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Nice thread! I like looking at everyone's stuff. Here is some sketches for a game I been working on about a red panda that grows big after falling into toxic waste.

Thanks for playing! One day I'm gonna make some upgrades for this game

Thanks for playing! More updates and games soon!

Thanks for playing! One day I plan on making a Super Balloon Street Fighter

Yikes! I hope you can get a new computer one day. Or maybe some upgrades

Thanks! Its not working? What kind of error is it? Hopefully there is a fix

Thanks for playing! Gameboy games are fun!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Will probably make more of these machines in the future

Luigi is the last  boss lol

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I'll have to think of a way to show a hit happened. Maybe a flashing sprite or little explosion effect.

Thanks for playing! Would like to make a full shmup one day this was a fun way to start learning.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Making the enemy bullets different will be a good idea. I think with the limited color pallet I might make the bullets round instead of rectangles.

Thanks for playing! Thanks for the bug report. Will fix adjust the keys in a update after the game jam ends.

Thanks for playing! You saved the world! Glad you liked this game

Thanks for the  bug report. I noticed the enemies can sometimes shoot projectiles too fast too. Will hopefully be an easy fix for a post jam update.

Thanks for playing! Thats a good idea. I'll make a post jam update with auto fire.

Thanks for playing! I noticed a  trend where many players will exit the game at game over. I definitely wanted everyone to see the last boss. Its hard to find the right balance of fun and difficulty and so far many of my games are easy.  After the judging I'll make a post jam update. Maybe the enemy bullets can be a different shape.

Created a discord chat for this team
Here is the link:

Yes, Im in the chat for GBJam with the same name

Yes Unity. One day I want to learn Godot but Unity will be fastest.

Another spaceship game for the gameboy camera.

Yes more devs = better. Still not sure what type of game but with the short time frame im thinking something easy to build. If we can get a good game boy spaceship or character running animation we could begin work on either a spaceship game or infinite runner/platformer.   

I been checking out different Gameboy games. This one caught my attention. 

Played Negative Zone, nice game! Can you make Gameboy style music? I'm thinking a short arcade style spaceship shmup game will be a good project for a short time frame. Infinite runner is also a good genre.

Thank you for sharing. I will rethink my game design for this jam. For control options would you be more likely to use  keyboard/mouse or gamepad?

Hi everyone. I like your game jam! I might not be able to join because of time constraints but I will be watching and trying the games. I like your ideas so far. I have something to just throw out there IDK if it will work or not. How about game mechanics that reward shaking? One example would be Wario Shake it on Wii. When Wario grabs a money bag the player has to shake the controller to make the coins jump out. A platformer game probably is not the best example but this game mechanic could possibly be used in other genres.

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Hi everyone!

This looks like a fun game jam hopefully I can find time to make something. I have some success in previous retro inspired game jams & making a Game Boy game sounds like fun. Please take a look at my page of games here :

Normally I use the Unity engine but also plan on learning Godot. If there are any animators and audio devs who are looking for a game programmer leave a comment here.

Edit: Deleted new thread and posted here. My apologies.

Thank you! 🎼

Fun game! Art and animations are nice. Music too.

Thanks for playing! Space cadet is one of my favorites. Spacebar was my first choice for the launch button but it was making the web page scroll . Also the shift keys werent working great in the webgl build. Hopefully I can fix these bugs for future games. Sound would be great too especially if its interactive.

Tried your game! Like it lots the graphics and atmosphere are good. Im really bad at these types of games I am still trying to figure out how to get the battery for the door. Can you give me any tips to get through it?

Camera leading is very possible! I did try it but wasnt sure if it made the camera move too much. Another option could be to see the entire table and not have any camera movement. Thanks for playing! Gonna try your game!

Thanks for playing! This game jam was a big help for me. I will definitely join next year and probably will try to learn Godot before then

Im back! Instead of using open source models I decided it would be fun to try making my own 3D voxel characters in Blender. I want to try going as low poly as possible.

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Thats a useful link, thanks! Makes understanding the license easier. Looks like the penguin has a GPL and CC-BY license.

Thanks for the info! This looks like good stuff. I found a Linux penguin under Creative Commons. I'll make sure to put attribution links to be safe and credit the artists.

I'm hoping to make a project for this jam. I like using the Unity game engine but I plan on learning about Godot because it is open source. I usually do all the work myself but this time I might try to look for free open source 3d models that will fit the Linux theme (penguins would work). Does anyone know any good websites for open source 3D models?

Thanks for playing : )