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I got a weird bug playing this game where the character would always drift towards the left. Fun error dialogs.


Amazing artwork in this game - and the audio is very good too! The progression is a bit slow and the items are a bit counter-intuitive,  I would assume I can wield that sword and that shield :) Also quick bug note, when you walk backwards the z sorting of the trees is reversed and it looks wrong. Great game!

The music was pretty good, the rules are sometimes a bit hard to guess - the last puzzle of Earth specifically. But overall very good game!

Great idea and nice game. The sound really gets on your nerve real quick though  :) Please check out our game!

Interesting. The game part were too short though, and the text too long.

Cool game! I got myself into a few corners pushing stuff in them, or rolling the yellow ball into a pit (restart does not fix that one, the ball is gone forever), but finally beat it!

Very cool game! Too bad it doesn't have sound... I got stuck on Anxiety too, the platforms with grinders on top were just too hard. Would be nice to have checkpoints!

Thanks a lot man! Yeah we didn't have time to balance it right ... It's impossible to finish in the current state ...

Will check out your game!

Couldnt get past room after green sign, I become invisible