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Nice looking model. Shame about the back story.

I'm submitting a game I started as an entry to a previous 'A Game By Its Cover Jam' . It's called GoD:ARENA, you can play the original prototype on my page here. After a pretty long break to work on other stuff, I just started development again. The most current prototype is up at; it has better movement, but no plants. 

My next steps are to put the plants back in and make some enemies. Once that's done, I'll update the version here with those improvements.

I post updates to instagram fairly frequently, follow me @bunnybreaker if you want to see development as it happens.

Hey, this is really nice. I'm very interested in buying this asset for my game, but I have some questions first. What's the best way to contact you to discuss?

I'm so sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing your personal story and your work with the community.

Oh cool. Ronin is such a good game. I'll check out your project later. 

Yup. Honestly, sorry, but it's the nature of jams. I ran out of time before I could fix all the stuff I broke along the way. I will be updating this in future if you're interested to see where it goes. 

This rule is really convenient. It lets us focus more on design and saves time on basic stuff we've done a billion times. 

Are there any restrictions on what kinds of assets can be used? I'm not suggesting there should or shouldn't be, I just want to be sure. 

I'm not trying to sneakily submit a whole pre-made game; The jamming process is fun, but the detail of this rule can change a lot of the experience. 

Valid question. I've seen and entered multiple jams with the same rule. I've never heard of anyone's game actually getting disqualified over it. 

I think it's one of those safety rules so the organisers can disqualify when they "need" to without having to deal with some pedantic jackass defending their "right to free speech" in the form of obvious toxic hatred. 

If you're worried, post the thing you're worried about or contact the organiser in private. Unless you're actively trying to incite violence or harassment, you'll probably be fine. 

Good use of the word "yet". I actually really want VR, but mostly for design purposes. Will defo check this game out when I can.

Nice work. Really captures the cartridge and has such great consistency throughout the visuals, sound, physics, etc.

This looks so cool. I don't have a VR device, so gotta ask, is there a non-VR version at all?

Regardless, loving the art style. Good luck with the project.

Thanks guy. The pacing and balance still needs a bunch of work, but I did spend a chunk of time trying to have gradual difficulty progression. Glad it was appreciated :)

PS: There is some degree of RNG in terms of which enemies appear, so you may still hit a difficulty wall 


Hey, thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it. You are of course absolutely right about the enemy shot sound. Unfortunately I can't update it while the jam rating is still in progress, but that will be one of the first things that gets changed. 

Thanks guy! 

If you played the very first version I uploaded you may have experienced a bug that makes the explosions get stupidly big, which would indeed leave you with nothing to do for ages. Thanks for giving it a try and the comment :) 

Nah it's all good. This was mainly an experiment to see if I can make something on my own in Unity (only done tutorials so far). If I'd had more time I would have varied up the mechanics a little, but making a rip off was OK for me this time. 

For anyone that downloaded version 0, please get the latest one (uploaded before the deadline) since it has a few fixes and a how to play section. 

Interesting. I can see why it could feel off for some people. Another idea I had was for the rotation to be on separate buttons and to just jump you to the same space on an adjacent side (essentially a shortcut for moving 5 spaces with rotation built in). 

Initially I wasn't impressed, I didn't realise you could go on the walls, so the additional boxes seemed pointless and felt the lateral movement was too slow. I'm glad I stuck with it and upgraded my sideways movement speed and the point drop rate, the game became a lot more fun. The wall mechanic is nice, though I feel like when you switch, you should also move one space along. I do think the default sideways movement speed should be around level 2 or 3 though as it makes the game a lot more playable and fun. Overall nice concept and well polished.

Cool li'l game. My only complaint is how fast you lose the ability to jump a decent distance upwards. It was fun regardless.

Cool concept. Would be nice to have some parallax in the background, as I felt like I was in a small area rather than vast universe. Still, it was fun and relaxing.

Wow! I really like this. The graphics and atmosphere are so intriguing. Yeah, I wish it was about 1000 times longer, but I'd rather play a couple minutes of great than an hour of "meh". Hope you take the concept further, has lots of potential.

Nice game. I really like the concept. I do wish we could have more control over the sun (make it go directly overhead for example) as some of the invisible platform parts are really hard to judge, even though it was mentally "solved". Interested to see where you go with this.

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked the game. I agree that the mechanics could be better explained and/or have more obvious feedback. The tutorial at the very least will be getting another coat of polish at some point in the future. 

Thanks for commenting. I definitely need to add more feedback for winning and losing, that'll be one of the next pushes I do. I will make some improvements to the camera system. Trying to make a dynamic camera might have been biting off more than I can chew :P

Glad you like the weapons. There will be more in the future. 

Thanks for the feedback. I will have a look at the chapter select to make it more user friendly, a confirm button could be a good addition. The stats screen sometimes shows up perfectly and sometimes is askew. Didn't have time this jam to fix it, but it's on the list. 

Do you mean regarding the screen shake or how it moves otherwise? I'm open to suggestions. The default screen shake has been reduced in the latest version though.

I also got the email a few hours ago and would appreciate it further in advance. My do something, haven't decided yet, but more notice would make me more likely to join in in future.