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Your game can be in any genre you choose! A theme will be announced before GDM begins but it's meant as something to inspire what you will make and not a restriction. One of the most fun things about these kinds of events is seeing what kinds of games people make!

This was really cool! The movement and shooting all felt very satisfying and juicy! Great work!

Levelling up increases the difficulty slightly, though this wasn't very obvious :D

Puzzles area always really hard to balance, especially in a jam :)

This was great! When I saw the preview of it during the jam I knew it would be a good one instantly :D I love the artstyle and running around managing the temperatures was a lot of fun! I could definitely see this being expanded with more elements to manage :)

I unfortunately had the same bug as @bdanreilly but it didnt take away from how much I enjoyed the game :) Great work!

This was fun but got stressful very quickly. Three body parts felt like a lot to deal with especially at the start. It might have been good to start with them having all 3pieces the same for the first few and one hit killing and then getting harder as you get further in, to give the player a sense of progression. But what is here is still fun and stressful in the good way. trying to manage your shots as they cycle is a really unique and interesting challenge and I like the speeding up punishment too. Very nice work! 

This was fantastic stuff. I love the silly mix of names when you create an animal. It was a really interesting problem trying to balance all of the creatures as more and more got added. I loved the reveal when you zoom out that's all done on a blackboard leaned against a wall too :D Great work!

This was nice silly fun! It was interesting to see how the aliens would mix together and I really enjoyed the names and descriptions :D Nice work!

This was great! i love the dice roll mechanic, it added an extra step of panic to trying to grab the right ingredients, and it's one of the more interesting twists I've seen on this kind of assembling food/drinks games in general! The music was very quiet in the game compared to the sound effects. Also I didn't know that ducks could be so grumpy and impatient... :D I love how the art looks in the game too. Great work!

This was fun to play! The tanks moved nicely and it was very satisfying blowing things up! The difficulty ramped up a lot for the last wave! Nice work!

This was fun! I like how it looked but some of the puzzle solving was a little confusing. I felt like I wrapped my head around the first section but then in the black rooms half the time it felt like I was just guessing :D I made it to the end though so I must have been doing something right! Nice work!

This was fun! I love the chill smoothie mixing music and the 'Make smoothie' voice was great :D the colour mixing mechanic worked really nicely too. Simple but very satisfying to do! Great work!

This was fun and there was so much to explore in there! It was a little hard finding my way around and jumping on some of the slopes was a little awkward, especially trying to get to the crafting bench. The size made it a little hard to navigate back to things but also obviously added a great sense of scale to the game. I loved the character model too! Great work!

This was a great idea. Once I got a handle on the attacking mechanics, they felt really nice. I could definitely see this being expanded to something more with a bit more time being put into it! I really enjoyed the music too! Great work!

This was a nice entry! The level was designed quite nicely, but some of those giant enemies were a little too hard. There wasn't much feedback when you took damage and some invincibility would be nice. I went from 8 health to 2 in a quarter of a second because I was between 2 giant enemies and they just hit me repeatedly. Great job on getting something done during the jam! 

This was a really cool idea and a great mix of 3 classics! I was surprised in the best way when I accidentally shot the paddle. This works great as a single player or as 2 player and although you're supposed to work together I could definitely see screwing over your partner at the last moment being fun too :D Great work on this!

This was a cool idea! It was a little hard to find the pickups until there were lots of them around so the first 30 seconds were usually a little bit wasted. There was a good variety of random effects though which was really nice. The core gameplay loop was nicely satisfying though :) Great work!

This was fun! I like the basic gameplay and solving the rooms was satsifying. Some of the more enemy packed ones got a little hard to manoeuvre in though :D Nice work!

This was a fun concept! The catching mechanic was a bit unclear at first and being unable to shoot while it stayed active for too long was a little awkward but then being able to fire big slices of buttered toast made up for it :D It controls quite nicely and I really liked the music too! Great work!

This seemed like a fun idea! Unfortunately I couldn't get anything to work, when I approach the machine a dispense button comes up but it doesn't do anything. Having to hold right click to look around and having it move slowly no matter the sensitivity didn't help too :) I would love to see how the game actually plays out! Well done on completing something in the jam time though! :)

Love the music in this! The game is relatively simple with not much of a goal but well done for finishing! :)

This was great stuff! I always knew I could run a successful business but didn't know I would be startup of the year! Interesting idea to have to identify the enemies by colour. The ragdolling was really fun when they got knocked out. Loved the intense rock battle music too :D Great work as always!

This was cool! There's so much content in here, I'm amazed you got it all done by yourself in 48 hours! It was definitely challenging, but finding out I could walk through all the walls helped :D I liked the recharging arrows mechanic, it really suited my favourite playstyle of hanging back and picking things off from a distance. Nice work!

This was a cool idea! Having random elements appear was a lot of fun to see what would happen. I did run into an unwinnable situation though where shots spawned healzones which was great for me but also worked for the enemies making them invincible :D It was a lot of fun flying around though and the recharging health was very helpful too! Nice work!

This was a cool idea! It reminds me a little of dungeon keeper but having to keep moving the treasure further away was a really fun addition! I unfortunately had it crash after placing a good few rooms but up until then I was having fun! Nice work!

This was quite fun! The moving platform in the middle was really hard though :D It might have benefited from the camera being a little closer to judge jumps better but having the level on one screen is a cool aspect you might not want to lose :) Nice work!

Interesting mechanic for sure and I could definitely see it being expanded with more ways to combo dice and things like that. Having complete randomness inherent to the design can be very unforgiving :D Nice work!

This was a cool mix of idle game and strategy rpg action. The card memory game was a little unforgiving, it would be nice if it kept the same order until you complete the board to ensure the player does eventually get the rewards. But it was very addicting and I kept wanting to try just one more attack to upgrade a little more and then do one more attack... Great work!

That was fantastic! Such a fun idea using the the two sticks to control the hands. It would be nice to get some feedback when you collect the potions like a "great" or "bad" when you miss them. With more work on this I could definitely see it expanded into a full rhythm game. Great job!

Well done on entering. The camera a was a little zoomed in and you need some slippy material applied to the player to make them not stick to the side of platforms but I liked the level design and finding all the batteries was fun. Nice work!

This was fun! I like how you threw in some random quiz levels into the mix to break up the flow of doing the same thing over and over. The black outline around the green circle led to places where it would overlap with the blue lines (especially when they were thinner) making it seem like you could get through a new gap which led to some unfair feeling failures. Otherwise a really nice entry though! Nice work!

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This was a cool mix of breakout and tetris. It was definitely a challenge managing the paddle and the position where tiles would spawn but in a fun stressful way :) Great work!

This was really great! I love the artstyle of the game, and the variety of puzzles was really fantastic. I couldn't work out what was going on in the room with the small machine behind glass and the red lights but solving the rest unscrambled enough text to work out the door solution :) Great work on this! Also, having a cool egyptian style is always a plus for me personally :D

This was cool and a very unique mix of games to mash together and it works really well! My only issue was that the window for the game was tiny instead of fullscreen so moving the mouse to control the paddle was really hard to be accurate. A cool idea though! Nice work :)

This game truly had everything! I can't believe you managed to get Michael Caine to take part in your game jam game! Fantastic work on this, it really shows how much you can achieve with good storytelling :)

This was a cool idea that could get stressful very quickly! It would be nice if you could hold multiple items of the same kind. Also I don't think I'd be very impressed if I went to get a hotdog and I saw the sausages coming out of the furnace onto the ground :D Nice work on this!

This was cool. I loved how that visuals changed between each level while still being consistent enough to be understandable. The jump felt a little floaty but otherwise this was fun! Good work!

This was a fun idea! I didn't understand about only killing enemies when they were overlapped until i read the description, but that was a cool little twist. Nice work!

This was such a fun idea! I always love QWOP style things and this was a great take on the theme. I was terrible at it but that's part of the fun :D Great work!

Fun idea! I like the idea of collecting the fruit to use as projectiles and it adds an interesting element to the endless runner genre. Nice work!