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Manuel Ghezzo

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Thank you for your time!

Also there was a Don't Starve reference at the sword, "He starved to death" - "Sound familiar"

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, we're glad u enjoyed it! 

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Great! Thank you.

Yeah checkpoints are definitely something really useful that is missing, thanks for the review!

Great! a faster text speed could have been better!

Cool game, i liked the daily recap of success or fails, with your "life stats" going up and down.

Also the style simil-oldscreen fits the game very well

Awesome style! i like the 3d cardboard artstyle, and i would liked it to be spread to the crystal and characters too.

The game gives that little anxiety in your mind while the game and the bird are talking to you, and with that i mean that is well done!

The window that shrinks every hit and then closes is a master touch, good job!

Thank you very much!

Happy to hear that 

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Daamn this is really cool! i love this kind of games, and i would for sure play a lot a more polished version, maybe for android.  Controls seems to be a common issue for a lot of entries, our entry has some controls issues too.

Good job, great idea.

This came from the future, from the 2030!

Oh wait

even in 2030 

we still haven't the game


Good job, i laughed a lot.

Check out our game! 

Cool perpective, i will never play the can game again, what a sad life being one of them! :(

Good job making the 3d game alone in 1 week, check out our game too!

Great atmosphere, after a while it started giving some kind of anxiety, and i mean it's cool! Well done

Check our game if you want!

Awesome art! i'm in love with eye-creep things, so i loved the terrain looking at you so much, such a rayman vibe!

Great work, also the music is really cool.

Take a look to our game if you want!

I did it! the game wasnt powerful enough to make me stop grinding and reaching the truth.

Great game and fits the theme, a better music and sfx could have improved the "cyber trick from an IA" feel, to give a bit of anxiety to the player and what lies behind the game mask.

Take a look to our game if you want! 

Hi there! the music is really cute and sounds too.

The game feels good and there is a lot to do thanks to the upgrade systems

I would like an increased graphic develop and movement, i would re-play it for sure!

Cool idea and storytelling, a better jump mechanic could have improved the gameplay feel to be more smooth.

Take a look at our game if you want!

Great graphic, it could be a start for a bigger and challenging game, as the mechanics and camera runs well and smooth.

Try out our game if you want :)

I love this! The graphic is freaking awesome and the music too!

Also it took me a while to figure out that red was good and white bad, thanks to the 2 hits before dying. I've added it to my collection.

Good job!

Try out our game if you want! :)

Cool story, the god brackeys is always watching on us, and the mechanics are fitting very well the game

An improved graphic could have added a lot to the game, as mechanically it's working very well!

Try out our game if you have time :)

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Good idea! it reminds me a lot Astroneer. I would really like to play an improved version, with clear mechanics and suns phase. I like the ores graphic!

Also the crafting was an interesting addition

Try out our game if you have time! :)

This is the bestest game! pewdiebrackeys rate 12/10 m8

Great idea! it reminds me some mindtrick of portal. 

I like a lot the mechanics! 

As others here said, a better music and sounds could have improved a lot the game feel! :)

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Someone call R4z0R! This game needs approximately 11 years to be cracked.

Loved it, good job

PS: someone of you played doki doki?  ; )

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Thanks for the review!

Yeah keyboard controls could be improved, expecially for plate puzzles! 

Try it with a joypad if you can! 

Sono morto dal ridere! Adoro il vostro gioco. è geniale.

La musica che diventa metal con la violenza alta e 8 bit con la bassa qualità è un tocco d'arte!!

Cute game! I liked the graphic, and the game trolls you hard!