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thank you very much! I hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you (I think that's good anyways!)

Thanks so much! I tried my best for the aesthetics and considering this was more of a programming project I am quite happy!

Nice! I think you should, the visual style alone is just beautiful!

Fun game, with an amazing art style.. Think the game could've been explained a little bit better such as the rhythm tracker at the bottom and about how attacking enemies actually works! But overall great work!

Great take on the theme and a lot of fun, was rather satisfying to play, trying to find multiple ways of completing levels!
My only query with the game as sometimes I accidentally swapped tiles, so maybe an undo would be nice to not waste a go!

Nice work! It's really fun and the art is super cute for the game!
Some feedback I have:

-Coyote time for the jumps to make them feel a bit better

-Maybe have the ball move a bit rather than immediately come to a halt

-Escape key does not always work when pausing on the web build, maybe add an extra key for that?
So far really nice work!

Oh you ;D

HA! So cool to see myself in a game and I must say I am looking pretty good! ;D

Great entry to the jam!

Thank you so much! ;-;

Thanks for Playing Skeffles! :D Glad you enjoyed the fantastic beats B)

Thank you so much for the lovely feedback Tauheed! Those slimes were a bit of a menace 😅

Perfect! :D And thanks!

Really nice! The music was super catchy! :D Great work!

Thank you for the kind words! :D It's really nice to see people enjoy the game!

Honestly what a beautiful experience, full of juice and full of polish! Amazing work to you all!

This was a lot of fun! :D I really enjoyed the art style as well! - Do you have a link to the Ludum Dare page so I can give it a rating? :D

Ahh! So glad you enjoyed it! The music really is quite lovely I must say! (And I'm not biased just because I worked on the game)

The health was something we debated about, it actually correlates to your your combo in the corner as if that gets too low you die but this could be something we look at post jam!

Thanks for playing and for the lovely feedback!

Really nice work! The music fits the game perfectly, and the game just feels fun to play! :D

Think I got to around 30! :D

Nice work! :D

A classic game! Nice work!
Some improvements I have though!
I feel the explosion sound was nice, but a bit too loud, and the ball needed to stand out more as I tended to lose track of it in levels!

Nice work overall! :D

Cool idea for a game! Really need to brush up on my Unity knowledge! 

Fantastic game, I loved how all the characters complimented each other, and how the levels could be completed in different ways depending on how you go about it. Art and music was fantastic as well! Nice work, hope it does well! :D

I loved the art! The attack effect was really nice! And a really nice idea for how to use the theme! :D Great work!

Thanks! And yeah I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea! Thanks for playing! :D

Loved the implementation of the theme! Really great idea! Felt bad killing the enemies because of the cute noises they would make!
The sword attacking effect/animation was really nicely made!

(Also that little easter egg at the start, wowe ;) )

Cool game! Liked how you used the theme :)

Wow thank you so much for the kind words I really appreciate it! I tried to make the audio, art and effects stand out as I knew the idea was lacking! Thanks again.

I will for sure! :D

The game looked really fantastic! And it was a great idea, I'd add a few invisiblity frames in between upgrading though as I would take some damage but I got surrounded so I kept taking damage, upgrading, taking damage, upgrading.
Also maybe give the player a few seconds to realise the upgrade screen is there, as I was clicking to shoot I sometimes accidentally picked an upgrade (you could add a "confirm upgrade" button)

nice work overall!

A really cool game! I loved the audio and I thought throwing things was super satisfying!
A level counter would've been really appreciated! Nice work :D

Oh definitely! It's a huge thing to do what you did which is super impressive!
And that sounds great! Keep it up! :D

Thanks so much for the kind words! And you (and as others have said) are so right about the music! My plan was to do something like that, so have 3 tracks that get more upbeat and happier! But I've never really made music before so I just went for a simple melody and then ran out of time!

Thanks so much for the kind words!

Overall a really cool idea! And it seems insane you made this polished a game for the jam! Great work! :D
Wasn't entirely sure what to do though, also would be great to have a web build or a windows build which you don't need to install anything to your computer with!

Love the visuals and audio for the game! And smashing the glass was really satisfying! Nice work!

Thanks so much for the kind words! I am glad you enjoyed it! And Thanks for watching the devlog!

I'm glad you like the art and sfx/music! That's what my main priority was, but yeah it definitely needed more polish! Thanks for playing! :D

Nice game! I love the sounds to it! It would be nice if rather than having to click yes you could use the keyboard as you have to go from clicking the mouse, to pressing delete, to clicking the mouse, which isn't really smooth!

But a really nice idea nonetheless! 

Thanks! I prioritised the art and music as I knew my gameplay wasn't fantastic! Definitely needs more polish, thanks for playing! :D

Sounds good!