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This was cool! I liked the music and the style of the main menu seemed really cool for some reason :D I liked the core idea of the gameplay, blasting around was a lot of fun. The only problem was I didnt know what having the second thruster added that just using one didnt also though. Perhaps if they each could only do opposite 90 degrees that would make it feel a bit more meaningful. But overall a fun game, nice work!

This was cool! The core mechanics of flying around ans shooting worked really well and I liked the models for the ships. I do wish there was a way to tell where the ships were in space as flying around trying to track the bullets was hard especially when you didnt know how far away things were. A little hyperspeed or something might be fun :) But also I probably played this for way too long because there was something very relaxing about it too :) Nice work!

That was really interesting! I'm not a big fan personally of the old-school resident evil style of movement and shooting like you have here, but I do really like the extra twist you added of having to shoot with the cursor when aiming. That was a really nice addition. Also those zombie noises were terrifying, I think you needed 3D sound sources on them instead of 2D so they wouldnt all be the same volume :) Nice work!

I really liked the art design of this, the world and characters worked very nicely. I only wish there was a little more to the level. I felt like I just got started in the flow of the game and it ended :) Nice work!

This was really cool! I really liked the storytelling you did in the game that was really well done, and the music and 3d models were all fantastic. I really liked the trail of little mushrooms you left behind as you moved around the world. Some of the movement felt a little too floaty at times, and you definitely need a frictionless physics material on your colliders to stop getting stuck against walls but otherwise I really liked how the game played. Very nice work!

This was fun! It felt very fast moving around and that jump was crazy fast :D My only problem was sometimes the enemies would spawn right where I was standing so I died a few times and it felt a little unfair. But otherwise it played very nicely. Great job!

This was lots of fun! It felt like the ghosts moved way too fast at first but once I worked out to buy upgrades they got way easier to deal with. The only thing I'd like is some way to see how many gold and silver you have when you are in the shop. But otherwise this was great! Nice work!

That was really fun! It was such an odd combination but you made it work really well. The ship controlled really nicely and it was a really good challenge trying to maneuver the asteroids into hitting each other. Especially for only 10 hours work this is fantastic! Great job!

That was fun! I only wish I could pick up more speed on the way :D The physics felt nice though :) Nice work!

This was fun! I liked the co-op gameplay and it was actually a lot of fun trying to play with just myself :D The camera was a little hard to use and could have done with a bit more movement to it but thats okay in a jam game :) I liked the flying in ships section but I wish I could shoot during it :) Nice work overall!

That was pretty cool! It took me a while to work out that I needed the roads to bring resources around but that was fun. I thought managing both sides for different requirements was a fun idea too. Really nice work!

That was a fun and simple puzzle platformer! The mechanics all worked really nicely and its always good to have a few levels like that in a jam game. Very nice work!

That was fun! I really like the idea of enemies not appearing until they are in the characters line of sight. The art was simple but worked nicely too :) Nice work!

(P.S. RIP Bert)

I really liked how it looked, but as others said I unfortunately couldnt seem to get any interactions apart from moving the chairs to work. Bugs are never fun in a gamejam :) But congrats on submitting!

Unfortunately the game wouldnt start for me, it kept crashing so I couldnt play :(

This was fun! I really liked the art, and the rock paper scissors combat worked nicely. It might have been a bit nicer to have something pop up showing what the enemy chose (after you select) just to make it more obvious what is happening. But that sure was one mighty rock! :D Nice work!

This was fun! I really liked how when you hit the water the player just went back off the screen, it just looked really funny to me :) It was a little easy to just use all the powers at once so having some kind of meter or something to manage your magic might have been good but that would be harder to manage as you go faster. Nice work!

This was great! I loved the cute artstyle at first but when you get down to the blood lake it gets even better :D That ending was a great little stinger that I thought was fantastic! Great work!

That was lots of fun! I like the way you could customise the character at the beginning. The football was a little janky but in the most fun way possible. That AI was full of energy, jumping all over the place :D Really good work on this!

That was cool, I like what you did with the filter to give it that ps1 feel :) I don't know if i needed another key but when i opened the door it seemed to get stuck so i couldnt get outside :) Nice entry overall!

This was cool! I really liked the artwork, it looked really nice! The atmosphere with the sound effects was really great especially in the gathering resources phase. I couldn't really work out how to place things in the tower defence section but the enemies seemed to keep thing anyway so I managed to survive the night :D Nice work!

This was a cool idea, playing as like a thrown lightsaber. It was real hard but also very satisfying hitting the boss :D I like the graphics you made too :) Nice work!

That was fun and pretty chill with the music to just walk around :) I liked the artstyle a lot too and for some reason there was something really satisfying about the sound of deflecting the bullets :D Nice work!

I've done the exact same thing with the backgrounds before and didn't notice until someone said it to me, that's what made me think of it :D 

That makes sense, I probably should have put some kind of message in those rooms :D

Yep a shop was planned originally but I ran out of time :D The level score would have fed into the currency system to encourage you to do better :)

This was fun! I really liked the art, the animations were nice. I love the idea of absorbing enemies to fire at other ones, it would be fun if certain enemies could only be defeated by certain shot types :) For short time working with Unity this was a great jam game :) Nice work, keep it up!

That was absolutely fantastic! The gameplay felt nice, and moving around trying to collect letters to spell words was lots of fun. But some of those pickups/words were just amazing, duck & kappa being my personal favourites. I loved the art to the game too. Absolutely awesome work on these! :)

This was fantastic! Such a great combo and used so well! Having to constantly bounce the ball to jump higher was a great idea! And that evil wall was terrifying, I've never been so afraid of my own logo :D I would love to see this idea expanded on further, I really think there is a fantastic core gameplay loop to the game. Great work!

P.S. It should have been Bowlsketball :P

That was a fun little sandbox :) While it was simple, I really liked how it looked too! Getting sick during a jam never helps but you made a fun little toy :) Nice work!

That was fun! I really liked the game over and win screens :D The movement felt nice and slippery for the skating. He did get a little freaky any time you stopped moving though :D I liked the 3d models too! Very nice work!

That was a really cool idea! It was fun navigating around with the grid as a guide. I liked the little compass thing showing which way was up too, that was a nice touch (although I did think it was a clock at first, maybe having up & left/right on it would be a good idea. I like the effect of the grid appearing from the blue background of the menu screen too. Very nice work!

That was a fun idea :D That boost really sends you flying :D I like the characters you made for the game too :D Nice work!

That was fun! Very demanding wolf back in the cave though :D The wolf howl was a fun addition :D Just a couple of minor tips, it looks like you used a rigidbody for the player (if I'm wrong ignore this) and you have some jittery movement when touching the walls or slopes, and usually on the rigidbody switching the interpolate setting to either interpolate or extrapolate should fix that. Your parallaxing background is also working in the opposite direction to how it should, so I'd recommend changing the speed you have it at to a minus value to switch it around :) But this was a fun entry overall! Nice work :)

Fun short little game. I liked the characters :) The player jumps around a lot when switching left/right because the parent player object isn't centered with the sprites, so when you flip it jumps around :) Good job for such a short time :)

This was lots of fun! The top down layout map was a really good inclusion in the corner. I do wish you could look around with the mouse, and sometimes how the ball bounced off the player felt a little off but overall it was a cool implementation of the theme you got! Nice work :)

That was a lot of fun! Rotating the world felt nice, especially rotating in mid-air was a cool mechanic :) I really liked the art, there was a lot of variety in the levels and the hand-drawn menus looked really great. Not a complaint about the game but I just wanted to play more levels! :) Great work on this!

I really liked the idea of using the 8 bit style in first person like this. It was a little hard to know what what the goal was as after I killed the enemies in the forest there didnt seem to be anything I could do :) I really wanted to go into that first building too because it had an open door texture on it :D Nice work!