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Hi, thanks for playing! Could you tell me what you tried with the clock puzzle, for example, what combination code did you get for the different safes?

Hi, you can apply for a job at the museum by clicking on the right bulletin board there and selecting apply.

Thanks for playing and the feedback! :)

Also, I don't know if you know this because I haven't seen you on Discord but one of the judges has been streaming games from the jam and he played yours too.  I find it's always helpful to watch someone play your game so I recommend watching it if you haven't already.

Thanks for playing and the feedback, I really appreciate it!

I thought it was pretty well made in general, especially given the time constraints. In terms of improvement, you could maybe add a little more variety in the puzzles as they felt kinda similar.  Or keep the same puzzle but increase the complexity somehow.  Also dropping the torch through the hole was a little hard as you had to be very precise about its position when dropping it.

I really liked the graphics and sound effects, they created a really creepy atmosphere. The puzzles were nice as well.

There were a couple bugs - the game froze when I tried to get the first key so I had to restart and the gun stopped working as I approached the second pair of monsters. Other than this, it's pretty well made. Good job!

A very cool entry with great graphics and story. Good work!

I don't think I've ever been more scared of opening a door in a game. The items could have used a description because it wasn't always clear what they were but other than that I really enjoyed it. Well done!

Thanks! I'm really happy that you could finish it without the walkthrough!

A nice short game. I liked the jokes and the art. Good work!

I really liked the game! There wasn't much of a story but I enjoyed the puzzles. Graphics and sound effects were good too. Well done!

I really enjoyed it! Puzzles and graphics were nice. The story was interesting too, would love a longer version that goes deeper into what's going on in that place. The controls were the hardest part for me, just remembering all of them but other than that a very good game.

The sound and art worked well to convey the dark story and mood of the game, I enjoyed the puzzles. The font was a bit hard to read in some places, I confused n and d in the third room I think. Overall, good game.

Ah, totally missed that, thanks! Nice game!

As for the bug, I think Vance would let you fix it if you asked him, since this would be considered game-breaking.

Very creative, I really liked the idea and the puzzles were fun. Solid entry!

Thanks for playing!

It's not you, the puzzles are definitely a little hard. I'd be happy to help in case you get stuck again on your next try. :)

Neat game, I liked the idea, music and overall mood. Got stuck a couple of times though - the first time I put the pumpkins on the fireplace first and then tried to carve them but the knife wouldn't budge after I had carved one pumpkin. I restarted the game and this time managed to light all the jack o' lanterns and then went back to speak to the spirit but nothing happened, maybe I missed something?

I absolutely loved the animations! I also thought that the idea of getting things wrong the first time and then figuring out what to do  because of that was great, it made the puzzles very interesting. Would've loved for it to be longer but I understand that time was limited. I was one of the people who hadn't read the instructions before playing and ended up being very confused in the beginning but that was my fault. Great entry, overall!

Fantastic game! I loved the creepy mood that the background music and the animations created. Puzzles were a lot of fun, I'm a fan of Cube Escape games and yours had a similar quality to it. I only got stuck once - where you have to rotate the valve, the puzzle itself wasn't too hard but I think I miscounted the first time and didn't realize I had to reset it before I tried again. Other than that, everything flowed really well. Very well done!

Thank you, it really means a lot!

Loved it! Played it twice and got two different endings, both were pretty bleak so don't know if I got the least bad one or not. Will come back and try to get the third one later. Great job with the graphics and overall game atmosphere!

Another fantastic game! The graphics and music created a great mood and the puzzles were fun. I also appreciated Igor's Fritz's dead leg walk animation. Good work!

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I managed to recreate it , it happens if you double click on the open inventory button. Already fixed it but will upload the fixed version after the jam is over. Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it! :)

Great game, I loved the art style! I liked how you created suspense throughout the story. I only played it once but I look forward to trying it again to get some of the other endings. It was a compelling story that's left me curious about what exactly was happening at the farm, I know it was a cult of some sort but why were they doing it? 

There were some minor things like when you click on certain objects they still show the text from the previous day even though you've already collected the object/done the activity but it didn't take away from the overall experience. Good work!

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Thanks so much for playing and the feedback!

I'll look into the bug for sure but do you by any chance remember any details of what happened like when you clicked keep, did the harmony compound vanish from the cabinet and then didn't appear in the inventory? Or was it still in the cabinet?

I think this is more of a puzzle game than an adventure but I enjoyed playing it! I think in the last puzzle, the timer on the green button is long enough for the same person to press it, go up and get the key and then come back in time, not sure if it was intentional but it made that pressure key inside unnecessary. Fun game, overall.

Yeah I'm a sucker for ciphers myself but I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Probably could have added an easier one before that to get the players familiar with it but time was limited. Thanks for playing and the feedback. :)

Sure, I'd love to play yours next.

I absolutely loved the art, it's gorgeous! The mechanics of getting from one painting to another were very creative. Really well done!

Thanks, I really appreciate your support! I think the rate game button either takes a little time to appear after a game is released or maybe it's because it's still being judged for the jam. I'm not sure but it will up at some point...

Looks like I might've gone a bit overboard with the puzzles this time! I'm glad you still enjoyed it though, thanks so much for the kind words.

Another great entry! Thought the door and cheese puzzles were very clever and loved the humor too. Really well done!

Yeah I realized they might be so I added a walkthrough in the downloads section. Thanks for playing! :)

Hi, please try pressing the key immediately to the left of the right shift key to get '/'. (This is the location of '/' on a US layout keyboard - Unity uses the physical location of a key rather than its label ). Do let me know if it works. :)

It's a PC build so there's no apk (Pizza Pursuit.exe is the executable file). I hadn't considered building it for android but if there's enough demand I might. :)

Thank you so much!

Try giving the shorts to Mrs McBitter :)

Hi, it's in the pocket of the jeans in the cupboard.

You can download it from the game page.