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Fabio Fatticcioni

A member registered Jul 30, 2019

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The mechanics is really interesting, cool idea!

The game is very funny, CONGRATZ!!

Thank you so much! 

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The checkpoints are a good idea and maybe the font wasn't our best choice haha

For the "stiff controller" we know, you are right and we will try to fix it.

Thank you so much for the feedbacks and for having played!

Thank you so much, glad you liked it! 

Yes, you are right, maybe also because the paths are too long.

Thank you again!

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Really cute game with a big final hahah!
I loved the simple pixel art and the level design.

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Cool idea, you must to broke the game hahah

Nice Work!

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Yes, it could be a good idea, would be more comfortable, thank you!

Glad you enjoyed it!

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Simple but very fun!
I love how music changes when you stand in front of the mirror and when you walk away!

The final is super! haha
Great Job!

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Yes, I thought to this third light (for example yellow) that denies the light preceding it.

For example:
the code could be: Green Green Red Green (1101).
With the Yellow light it would be: Green Green Yellow Red Green (1001)
The yellow light has changed the second green light from 1 to 0!

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I like shooting games like this. Cool atmosphere and sounds!

Maybe it's a bit repetitive because, in my opinion, nothing changes between one wave and another. You could add some power-ups or diversify enemies by adding one or two with different abilities like a jump!

Nice work anyway!

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Interesting idea, nice graphics and sounds. I was sad to finish the game immediatly, it has potential. Maybe you can add a light that belies the light that comes on before it!

Good job anyway!

Very nice atmosphere and soundtrack.
I like also the feedback of the dialogues, nice work! :)