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I think I broke the game. I got to day 20, legitimately, and the game stopped counting the days, and my sick days went into the negative. It became almost impossible for me to get the 25 inspiration points I needed. Good fun though.

Graphics: Coherent and quirkly looking. The 2D objects that always face you in a 3D environment may not have been the best choice, but they worked alright in this quirky game. Overall, I think its visual style was distinctive and funny.

Audio: Music was functional and did signify hurry to me. SFX were aplenty and worked well too. More sample variety is always welcome, but I'm knit picking.

Theme: I think you missed it. This is a game about lying. It's not the game that is a liar.

Design: I really liked the moods the boss had. Had me thinking about when to use the more plausible excuses vs the crazier ones. I am of two minds about the collect inspiration phase of play. It seems arbitrary, but it does increase tension. On balance, I would argue it improves the game. Perhaps more time, random placement, a larger pool of items, and an inability to pick up already used excuses (not already picked up, already used), may improve this, but it needs playtesting. I dunno. :)

Worthy of mention is the silly alarm clock minigame. It's fumbliness (to coin a word) is weirdly realistic. The little touch of the rubbish piling on to reflect the days I'd succeeded was cool as well.

Finally, dialogue. Surprisingly well crafted and funny in places. With the amount failed funny in this jam, your game stands out to me as genuinely amusing. Well done.

One of the best entries. This is going in my hall of fame for this event.