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Whoa, it's gamesplusjames! Your 2D platformer Youtube tutorial was what introduced me to Unity, even before I'd ever written a line of code before in my life. I didn't end up sticking with it, but I rediscovered it years later when I went to college for programming, and you were the first Youtuber I looked up again to get back into things! 

Now here you are in my first ever Game Jam! Crazy.

Anyway, James, this game is brilliant. You used the theme in such an inspiring way. The gameplay is fluid and easy to get into, and the whole experience is hilarious. I love how the simplest explanations like, "I couldn't find my keys," get twisted and overblown into needlessly unbelievable lies.

I really can't gush over this enough. Truly unique. I'm so glad to have found this here. 

The alarm clock opening murdered me.

I'm glad I could help you on your gamedev journey :) Writing those dodgy lies was my favourite part of doing this game :D