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Thank you :) I need to get back to making games !

Thanks Kokiri :)

Thanks for the nice comment. I will work on longer games in the future for sure :)

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

Thanks !

Thank you Kori :)

Hi, great job on this font ! I used it for the GMTK 2021 game Jam. 

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you like it :) especially the visuals. I'm struggling with programming a double jump that works correctly, I either program a simple or a triple jump, but a double one is unreliable.

Thanks, I tried to polish the art as much as possible for this jam :)

Thanks for the comment :) The score is displayed on the game over screen.

Thanks :) I'd like to expand/improve this idea in the future.

ok, it works now 👍

The art and presentation are great  👍

Hi, what is the keyboard control for "slide" ?

Thanks. This month I'm joining a team for the GMTK Game jam. I have no idea what kind of game we'll make.

It's cool you also made a lot of games last year. I'll go and check what you have available on itch. Btw MantaoGames is just one person except for the music which is bought from musicians.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I'm glad you like the art. That rice cooker is really cute haha

Thanks for the review :) I'm glad you line the art. I have published the game on my page if you're curious. 

The line/scan effect is an animated background moving up and down mixed with a crt tv image on the front ground of the screen.

That's a really impressive game for a game jam ! Love the art and music as well :)

Hi dude, love the art of the main character, very cute and full of life even with so little pixels !

The gameplay is a little stiff. I think the walking speed could be a little faster and the jumping feels a little hard to control.

With a few tweeks it be a cool game :)

Thank you, I put a lot of effort on the art so I really appreciate 😁

Hi guys, just stumbled upon this jam. It's a great idea ! I've actually been developing 1 game a month since the beggining of the year and I learned a lot !

Hope everyone will have fun in this adventure.

If you want to check out my games :

Hi guys, I made this 2D platformer in which you play a tv inside a tv. I'd love to get some feedback :) I feel like I improved as an artist with this game but I had a hard time makings the levels as fun as possible. Anyway, this was a great project to work on and I learned a lot.

Hi, I made another game using this album. It's a 2D platformer called Change The Channel. You can play it in your browser here :

Hey guys, here's a little gif of a level I worked on today for my game "Change the channel" to be released on on may 31st. 

I tried getting a crt/scanline vibe with could blades and animations.

Really interesting concept !

How to design your own curriculum - A self-study guide

Hey guys, I wrote this article in order to share ways to design your own curriculum and navigate the world of online courses.

Hope that's useful. Please let me know what you think :)

Is the game still not loading at all ? In cas you have a VPN, try disabling it.

Thank you, character design is my favourite part of game dev :)

Thank you so much ! I'm really happy you like the level design and messing around with slimes because I really spent time on making the game fun and levels beautiful !

Thank you, I'm glad you like it 😁

Thanks a lot ! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Hi, have you tried jumping on the spiral ?

Try clicking on the screen. Or maybe a different browser, I've had a problem with firefox for some reason.

Wassup guys, I just released my 2nd 2D platformer on I'm trying to improve my skills as a developper so any feedback is more than welcome :)

This game was done in 1 month over the month of April 2021. I did everything apart from the music.

You can play the game in your browser here

Hi Kori42, the game is finished. Let me know what you think !

Hi, the game is done. You can try it :)

Hi, sorry I should have made it clearer. This is just one screen right now. I will upload the full game on April 30.

This is such an interesting tileset. Great job !

Really well done 👍

Thank you guys :) I'll keep working on the game.