for a downscroller adventure game. I'm hoping that I can get it in time. It's not my first jam, but it IS my first time coding with C# hence the tutorial training.  My main goal is to get it mostly done by February. Once college is over next year, I'm going back for a programming degree to help with learning coding for professional use... God-willing!

Thanks! I'll keep it in mind. I do have other engines I'd like to try my hand on like rpgmaker or unity if I can get my brain to wrap around the coding language. Unity might be my first pick to learn because I really want to get the coding down without quitting this time.

Thanks! I appreciate it. Depending on which ending you get, it's either santa who is really reading the story, or Jack dressed as santa...Kind of a subtle twist which is why I hid his identity in the beginning and revealed it at the end. The third ending is what I have left to work on and maybe more pictures.

No I can't stand on it per se... but if I recall I can somehow "float" next to it glitching back and forth in the air... something like that.

I like the cheats you can achieve here! XD It's awesome! 

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This was pretty cool! A different take from what I usually play with different mechanics like gliding and floating. I think the last time I played something like that was when I played Mario back in the day when nintendo 64 and supernintendo were beast!

I found a little area where the spikes don't "kill" the bird. It's at the part near the end where you are about to climb up the steps and the spikes are stacked up by threes. won't let me put in a picture otherwise I'd show you. You could add in an easter egg for that on the other hand...

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That was fun...Ghost has died and has become a ghost...again! XD Seriously, that is how I see a some people driving on the interstate highways. 

When I seen the cover photo, I thought Ooh looks like Limbo! I'm surprised no one has commented on this; this is really cool! I admit, I didn't fully read the instructions, but I understood the concept when it counted. I especially love the save feature. 

High 5 rating from me!

Tomato Sauce! It has lots of tomato sauce.

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This was an interesting game. Reminds me of playing the game “Company of Myself” when you switch characters. It’s gonna be a sad time when flash games stop working. Overall the concept was pretty cool! I had to stop mid game because hey, Christmas is a comin. 

Thanks, I'm more of a music and sound effects designer thanks to a few libraries and Reaper, but I'll need to go through Unity tutorials to see if I can pull it off.

Listo amigo!

True, point taken about covid, I personally believe that we shouldn’t be separated into the two categories of pessimism or optimism, but rather have a balanced approach with a realistic perspective. 

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Glad you liked it! I would like to add artwork, but I need to learn how to work it in first. I’m new to using Twine so my first few games are going to need work. I just learned how to code in multiple sound effects and music to change as you progress. 

No problem. Have a great weekend!

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My educated guess is to find an app that can convert your files from that format to the one you need, otherwise, you would have to select that format prior moving your game onto your computer from construct. What I mean is that say I have a game I made with Engine ABC, when I'm done, Engine ABC provides options for choosing a format for the game so I can move it onto my computer as a finished product. 

Example, with programs like LMMS or Reaper, I choose which format I want for the audio files I just created. In my case, it's mp3, wav, etc.

 The .zip is just a folder to store your files, folders, data, etc. and compresses them for easier transfers. To my knowledge you can't convert anything per se to a .zip because it's just a compressed folder. Don't worry about being new to this, we all were at one time or another. You can do this! 

Googling it would probably make better sense. The way I speak probably sounds like coding language instead of english. lol

I played and commented on your game...Overall it's pretty decent! It was hard at first, but after I got used to the controls and the movement of the dog, it was a breeze.

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I have to agree with another commenter, the first level was a bit of a challenge to land just right, but afterwards, I breezed through the game. Pretty decent if I might add. 

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This one was fun. I haven't played a game like this for a long time where I had to monitor the controls for each function. The difference is how the game ends. Nice job!

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Everyone else's games are mostly happy fun games and mine is the only one that is dark...ish. Lol. Oh well. At least I had fun in this jam. Speaking of jam I gotta find some and put it with my peanut butter sandwich!

Edit #3829: With the lack of time that I have, I still managed to play a couple of the jam games others did and I like em. Keep it up jammers. Those who are still working, you got this!

I figured out why it didn't work on my browser. I tried playing someone else's game and ran into a similar issue. Apparently third party cookies were blocked. I completely forgot about checking that out.

Thanks! It means a lot to hear that.

It’s the cookies. I use edge so it isn’t the browser as far as  I can tell. 

Nice concept! I liked the idea you had here. 

I'm getting a message that says "Error: no valid storage adaptors found."

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Glad I'm not the only one who reacted remotely similar to your reaction! XD

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Bro...I knew it was scary and I'm no stranger to scary games I never jump during a game...but let me tell you, the jumpscares in this game WILL get you. This game is at the place where I'd forget about formalities and burn the house down over that thing! Awesome job with the game! I was not expecting to be hunted in this game, but I was and it was by the monster itself. If this is how good your games are, hopefully I'm around to find your next one!

I see what you did there! Not to worry...I'll keep it a secret. I loved the setup and execution of the game. Eh, I know I promised to wait until nighttime to play it, but I couldn't take it, I had to play through it anyhow. Great job overall!

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Journal Entry #4 I made it to Floor 11, they killed my best friend Bob. He was a good friend, but now he's dead. Note to self, don't be like bob.

Anyways, funnies aside, I like it so far! I finished the game...and I have reached my verdict...

 I love it! It's definitely got some awesome sound effects. Reminds me of a game I played when I used to play on roblox. Can't think of that game though it's been so long. The voice acting here was pretty neat also. Great job!

PS: Using the radio chatter codes is pretty neat. Reminds me of my last job where radios were required for daily operations.

I love the concept! My gameplay was via iphone, but it runs smooth and let's you play with fair advantages against the enemies. Now I know why Santa is so skinny...I think I need to clean off the dust off the ole treadmill for myself.

I use edge, but no go. It's not a problem, I have it on my phone.

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Browser version didn't work but looks interesting. I'll download it when I can. 

Update 1.0: I just noticed you posted  it onto the apple store. Heading there now.

Update 1.1: I just played it until the third level to give an honest review. The concept is great overall. A couple things to consider. I found a way to beat the system and I'm keeping it here on the jam review on purpose just so the non-participants have a lesser chance of learning the easy way.

At first I noticed that I pretty much have unlimited ammo supply because of the snow (duh ghost) but I noticed that the enemy of my enemy is a friend...the snowmen! If I feel lazy, I can gather the monsters to follow me and run in the way of the snowmen and allow them to take care of the loose ends. (If you catch my snow drift) okay okay no more puns...XD 

Last thing I noticed is that with the snowballs I collect, I don't have to face the monsters directly; I can just lay them down like a mine and that takes care of any monsters behind me. 

Those are some things I noticed otherwise, for the jam you did good in my opinion. A few fixes so no one else can cheat their way through and it's pretty fun. Maybe add a storyline before each level with a change of the scenery like a town or a village later on.

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I’m gonna have to wait. I started feeling awful earlier today, hope it’s not covid, so it’ll stay on my computer until I can play it. Update: Guess it was a false alarm, maybe it was a stomach flu or something. It was gone by the time I got up this morning.