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On TeamSeas-Page I could read that they want to become asked if one is using their logo and so on (which I can totally understand). Therefor I'm not sure and somehow I don't want to bother them + I have no idea how long it can take until they answer. Therefor I went on with a logo which is just the wave itself:

(also this version works better on the low-res-textures that I've created. The real logo was really pixelated)

(1 edit)

I'd like to add Team-Seas-Logo on my assets - but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do that. So can I use it? If not - may we can use the jams-logo?

(I also thought about taking the logo and making some changes to it - so that it isn't 1:1 the original logo. But not sure if I can get away with that ^^)

The menu has some bugs. So I'm not able to enter settings and when I click [ESC] then the game somehow starts without a player. 

It sounds like you run in the same problem as I did MANY times this year: underestimating the effort of your project. But it already has implemented the theme in relevant way and I like really the idea behind the game. For me it is hard to come up with stories and what you have in mind sounds really good. So keep it going!

Also good work on the art/animations. I think it is on purpose that you can not go back nor jump. At first it was a little bit strange but I somehow like the idea. Along with your arm you really have to plan your route (which makes totaly sense for a game with puzzle-elelments). 

Besides that it is also really impressiv that you did this with your own engine. I can imagine that this means a lot of extra work. But I find it really cool that you do so - and I'm pretty sure you can learn a lot by going this way. 

So yes: the game feels feels unfinished - but what you've created in such a short time is really good! Therefor again: keep it going, stay with the project and in some month you have a really cool and fun game :-)

WOW - thank you very much for the video. It is really interessting to see how people are playing your game the very first time :-). This is really cool =)

Wow! I think this is just the best game jam game I've ever played!

The only thing I miss is a settings-menu. So that you can adjust the volume. 

But besides that it looks like you could throw this game as it is on steam and people would buy it. One more: I would change the jump to the [spacebar]. I'm playing on a german keyboard and the [z] and [y] keys are swapped. Fornutately your game is smart enough to notice that. While the UI shows [z] I did jump with [y]. 

Well - for me it wouldn't be a suprise if you win this jam. Because you really did an awesome job and the game would deserve it!

Cool game idea. The instructions were well written and it is fun to put the body together. Also the mechanic of the falling parts is really nice so that the player has to catch them. Makes you feel good when you are fast enough :-)

But I really missed some background audio - and a background in general. I guess you just run out of time here. 

May I have overread it - but in the first round I didn't got how to "submit" a body. I thought once finished it the ghost will take it. Also some feedback would be nice. I didn't got any differnce if I was doing a body like requested or not. Also a timer and scoring-system would be something I'd like to see in the game.

But as I said in beginning: overall it is really cool game idea. I like the art and you really should continue working on the game :-)

Btw: nice cover image. When I saw I wanted to play the game and the content was about what I was expecting. So also good job at this one :-)

Thank you for the nice feedback :-)

I've never thought about obstacles or different levels. But I think that could be really interessting =). Because of the simple controls I also thought that it might be a candidate for the app store. Well - I'm not sure if the port would be worth it. My last games weren't that attractive there and I think it also doesn't help that I stop very early with providing updates (afaik the store-algorythm don't like abandoned apps :-P)

Yes in regards of having some challange I've already thinking about it. Actually it was planned to make the AI harder over time (so increasing Actions/Seconds). But I just run out of time. So may this come with a future update :-)

Thank you very much for your feedback :-). Cool that you mention the cube-animations. I'd no time for creating proper models - so I wanted to give those cubes some "character" :-P. Thought that will make them somehow "cuter". 

Also thanks for trying to break the game. It is always good news when people fail doing so =]

Very interessting pick of the theme. This is a really nice sumlator that you've created. I thought I could stop the fire by spamming rain. Well clicking them too often so that the clouds turn black wasn't that helpful :-P. 

You did very well on the effects - specially when everything is burning it looks really dramatic. Also I like the how-to-play. The game is explained very well also with images. Thats really good!

One thing that I would add is a settings menu so that the player can control the audio. 

So I'd say you did a really good job here. 

Very cool game! I was really impressed right from the start. The game onboards the player perfectly and it is really fun to play. Also really good work on the controls! 

I like the art style and the music fits perfectly. Also it is really helpfull that you highlight the body the player is going to possess. This is really helpfull once the bodies are close to each other. 

But I also found some bugs: 

1. there is one level (don't remember the number) where you have to collect 2 keys. If the player collects the keys first then he can't win the game. Because the first door consumes both of it. 

2. in the level where the wizard was introduced I couldn't reach him. Once the armored one was on the spikes in front of the wizard I couldn't leave this trap. So I decided to not go for the wizard at all. 

Also there are some levels which have more bodies than needed. Or another level had 2 keys but only one keyed door. I tried to find an easter egg but not sure if there is one. 

But bugs can happen (specially in a jam). One thing you could add to the game would be a "replay level" button in pause-menu and when the level has been completed. I would have made use of it :-P. 

Overall a really good game! I enjoyed the puzzles and had a lot of fun with it. This game definitively deserves more ratings! 

I like the art and the audio. But I don't really get what I have to do in that game. I just always die. After some time I figured out that I can find a weapon - but that doesn't help me that much. I tried it as warrior, assassine and as mage. With the mage I could survive the longest. But I really don't get how to escape this room. 

It also feels unfair that I can't dodge the enemies. Ones one is close to me I'm more or less dead. If I use rmb he just moves with me. Also I don't really understand what happens after you die. Are the stats in that case become randomized? Or do I loose points? 

The game should inform the player more. Also in regards what those attributes mean. I would assume

strength: health
agility: move speed
intelligence: mage-power

But why should I skill intelligence as warrior/assassine? So I'm not sure if my assumeption is right. May you could also display those stats somewhere. 

You were able to build up a pretty nice atmhosphere which really makes me wanna progress in that game. I'm not sure if I'm just too stupid to use the "bright door" or if I can't find the key. I thought that I have to fight enemies - but they never dropped something. 

So please make the game at the beginning more easy. For me it is really too hard and I really want to see the other rooms + follow the story.

Let's see what future updates will bring. I now follow you and added the game to my collection. Then maybe one day I will escape the vault :-) 

Cool game. I like the intro story and that control-hints are directly integrated into the gameplay. Also I'm a a fan of low poly :-). 

The skelettons could need an idle animation and sometimes the rotation was messed up. Also some groups of skeletons were stuck. But I could "solve" that problem by not spawning eny more minions there so that the villagers can kill them. 

Overall a pretty nice game which is really fun to play :-)

Thank you very much for your feedback. My plan is to keep on working on the game to add some more stuff which I couldn't due to time pressure. Lets see how long my motivation will remain ^^.

Nice artwork and the UI is self explaining. It was fun to fight the wasp but once they hunted me to the top of the hill this became our final battleground. Above me was a cloud of wasps and I kept on jumping in and hitting A. I thought I could do that forever, because the yellow bar kept on filling. But after 03:25 the game has ended. 

May you could add something to prevent the player from fighting always at the same spot. I could imagine that the sting could push the player. But not sure if the play then still would be able to attack. 

However: overall a pretty cool and nice looking game :-) 

Thanks for your feedback. Yes actually there was more planned. E.g.: the AI is limited by Actions/Second. So during the game I just could update this value to make the AI harder over time. Besides that there also could be a highscore for adding some replay-value. But I run out of time yesterday evening and so I'd to submit it without those elements. 

Thank you for your feedback :-)

The visuals are excellent! The models are so cute and the animations are pretty cool. I just like everything. 

There is only one thing I miss in the game. And that is a fullscreen-button. But besides that: no idea what could be improved. And if you've seen my other comments: I always try to find something - because I'm always happy when I get constructive feedback about how I could make things different.

So then there is nothing more to say than: Really good job! 

The game looks really good! I love the art and the sounds are fitting very well. 

But the game itself is too easy. If you spawn projectiles in both directions you rarelly see an enemy. Only cause of the sound effects I realized - that I'm killing them the whole time without seeing. 

Btw there seems to be a save-spot. I walked right and I guess I'm behind the enemy spawner. Actually I wanted to die to see the end screen ... but I don't receive any damage there ^^. So while I'm writting this I'm still ingame with full lp. But now I can see the enemies (they also look really nice!! So really great work with the arts!)

Besides that: I really like how you implemented the respawn-mechanism. It is really good that the player is spawned above the battle ground so that he has time to realize what has happened. This is really clever. 

I like how the game has started. The intro makes you want to play it. You have to discover and unlock things. Music fits very good and adds a nice atmosphere. That is pretty cool. 

But you have set the requirements for repairing the ship way too high. And I think there isn't really anything one can do. I'm slower than the prisoners so all I can do is trying to level them up. But this also takes ages. 

Because you have to make a decission in the end I really would like to replay the game. But I don't want to spend so much time waiting for resources being gathered.

So please update the goal-requirements. 

The game is really interessting. I like the art-style and basic idea behind it. But it could give more (correct) feedback to the player. 

My first problem were the roads. I still not sure how to exit the "build-road-modus". Because on my first try I wasn't able to click any building anymore. Also it would be nice to see which kind of road one has selected.

Then the blacksmith is giving wrong information. I wasn't having any wood but 500+ iron. It still complained about missing iron. I first thought I need stone/iron so I wasn't having any wood. On my next try I read "how to play" again and so I gathered some wood. But then I wasn't sure: how much weapons do I need?

So I survived the first round but not the second. Also I wasn't that happy to see all my roads disappear. I wouldn't take the roads from the player. It feels like a penalty and suddenly all of my progress is gone. I know: clickergames also have their reset-mechanism. But there it is up to the player when he wants to do it. Imho that mechanic is kind of unfair to the player

Please take the above as constructive feedback. Overall I like your game and played several rounds. So keep on working on it :-)

Unforutnately I couldn't even beat the first boss. My main problem here was the browser. While dodging with the elve he constantly tried to set bookmarks and one time he must lost the focus. Which is bad because pressing ctrl+w closes the tab (not your fault - I just have to complain about the browser!)

Overall a pretty nice game. Very nice implementation of the theme and I like that you become reborn as a random character with different abbilities. 

But it felt kind of unfair that a boss attack can deal multiple times damage to you. So when caught in the wave it has eaten up all my hearts except for one. 

Really good work. Added it to my collection - may one day I will also see the other bosses two (depenending on how my browser will behave...)

The game is really fun to play. But still could need some work. Imho the graphics are too simple. It took me some time until I spotted the coins. Making them yellow/gold would have helped a lot. 

You can kill as much enemies as you want if you position yourself right on one of the higher platforms. Then just aim downwards and keep your muss pressed. But I think it is somehow ok because positioning that way is risky and you still have to collect the coins. 

I like the idea that you become reborn as unlocked character. But it feels unfair that you directly spawn where you've died (or is it always at start? Not sure because there I usually got caught). Which means my other character dies at the very same spot and I can't do anything. May you could somehow reset the level with the new character. 

Besides that the game definitively needs audio! 

Overall a nice game with high replay-value. Good job!

:D. I guess you mean the pop-sounds right? Because I was so happy when I found them in one of my audio-packs.

I wasn't able to fight the boss - but I think after some study it should be possible. But I think the hard boss is ok (a boss should be hard, right). 

I like the artwork and the sounds. The background music creates a really fitting athmosphere. 

But it seems like that you're particles are emulated in local space and not world space. I prefer last one because then existing particles won't move with the player. E.g. if you walk backwards it looks kind of weired. But if you pay attention you ofc can see it also during jumps.

Overall a really good game :-)

Puh, that game is really hard! I don't manage to survive more than 40 enemies and so I'm far away from getting enough orbs for testing the revive function. 

I would have prefered arrow-keys and W/S to move. In regards of the amount of enemies the space bar is really difficult. Specially because the enemies are coming in really fast and sometimes it just feels unfair. The amount of orbs required for revive should also be less. 

Besides that you also should always add audio to your games. If you don't have any I would recommend to keep an eye on humblebundle. It is the cheapest way I know. 

I love the artwork and the sounds are fitting perfectly to it. You were really creative when it came to the texts. But it is also really time consuming reading through 20 souls. May you could add an option to select how many souls one should handle. After a while I just skipped through and when it turned out that I am a clown - I wanted to play again. But for replay I would like to have less souls. So I will do that somehow later (don't know when later will be). I've added it to a collection - so that I will remember :-)

Thank you very much for that detailed feedback :-). Yes you are absolutley right - the music and hearts as indicator is definitively not enough. Also for me (and I should be used to it ^^). Therefor I also thought about colors. I wanted to do it with some PostProcessing-Effects - but I also like the idea of changing the background.  At the moment I'm motivated to keep on working on the game so that I can release an update after the jam is finished. If I can keep that motivation then this will be definitively something I'm aiming for. 

Yeah the blue AI is more challanging - because of the simplicity behind it. He just have to run away from you. I think here I could increase the horizontal speed of the red cube to help the player. Because atm I think it is too hard.

Don't give up. I've joined that jam yesterday. There is still enough time making a game ;-)

Looks like you had a lot of graphics to make for that game because the shop has a lot of details. So good job with the arts!

I played it till the end (22days) and found some bugs:

  • Once I reached the end it says it took me 0 days
  • Upgrading to lvl 5 (max-lvl) is for free. So if you have 50 coins and everything on lvl 4 then you could buy all upgrades ... and you still will have 50 coins left
  • Some chests don't tell me the price. They say in any case I wouldn't have enough money

I like the actual game idea. It is a mini version of ShopeKeep and really turned out really nice. But it first become fun in the "late game". I'd say you first notice the limitation once you've upgraded your shelfs to at least 3 (depending on your speed level). This was then also the point where the game started being fun - because I really had to plan my routes and it was benefital if I end my day in front of the chest. Once everything is upgraded the game is getting somehow grindy. 

The early stage is mostly waiting. A button to end the current day would be pretty nice. I guess not everyone is as patient as me and you could loose players. 

So overall I really like the game and the idea behind. 

In regards of the limitation I totally agree with you. When I read about the limitation in first place I wasn't paying much attention to the additional info (so that the game should break without it). Therefor I went ahead with limiting the round and read about that detail way too late. I also thought a lot about how to make fix that but I wasn't able to come up with a solution. I guess this has to be fully respected in the early planning phase or it is hard/impossible to add it later (specially if you only have a weekend).

Thank you very much for your feedback :-) 

Nice idea of implementing concept/limitations. First I was looking for the counter then I found him =D.

The game looks really good and the level has some nice details :-). But I really miss music and sound effects. 

Besides that the game is really intuitive. Without reading the description it is clear what to do, where to go and where to escape. 

Good job!

(I escaped on 2nd try with 6s remaining)

Looks pretty nice but hard to control/aim. It feels nearly impossible to reach some platforms/coins. So I gave up in the second room :(

I like the music in the background. And with the ticking you get constantly reminded about the timer which is running down. 

I had trouble with the UI. Parts were cut off and because I sit in front of an Ultrawide making it fullscreen isn't an option. So I looked up the iframe-url from the inspector. That has helped. I would recommend you to fix that by increasing the height of the player (you can do this on the itch-page itself).

The art style is really nice and I like the animated logo. But I missed some music and sound effects. The idea of binding the traps to the objectives is really good. Took me a while to survive a full round and I picked them up in a special order so that I have the most painful ones at the end. 

But I think the limitation isn't influencing the game enough. I was so busy with surviving the traps that I noticed the counter very late. In other words: I wouldn't have played the game in any different way if the counter wouldn't be there. So the pressure isn't high enough. I think after picking up an objective it always resets back to 60s. May it should have added only a small amount of seconds (like 10s or so). And besides having 3LP you could have subtracted some amount of time from the player.  

It looks really pretty. But the game isn't playable for me. I tried various combinations but I wasn't able to use my sword. It also doesn't help that you don't provide a description in english (at least the keys could have been described there). 

Besides that: once you press Y the previous music doesn't stop - but the background track is added again. This keeps on going and is really disturbing. I found out that hitting m silences the game and by pressing m again the track is there only once. 

I finally gave up after pressing N which seems to kill the whole game. 

Overall I couldn't see anything regrading the theme nor the limitation. I guess it was used later in the game - but unfortunately I wasn't able to reach that point. 

So I would HIGHLY recommend to provide an english translation of the description. Even if it is just the keymap. That might will save you some ratings. 

Cool idea and really interesting level designs. I always completely lost track. Once you hunt for another coin it feels like a different level. I think I managed to get 3 or 4 of them. While it is hard to deliver a coin it doesn't feel unfair. 

The art-style is really beautiful and the game itself is really easy to understand.

Great work!


I love the cute graphcis of the game. The artstyle is really good! Also I like the different levels with increasing diffculty. But I have to say: the game feels too often unfair. Let me explain. 

It startet with the tomatoes. Sometimes they caught me and I lost 2-3 lifes because within about 1s. But the cheese was horrible (I didn't manage to beat him). The hitboxes are way to big (for the cheese and its projectiles). 

On the other side I could also see some nice details. I really like that the cheese gives some feedback before casting any attack. This is really helpfull while jumping on his head.

Also you did a really good job on the levels. 

One last thing: I would prefer to have [SPACE] for attacking instead of [X]. 

So overall: adjust the hitboxes and this is really good game :-)

Well done with the ping pong. Imho the music fits really good to the game which makes you wanna win (even if you play against yourself :-P).

May you wanna add some more stuff after the jam to the game. So I would add another sound effect when the ball enteres a goal and I really would add a menu where you can regulate the volume sound. 

I've also noticed that the ball always bumps away in 45°. Usually the input-angle == ouput-angle which would make the game more dynamic. 

While writing I get a tons of ideas for you ^^. So let me write bullet points:

  • The ball is getting faster over time
  • Add Items: Player could collect to get additional points, temporary speed, angle change or so
  • Add Single-Player
    • By adding an AI
    • By adding a Wall (here I would say it is important that the ball is getting faster to create a challange. Also you could track the time to create some motivation for replaying this mode)
  • Add Highscore

Overall really well done. This is a nice pong game :-)