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Thanks for playing. Glad it worked with a gamepad. What kind do you use? I plan on making more games for Renji Panda.

Thanks for playing! Had a ton of fun making this project. I agree it needs some music and sound. I plan on making a sequel.

Thanks for playing! I always liked Megaman games and charge attacks would work great for this game too. I also got motion sick while making this game. When I continue using this idea to make a full game I think it will be much higher resolution.

Fun game! I always liked this genre and the game played great.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing. There can be a ton of improvements I think one day I will make part 2.

Wow I didnt expect to see a first person shooter in only 64x64. The controls and graphics are very good too.

Awesome tiny beat em up game. The controls are very good and I like the spin kick at the end of a combo

The idea of using a train as a timer is perfect for a typing game. The art and sound are nice too

Fun game. Its cool the character can walk on the walls and ceiling

Fun game I like the color scheme for the pixel art background and the character.

Fun game I like colors and background

Thanks for playing! Sound would be great!

Thanks for playing! Sound would be very good. I think next game jam I will aim for sound and music early in the design process.

I like  your puzzle game concept. Instead of the usual color matching its about arranging shapes. 

That was fun and it worked with the bluetooth xbox controller i recently got without any extra setup.

That was fun the low rez art style works perfect for this kind of game.

Thanks for playing! A few people said the camera makes the game the game too easy. Its definitely overpowered. For the dual color outlines I was inspired by the art style of a horror visual novel.

Thanks for playing! My newest goal for my small indie games is to make them playable in about 5 minutes with a mid and main boss.

Mine also Im waiting for the next fatal frame game. I think so too about the camera. If i expand on this game concept I might shorten the camera range and angle and give players a power up item to increase their range similar to the whip in early castlevania games. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Next game jam I am going to try getting a sound engineer on board as early as possible

Thanks for playing! The sprites had to be low res so mario and pacman ghosts were my inspiration.

Thanks for playing!  I think you are right about the sound. Next game jam I will try collaborating with a sound engineer.

Thanks for playing!

Sorry late reply. Just noticed this comment. Thanks for playing! Lol Luigi dont wanna be caught. 

Thank you. I plan on making some updates to this game.

Luigi is the difficult one lol :P

Thanks for hosting this game jam! And thanks for playing! Looking forward to the next episode for my normally  boring work day.

I never thought grave robbing can be so fun. Great idea and it plays good!

Thanks for playing! Wow 0 retrys nice job! Im gonna be spending some time working on he jumping especially the short hopping

Wow awesome game! Everything about it is great and it plays really good in a web browser. I gotta find my gamepad and try to finish the entire game.

Thanks for playing! Those are some of my favorite games! When I make another game like this I will definitely fine tune to short jumping. Maybe it needs a minimum jump height and also heavily tested ground raycasting. Also thanks for making it to the end. I wasnt sure if people would like the vertical stage but now I know it needs more of that.

Thanks for playing! Seems like I gotta make some adjustments to level 3 lol.  I hope to make more renji panda games in the future

Thank you!

I think I like the horizontal better for usability. The vertical is cool too for some reason it reminds me of a tournament.

Hello! Cool music!

Hi everyone! I dont really have a portfolio but I do have a game page on

I mostly make action games with Unity and this jam will be my RenPy learning experience. I'm usually a solo developer but if possible I would like to collaborate with musicians and artists. Will be posting more about my progress when ready.

Thanks for playing! I should add more trivia variety if I create an upgrade

Fun game! Great writing this is the first time I ever felt bad for a roach. I like the music too. Also it runs pretty good in WebGL. Im gonna have to give it another try and see if I can complete it.

Thanks for playing! I was worried the talking sound could be annoying but music would make things lots better. Im thinking something that sounds LoFi. Also adding anime questions is a great idea but I will have to find some anime experts. Thanks for playing and thanks for a helpful review!

Thanks! I never noticed the arrows