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This was awesome! The levels were really well designed and there were a few times I rode the explosions perfectly and felt like a bad-ass :D Great stuff!

That was great! I loved how the bomb explosions travelled through the tunnels especially in that last level! The explosions looked really cool too :) Nice work!

This was fun! I really liked the artstyle and the music :) Combat felt a little stuff but it was fun knocking enemies off the platform :D Nice work!

That was really cool! There was something quite relaxing about the speed the character moved even when avoiding fire & wind :D I really liked the writing and how you used the speech bubbles was great! Nice work :)

Please check out my game and leave a rating if you get a chance :)

That was fun! I liked how the game looked and how when you got the key the ground changed :) I couldn't find a way to avoid damage when jumping across the groups of 3 spikes, are you just supposed to take damage on it? The level design was fun too! Nice work :)

Please check out my game and leave a rating if you get a chance :)

This was a really cool idea! The various errors you came up with to work around were fantastic and the use of screenshots on the game page were perfection! Really nice work :)

Please check out my game and leave a rating if you get a chance :)

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I like the art style you had and the sound effects were fun! The enemies were a little hard to kill but i liked jumping out of the helicopter at the start :D Nice work!

Please try out my game and leave a rating if you can :)

This was a really cool idea for a mechanic! It was fun trying to piece together where I could move in the level. The music got annoying very quickly so I had to just mute it unfortunately which meant I missed out on the voice-acting bits after the first couple. I'd also recommend to confine the mouse cursor to the window using Cursor.lockmode because my mouse kept moving off which stopped me being able to look around! But apart from those minor problems, this was a lot of fun! Nice work :)

Please check out my game and leave a rating if you get a chance :)

That was fun! I like the graphics and the sound effects were nice too. I like the mechanic of switching between realities. Using the cauldrons as checkpoints was smart too, I've seen a lot of games in this jam simply restarting you at the beginning so you get points for not doing that :) Nice work!

Please check out my game and leave a rating if you get a chance :)

Absolutely beautiful graphics, and I liked how the platforming worked. The disappearing platforms got a little frustrating but just seem like part of the 'rage game' design style :) Nice work!

Please check out my game and leave a rating if you get a chance :)

Very nice work! I really love the art & animation! The platforming feels really nice too! Nice work :)

Please check out my game and leave a rating if you get a chance :)

I like the idea of the two realities, it was fun to see what was happening in each. I always love jam games with minigames, and this was a good one :) Nice work!

I really like how the graphics looked, it had a really cool style. The boss was fun and not too challenging. I had a weird problem where the character would radomly get a boost of speed and make it hard to control but otherwise the jumping felt nice :) Nice work!

That was pretty cool! I like how the game looked! It felt very hard though with enemies dealing a lot of damage quickly, and it would be nice to have a few more bullets :D Nice work!

The game looks really cool, but the reflections got a little confusing at times :) It was a little hard to work out what to do at times but the platforming felt good :) Nice work!

That was a fun entry to explore! You made a pretty large world. First person platforming can get a little awkward at times so I failed at the first jumping section a few times. I also got stuck when you go inside the giant snake head at the point where you jump over the acid, as when I jumped I would just get stuck in the ceiling. A fun entry though, nice work!

I like the graphics style you have in this! The controls unfortunately felt a little awkward to use and holding shift to run didnt actually seem to make me move faster. I got stuck at the tower climbing bit because my character moved beside the black box and when i held w they ran up and then got stuck under the lip at the top. I really liked how you used voiceover in the game too though :) Nice work!

That was a lot of fun! I really liked the sound effect when you died for some reason :D I also really liked how the game looked! I unfortunately had a problem when I collected a trophy on the left of the board where it played the sound effect for dying but I didn't get reset and couldn't move anymore. But this was a really cool entry! Nice work!

I don't know why but there is something relaxing about just exploring mazes :D I liked the graphics style you had but the short music loop got annoying very quickly and i had to mute the music. I like the twist reveal when you get the jump ability :) Very nice work!

Very nice work on this! I really liked how the game looked and the music and sound effects were great! Controls felt good and I liked how you used the core mechanics in interesting ways! Nice work! :)

Thanks :D

I'm glad I could help you on your gamedev journey :) Writing those dodgy lies was my favourite part of doing this game :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it, I had a lot of fun adding humour into the game :)

Thanks for playing! I had intended to include a tutorial on the first Day, but it got cut in favour of adding more dialogue :D

I did want to add more items to collect to allow you to reach further days but I could only get so many made in the timeframe :) The goal was meant to be just seeing how many days you can reach without getting fired, but that doesn't really become clear until you get fired which was a bit of an oversight on my part :)

Thanks :)

That was a really cool entry! I really liked the graphics and sound design, and the atmosphere in general was really fantastic. The skull bosses were very hard and in general the combat mechanics felt a little awkward but overall this was a really great game! Very nice work! :)

The controls felt pretty good, the graphics were nice and the audio worked nicely. Not personally a big fan of trollish platformers but thats just me :D Nice work!

That was fantastic! Probably my favourite game I've played so far in the jam! It's such a simple idea but perfectly executed, really excellent work on this :)

That was a really fun entry. You did a really good job taking the lying idea and running with it, I was totally ready for that racing game :D The graphics were fantastic and the audio design was great too. Nice job!

That was cool, I really liked the graphics in the game! I had a couple of times where 3 blocks appeared across the tracks together so had no choice but to lose a life, but otherwise this was really cool! Nice work!

That was an interesting mechanic. I only wish there was more levels in the game! I'm also curious why the download was so big :D Nice work!

That was fun! The dialogue was well written and you had some very interesting puzzles in there too! Nice work!

That was really fun! You had a good variety of puzzles that were well thought out! Nice work!

Solving the mazes was relatively fun, but I wasn't sure what connection it had to the theme. Nice work though!

This was a simple but fun platformer. The graphics were a little blurry, make sure when you import sprites to your game that you change the filtering from bilinear to none for pixel art to make things look sharper. Nice work! :)

I really liked how this game looked and the sound design was fantastic. It was a little hard to work out what I should be doing, and the movement & look speed was unfortunately painfully slow. But a  really interesting entry nonetheless :) Well done!

I like the graphics in the game! I was a little confused about how to play the skiing game, when I dragged it didnt seem to respond. The minigames were a fun idea though, it's something i always like to see :) Nice work!

The graphics in this looked fantastic! The platforming felt very nice, and the level design was fun! Nice work!

That was really fun! I can definitely see this working well as a mobile game. I'm impressed you got so much in, in such a short space of time, even if the connection to the theme wasn't great :D

For some reason the game really messed with the resolution on my computer when it started the first time but seemed to work okay after that. 

Nice work!