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Cool, most of them are QOL or bugfix related.

- Currently, if your currency is less than 25, a panel comes up telling you that you lost, BUT, that check occurs before the game checks for currency earned by whatever you just built. I'd recommend changing the check to occur after the currency from building is earned (also, you probably want to check if water is currently flowing, that way, if there is still currency to be earned from the river expanding, it won't be a problem).

- Also, I see you added an "undo" button, but it only seems to appear when a building doesn't do anything. I think it's a good idea to leave the button there permanently as an "undo last move"to correct missclicks, but also because:

- The buying panel doesn't seem to block clicks on the map below it, that had me building where I didn't want to sometimes.

- Another thing is the dragging tool, which only works for a second or so. What I mean is, when I click and drag, I can't keep dragging around if I keep the mouse wheel pressed, that is kind of inconvenient in regular sized map or larger.

- Something simple that would also make navigation easier is to add a larger zoom out, since you can't see the whole map with the current one.

Now for a more important topic about the gameplay in general. Being a strategy/puzzler, one of the most important things in the game is for the player to be able to plan ahead with precision:

- The building menu currently lacks some information: how much space does the building occupy in blocks?; What is the building's radius (or range, for the excavator)? - These are especially important so the player can actually estimate, (or calculate, if eager enough), exactly what will be the result of his actions: like when planning for a desert, you need it to have water, so you can calcify it, so you can elevate it, so you can install the solar amplifiers, so you can finally build the desert thingy IF you placed your greenhouses correctly before all of that. All of that takes a lot of planning and having that information would help.

- The last thing is, when building, the structure will always indicate how much money it will make (or spend) in the process, but it doesn't inform you of the total proportion of the terrain covered (in %), that information would also be handy. I'd suggest displaying the number needed in blocks as well as in percent (having a decimal precision would be nice too), and when you build, the buildings could display the percentage and number of blocks it will transform in the area.

That's all I remember from playing so far, if anything else comes up I'll post it here.

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Congratulations on your game, it's awesome and has a lot of potential. I couldn't stop playing it until I beat a regular sized map, took me 3 tries (I was so sure that I had won the second one that I got distracted and ruined my game).
Of course, since it is still in development it lacks in some aspects, but the whole idea is really great! 
I wonder if you are taking suggestions and bug reports? I have some in mind...

Thank you so much for including my game on your video! I'm glad you made a comment on first time developers as well! You got yourself a new subscriber

Thank you for the 20th rating!! :D

I'll sure do!

Hey, your game has already 20 ratings by now, I'll rate games with less ratings so more people can get to the 20 minimum! (btw, congrats on getting your 20th!) Hope you understand!


Hey, your game has already 21 ratings now, I'll go for games with less ratings so more people can get to the 20 minimum! Hope you understand



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Guys, you've got some awesome art, like, really awesome, but I just couldn't figure out how the combat system works properly, also, I cant leave the sheep home, it gets really frustrating! :(

Hey dude, just rated yours, but just to be sure, is there any reason I should believe the game is a liar?

Yours already got it by now, I won't rate it so I can do it to other games under 20, hope u understand

Done! :)

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Hey! I've already rated and commented on yours a few days ago! :D

Yours already got it by now, I won't rate it so I can do it to other games under 20, hope u understand

I don't have a mac, unfortunately :/

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Dude, it's terrible that you got that confusion on the html5 thing, I'll play it and rate it, hope you get to participate somehow

Very interesting game art, you also added some good music and sfx! Though I thought the progression system is a little weird, you get those new weapons and they do more dps, but you can't actually see it because the new enemies also have more hp... Otherwise, I enjoyed the game a lot, great entry!

I already have rated yours a few days ago :p

Wow, great post! I'll surely pay some attention to those

Hello! I'll have some time to rate a few games over these last game jam days and I'd like to rate games from people who still couldn't get enough ratings!
Of course, I can only rate a limited amount (can't guarantee it after the 10th post), so don't spam this post, please!

Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it! :D

Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Damnnn, I'm so sorry about the reset button! I actually had to leave it there for debugging reasons on my friend's computers, I didn't have time to remove it, I was afraid even with the warning some people would press it exactly because of the theme...

You're the first one on itch talking about the jump mechanics and tight jumps, but all my friends who tested it also complained about it, I probably need to change something with the collider there...

Thank you about the suggestion on the dialogue opaque background, the same thing happened on my pc when I playtested it, in the unity editor it was fine because of the different resolution, I thought the only solution would be to go into resolution config/scripts and I didn't really want that, but the opaque background should fix it easily!

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Thank you for considering my suggestion. I mean, it could be a crap and not work at all on your game, but it's very nice of you to be so receptive of feedback and willing to try it out! I hope you go far on your games!

Perhaps using a fixed jump height with space and just holding space to float would get a lot more friendly to use!

It was actually achieving a proper jump height to press space and start floating, sometimes the float would activate too low, the timing was really hard...

Dude, the game is reaally hard, I couldn't figure out the jump and float timings, that got really frustrating after a while. But you did set up some mood in this one, the art is really interesting, great job!

Interesting game, the art and audio are great! But I got some lag and a weird shader bug happened, not sure if it has something to do with my pc, it's a bit old, but it should run the game well... Other than that, the game is great!

Good job on the music, the army's 3D model was also cool. But I didn't quite understand the game, actually, I just kept growing and burning trees, and when my money reached 0, I would get more (?) I never got to buy more army thingies, because I always had 5 less money than needed (and the price kept going), also, the research tab was empty.

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This is surely a solid entry for this game jam! I'm not going too spend too much time talking about the art or the audio, you already know those are awesome.

The problems I had with the game revolved around the difficulty, it was too hard, and not in a good way (at least not for me). First, the shield layer would pulse to reveal platforms, that made me wait frequently or not know what I was jumping at sometimes, which made me take damage based on luck. Second, the character attack direction was fixed by it's movement, and not its mouse orientation (why use the mouse button if it doesn't direct the attack?).

But those are just minor problems, the gameplay was really enjoyable, I loved the RPG style where you collect new items to go through known places, it also fit the theme well!

Thank you for your feedback! Yeah, I'll add some sounds in a future version, that should give the game some extra juice...

Oh, and the game actually saves, so you can reopen it and it should probably work from where you left off! :D

Well, it is the game with 8 levels! *wink wink*

Thank you for your feedback! Thank you for the particle suggestion, i think the game needs more visual and audio feedback for the player, I tried to compensate that a by explaining how it works, because I didn't have time to do it, but it only got to the bare minimum of being playable, the game should get better with some game juice...
I'll surely check your game!

Dude, case 6 seems a lot to be a "Y", but every time I do it, it fails...

Nice game! The cute non-mario graphics are great, but I think to get some better graphics you could have added some texture. But the best part was the audio, man, i loved those non-mario-like songs!

Nice game! The cute non-mario graphics are great, but I think to get some better graphics you could have added some texture. But the best part was the audio, man, i loved those non-mario-like songs!

Thank you so much for your attention! I'm sure this will help other people curious with the game! Unfortunately, I don't have the time to play it rn, but tomorrow I'll surely test it.