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You're right, it's in the full rules section. I completely missed it during the jam, and I couldn't post an update during the rating days to avoid disqualification. Now that the rating is over, I will post an update.

(But seriously, buy a controller, you're missing so much cool gameplays without it :p )

That's odd, I tested it and it works fine on two different computers...

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Today I made 27.350 (41 waves defeated) :)

Very interesting concept, pretty good execution :) I think it lacked lots of FX to feel more "juicy". Otherwise, good job!

Your game was very fun! One of the most interesting I tested in this jam :)

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Very funny game! Very well paced between the search and the interrogation, reminded me of Ace Attorney :-)

I liked that the experience was self explanatory and didn't need to read tons of tutorial like in other game jam projects.

The wake-up mini-game, the repetition, all the game design decisions were going the same way, giving this project a lot of internal coherence.

The door of the "WORK" building could stand out more in the street, though. I completely missed it the first time.

Yeah, initially it was a lot harder. Then I adjusted so my 76yo dad can enjoy it. So... it's very easy and a bit dull now :)

No problem, I will play & rate your project. What did you think of mine ? :)

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I will! Maybe not today but definitely before the end of the rating period! Was it a pun with the French expression "Coup d'État" ? ^^

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You mean the Nvidia video? Sure, I don't own it, and I wondered if I should put it in the game, since I didn't make it. I sat for a couple hours trying to decide wether or not I should leave it or toss it.

In the end, I considered that this video was merely a joke to make the fake AAA game believable. It's not a part of the actual gameplay. Absolutely everything else is handcrafted by me.

If you played the actual game (not just watched the video), you can see I added some jokes over the video, making it more personal.

And don't forget that the second most rated and loved project from this jam is just a troll (without any game inside) and is called "Half-Life 3"... in comparison, at least, I took the time to make up a plausible but entirely fictional game.

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You're totally right about the biometric part, it was obscure and totally lacked hints. It's very hard to get through without knowing the solution, since it doesn't make sense that renaming biodata.dll at the right time will allow you to bypass the security check.

The main idea was that the program checks the integrity of biodata.dll on launch, but not after that. I have seen lazy security measures doing just that in real programs.

Instead  of renaming/moving/deleting the file after its integrity was checked, a more realistic approach would have been to replace the file with a cracked biodata.dll. It would make more sense.

But it was redundant with the first cracking conundrum. I ran out of ideas, had other things to do in the mean time, and totally forgot to improve this part of the game.

In fact, I already rated it 3 days ago! xD

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You didn't even read the first post on this topic, lol.

There is a video with a complete walkthrough that gives you all you need to know on the game...

Very well! Leave a feedback on my project's page (rating+comment) and I'll do the same with yours!

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I just laughed out loud when I accidentally shot the tutorial guy when he was explaining how to use the gun! The music instantly stopped, it was a perfect moment xD

I have rated and reviewed your game on your page. It was very fun and nice looking!

You can rate mine here :

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That is a very good-looking game! The gameplay is fun too, reminds me of NuclearThrone.

You can see there is some serious work done in a week here.

Too bad the jam theme is just for the ending screen. In my personal opinion, relevance to the theme should be felt within the entire game.

Anyway, good job pal!

I reviewed yours! :-)

Very cool core mechanic where input costs money. I loved the jumping animation :)

The level design still needs a lot of polishing, but there is enough variety in situations to keep the player interested.

Too bad that the relationship with the jam theme is only starting to make sense at the end of the game. It's a personal opinion, but I think that relevance to the theme should be felt within the game itself.

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Thank you for your comment :)

I tried to include more errors, but I had a hard time designing solutions that were not redundant with the previous actions (like renaming/moving/deleting a file, and edit text files). I decided not to add to many similar errors to avoid redundancy as I felt it would make the game boring :)

The language part was actually one of the easiest to program, since it's only checking string Application.systemLanguage. But it is very impressive for the player to think that the game has this level of understanding of your system. So, minimum effort, maximum effect!

I chose Nvidia video simply because it was more aggressive and annoying to watch than AMD's video :D

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I was going to level up enough to see the guard (by the way, the connection between the full gauge and being able to lie to the guard is unclear. Had to read your text tutorial to understand that part), but the game got stuck on a black screen.

I reloaded it, tried to get further, but on a second play the gauge feels an eternity to fill xD. After that I read your spoilers of the end.

So you did all the art yourself, wow, very good job!

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I played your game for half an hour. It's very cute and interesting! Here is what I thought about it.


  • The game mechanics are pretty neat. Not so many RPG got to explore social skills instead of just slashing monsters. Maybe some games like Mother or Undertale inspired you?
  • I didn't understand why dark characters appear when I click on a building door. And why the screen goes black when I get close to them. I even got stuck with the black screen, nothing happened after, had to restart the game. Intentional?


  • Every fake quest is very funny and entertaining to read. But there is not enough of them, felt like maybe 5 total? It should be simple to add 20 more to avoid redundancy.
  • Seemed like there was only 2 types of trustful quests (the pub investigation one, and the fedex one). Was this redundancy intentional?


  • I liked the small town, because in RPG games, it's easy to make vastly empty world that are boring to navigate through. In your game, the scale is just right and feels good.
  • Is the mini-map actually useful? It doesn't show much more than the game screen.
  • The black square marker is confusing if you don't already know its purpose.


  • Nice minimalist design. But did you make everything yourself? It feels like some tiles, like the trees, are just imported from the Unity package. The game jam instructions required to do everything from scratch.
  • The guard is to similar to other NPCs. His design should feel like a boss. Someone special.


  • To my eyes, you're one of the few projets that interpreted the game jam theme in an interesting way. The game itself is not a troll, the mechanics are actually built around the truth/lie trope.

Thank you for understanding. I didn't question your intentions, I know you mean well. You were not the only one spamming your project everywhere, with little regards to other's work. But the fact that others do it too... doesn't mean it should be the norm.

Maybe I'm just old and grumpy. Maybe I'm the only one that find this behaviour rude and unconsiderate. I just talked about how I felt, can't talk for the others.

 I found your comment on my projet very useful, so I will play your game, rate it and make constructive advice now :)

Have a nice day!

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Yes, I will rate it. But as the topic mentionned, you dont need to reply here.

Your post is not even a comment on my project, it's just the same spamming message you paste on every topic. It doesn't feel respectful.

I find very difficult to take the time to write "constructive criticism" to someone who didn't take time to do the same with mine, and pastes the same self publicity everywhere. Did you ask yourself why your project is ranked 430th/1128, based on Karma ?

Just leave a constructive comment on my game's page, and I will do the same with yours :)

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Maybe "Try to read the topic before spamming your own stuff" is a good constructive advice for you man? :-) It's just a matter of basic mutual respect.

What an unexpected game type! Clearly one of the most creative piece of work in this whole game jam!

I liked the cleverly crafted gameplay with multiple layers.

I think the only thing missing that keeps it from being absolutely captivating, is music. Sound design is often considered as a mere bonus over the game experience, but in reality it brings more emotions than visual art.

Otherwise, very good job!

Haha you just proved you actually played the game, because the messages are not in the walkthrough video ! (^_^)

A very good "Thomas was Alone"-like, twisted with the game jam theme! Good job!

Man, it seems like you just spam every topic without even reading it (^_^)

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Very clever to turn an airport luggage system into a tower defense!

Did you get this idea during the jam, or have you thought about it (or played games with the same concept) before? :-)

Was it made with Unity, GameMaker, or something else ?

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Hello everyone! If you rate+comment my game, I'll rate yours!

>>> No need to reply to this topic <<< just make a comment (honest feedback) on my game's page and I'll do the same on yours :-)

You don't want to bother downloading/install/play my game? Watch the walkthrough video instead!


"AAA GAME FROM THE FUTURE" is a puzzle game where the goal is to successfully launch a big AAA survival game (MANKIND DUSK) from the year 2031... on your current PC.

You'll have to mess around with game files, installing cracks, reading hints in crash logs and stuff!



Video of complete walkthrough (warning: spoils the entire game) :


More informations on the projet (inspirations, development, post-mortem) available on the game's page.

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Good job! A very complete game with different locations and moods. We can immediately see the connections between the different quests, so, we're not completely lost. The UI is also pretty clear. The feeling of unlimited possibilities when you get your first sword and you find out you can cut through bushes is very rewarding, a classical but solid mechanic in top-down action RPG games.

Could largely improve visual feedbacks when performing actions (hitting enemies, picking up things...) though.

I played for 25 minutes but I didn't get far enough to see the connection with the game jam theme. Will you post a solution?

You already have nearly 40 reviews...

This is just spam spam spam xD

Passing the biometric screen is clearly the most difficult conundrum in the game! I think it would  be  better with more clues on what to do.

Thank you for playing it!

Mine is a puzzle game where the goal is to successfully launch a big AAA from the year 2031 on your current PC.

You'll have to mess around with game files, installing cracks, reading hints in crash logs and stuff!

You can review it after watching the video if you don't want to bother downloading/installing/playing it yourself!

Video of complete walkthrough (warning: spoils the entire game) :

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Mine is a puzzle game where the goal is to successfully launch a big AAA from the year 2031 on your current PC.

You'll have to mess around with game files, installing cracks, reading hints in crash logs and stuff!

Video of complete walkthrough (warning: spoils the entire game) :

Wow, very cool! Smart twist of the jam theme! :-)

Is there a way to filter out all the pure trolling projects to focus on people who really worked a whole week? :o)