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Congrats! Nice idea for a game, too.

Really good work for your first jam! The graphics look good and the concept is pretty cool. It would be nice if there were some more levels, but it's good you didn't just add levels which repeat the same mechanics/lessons. I totally understand the time crunch in the jam. Keep making games!

Dang, thanks a lot though. It means a lot to me! ^^

Thanks, I tried my best to get it closer to how it works in the real world. This tool should work with other games, so I tried making it the primary feature in mine. I'm glad you played!

I was worried about this, which is why I made the video - so that people could watch the solution without needing to get the extension. If possible, I would like to make the process in the game, but it won't be the same as the raw feeling of breaking a game (which also works on other web assembly games). Thanks for the feedback though!

Good game! I liked the small metroidvania feel and the knight's feather reminded me of Madeline's hair from Celeste. The graphics looked pretty good and the sound was nice. I think making the shield's vision range more consistent but still pulsing might have been a good idea, and maybe making the melee attack's range more obvious. Good work overall.

I was talking about the main mechanic of building the paths that the enemies traveled on, I don't think I've ever seen it done before. I'm sure there are plenty of cool things you could do with it, like add options to slow enemies or add portals or something. It's really creative!

Really cool idea, I liked the changes to the levels towards the end. It took a bit for me to get what was going on, but I got it eventually. The graphics looked nice and the sfx was good. It might have been good to have an effect when you take damage. The pathing worked well and the idea of routing levels was really unique. Great work!

Nice and short! I really liked the coyote time, made controls feel more natural. The direction that I was supposed to go in each of the levels wasn't too clear, but I still figured it out. Nice little twists with all the lies. Great work!

Nice game! I'm sure if you had more time this could have been super polished, but I get the grind. I thought the mimics idea was pretty cool and if the bullets were supposed to be invisible, that was also cool. A healthbar would have been nice and doing relative damages. Good work overall though!

Also got this 

Dang. Props to using Firefox though, I use it a lot too.

That's cause you gotta cheat! If you're still curious on how to do it, check the video in the game's description. Though it doesn't seem like it, there's a way to beat the whole game.

Thanks for the review! I'm hoping next time I can fit in sound, but I'm glad with how the visuals turned out.

Nice game! I had a lot of fun playing and it looks really nice overall. I'm not sure if it was compression or the import settings, but some of the sprites looked pretty pixel-ey for the overall theme. The gameplay was nice, but I found that weapons usually fell too quickly in my opinion, not sure if they were supposed to be hard to get. I liked the transition between stages and the bgm was also good. The particles and small details, like enemies falling into the drill, were also great touches. Good work!

Nice Papers Please vibe and cipher! I liked the detective work that was going through each stage. I got all three endings. One thing that would have been nice is if when you click to drag an object on the table, it picks it up at where you clicked on it. I get the time crunch of only one week though, and the visuals, audio, and overall vibe of the game fit very well! Great job

DaNG! Perfect score! I really didn't expect the transition and it transitioned so well. The music and graphics all worked and it was a really great twist. It was a bit short and the timing on the shots were a bit off, but overall this game was amazing! Good job!

I don't think bugs should detract much from ratings either, I already gave a pretty good one.

Ah! Good to hear! It's hard to fix all the bugs in such a short time. I already got through the game, but I can still update the rating.

This was really well made for just a week! I had some of the same thoughts as the other comments below, with the similarities to Hollow Knight and the camera not looking forward. I also got a bug where the game soft-locked after dying, though I'm not too sure what caused it. Awesome work!

Holy! How did you do this in a week?? The music and sfx were awesome and the art looked really good. While the gameplay felt a bit slow, the graphics looked great. Nice job!

Thank you! I'll check yours later too

Thanks a bunch

Awesome, let me know if you win!

Thanks! I think the video really served its purpose with others too ^^

Haha thanks!

Glad you were able to play

Thanks! I have a video play through if you're interested in seeing how it works in the description

Thanks! I'm hearing a lot of breaks but there's not much i can do about it

Thanks, I'll try my best ^^ Be sure to check my game too!

Hi, I'd be super happy if you could look at mine!

I really like the art style and the music sounds good too. I couldn't figure out what to do after I got to the highest raccoon though. Nice game!

I wish I had the willpower to patch my games after the jam. I always lose all motivation after grinding for a week staying up too late the night before the last day. Then I forget how any of my code even works the week after T T

Wow this game is so polished for only a week's time. The idea is really nice and the graphics and music all worked well together. The UI's also worked really well and I was impressed that there was even a delay option. It might be me, but I'm not sure if the music/sfx sliders worked? I also really liked how the crowd and lights changed as your combo got better. I laughed when the sphinx flew across the screen and missed a beat T T

Wow I really liked the pixel art in this! The falling cats and dogs and the 2 frame run looked really good imo. Nice twist too! Maybe an option for subtitles would be nice but that might take too much time ^^

Nice game, it reminds me of the Stroop Effect where reading colored words in another color is really hard. The text was a bit hard to read so maybe a different font or a gray background could help. I also found the multi-press didn't work the best for me; maybe checking if the player has all the keys pressed at any time could fix that (not too sure though lol). I really liked the cloud's faces in the story and the gameplay was pretty face paced, so that was awesome.

I liked the atmosphere in this game with the music and flower petals! The piano as a sound effect was nice at the start but I found it getting a bit old. I also really enjoyed the banter between the characters. Nice make!

Cool game! The resolution was big but I fixed it by making it full screen. The graphics were simple but didn't take away from the game and I like the sfx and multiple music themes. Great work!