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I love the artstyle for this, it looks really cool! Being able to freeze in place and shoot around was really helpful too for this kind of game. Really nice work!

This is such a cool and simple idea! The variety in the tracks was really nice and trying to work out how to beat each level felt well balanced. I loved the style of it too! Great work!

That was fun! I reached the final boss with his glowy hands :D I would love to know why there are so many naked dudes running around this office though... :D

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This was fantastic! I love the level design and the variety of mechanics you used.  Using the cursor for some of the levels too was a great idea. I really loved how the game looked too, the artstyle was really interesting and I loved the various transparency effects. I got stuck on the level with the coffee mug cursor, unfortunately, I couldn't find the key! But fantastic work overall!

This was great! I loved the story between the two but Jack definitely wasn't the nicest guy :D I really enjoyed the level design apart from the windy levels which felt a little hard.  One thing I'd recommend is making so that space bar or something similar would work to activate the respawn. It was a pain every time I respawned to have to switch from using the keyboard to mouse to click that one button :) But overall I really liked this entry! Fantastic work!

This was fun! I love the wall of fans chasing after you :D A little bit more variety in the tilesets for the different planets would be nice but its a gamejam so thats fine :D I loved the rocket tour bus too :D Nice work!

This was lots of fun! There was something very satisfying about bumping the flying saucers out of the way :D I really liked the art and the music fit really nicely. Great work as always!

That was fun! Driving around was very hectic and the acceleration was definitely a little crazy :D I did like all the silly things the other cars kept doing :D Great work!

This was fun. Somehow the flying mechanic was the most fun part, there's something just entertaining about zipping around the little world you made. Nice work!

That was fun! There was a lot of James's but I enjoyed all their dialogue :D Nice work :)

This was a fun little idea. I don't know why but seeing the words flying out was really funny to me :D Nice work!

Damn you Mr 101! This was fun! The area was well designed and I enjoyed how you broke out the story and mystery involved. I liked the writing. Great work! :)

This was fun! As others said the camera was a little awkward but I got used to it after a little bit. I thought the idea of doing a murder mystery was a lot of fun! Great work :)

This was really fun! The plane was fun to fly and it was very satisfying blowing stuff up :D The music was very loud though, it nearly blew my ears out :D Fantastic work!

This was great! I love the colour changing mechanic and the level design was really well done. I love that there was no deaths or anything like that if you missed a jump you just got to try again. Fantastic work!

That was really fun and relaxing! For some reason it was just fun running around restocking shelves and constantly ordering resupplies. My one nitpick would be that there was never really a time when I didn't want to be running so maybe have holding shift be for walking would have made more sense as it got to a bit of finger strain holding shift down all the time :) I really enjoyed the music in the game, it really added to the whole vibe of the game. Great work!

This was fun. The car control felt nice and shooting felt pretty smooth! I obviously like the sneaky Scoot Kaboom in there too :D Nice work!

That  was a nice little story, a fun little slice-of-life moment. The music worked really well with the story told and the characters felt really fleshed out and real. Nice work!

I really liked the art and animations. There was a surprising variety of attacks you could do which was fun. It would be nice if the attacks moved a bit faster though, so they felt like they had more impact. But you got a lot in here! Nice work!

This was a lot of fun! I loved all the compliments but for some reason the negatives were much more ridiculous and funny. I loved the zoom on their happy faces as they walked away. Good job!

This was fun! I always knew I would make a great oil man :D There was something very satisfying about placing loads of buildings and just watching the numbers go up :D I couldn't tell if there was any end condition for the game, but I had a fairly dominany lead on the leaderboard so I was happy :) Great work!

This was fun! I pressed E my first time throught the race and the horse just stopped to look at the ground for a bit so next time around I avoided that one :D Nice work!

This was fun! I love the different minigames to get the character through the day. I like the graphics style and the censor bar in the shower scene made me laugh :D Good work!

This was great! I really loved the simple artstyle and the writing was really good! I also really liked the wavy rainbow text bits :D They really added a lot of nice emphasis. Great work!

That was fun! I definitely felt like the camera would work a little better if it were further out or maybe even zoomed out as you went faster. It was fun though sliding around and into all the zombies :D

This was very creepy! I love the aesthetic of the game with the low-res textures. I also loved how the game progresses and changed as you delved deeper into the maze. Really good qork and it defiitely felt like you nailed the feeling you were going for :)

This was fun! I liked all the little characters running and their descriptions :D 

This was lots of fun. I love the story you told with the game, it was really well written. The fights with the hero got very though :D Great work!

This was a fun little entry! You made good use of the assets, and the level design was simple but fun! Nice work!

That was fun! I like the idea of trying to lose the race but not making it too obvious :D The artstyle was fun, but I definitely found the game quite hard :D Great work!

This was a fun idea! I really love the artstyle and the animations were fantastic! The hitboxes for the traps were definitely way too big, you should always ensure that hitboxes are really close to the sprites and usually smaller than the sprites :) Nice work!

That was really fun! I really liked the art and the music worked very well with the visuals. I loved the little squeak when you rescued a squirrel :D The movement all felt very good and the level designs were a nice challenge length. Avery solid entry, great work!

This was great! I love the artwork and the level design was lots of fun. The wall jumps were sometimes a little hard but I eventually got through them :) I love the use of yellow elements to guide the player, it worked very well. I also really like the use of yellow at the very end of the game, expanding on the idea of the safe area. The animations and pixel art were all top notch too! Great work on this :)

This was a fun idea! I was definitely a little confused at first about feeding the people. I would definitely have used E for that as its a very standard interact key rather than tab :) But it was fun racing around the little city and collecting supplies to give them all. Nice work!

This was fun, I liked the idea of running around the office trying to fix things :) I like the sprite work you did, and it felt good beating that arrogant bot :D Fun game as always! :)

This was fantastic! I love all the artwork, I'm impressed you managed to get so much done in the time! The music fit very well and helped enhance the atmosphere of the game. I feel like it had a very good balance of the small interactive puzzles combined with the narrative elements.

I could definitely see more stories like this working very well as interactive apps for parents to read and play with children! Great work!

This was a fun one! I love the artstyle and the whole concept of buying/upgrading your dogs. It took me a while to get a hang of controlling the sled and I got stuck on a wall unable to move at one point but the game was lots of fun! The gamestop dog got a laugh from me too :D Great work!

This was fun, and interesting to see a different take on the same idea I had :D My fingers are sore now though! I loved the crowd noises in the background and the artstyle was simple and good! Great work :)

This was fantastic! It was a really good twist on what I was expecting to happen, and the message was great! So simple but so effective! Great work!

That was fun! The character took a lot to build up momentum but then flying at top speed was fun :D The camera was a little rigid behind the player and with a game like this I'd definitely recommend letting the player strafe from side to side instead of using the tank style controls but a fun jam game for sure :)