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Hi, the password itself isn't needed in the game but the phone may be useful for something else.

Awesome! Thanks so much for playing! :)

No worries! This puzzle is definitely a bit hard. 

The time in the green clock is 1 o' clock. The green painting with 4 dots on it is 1st in the row. The painting with the 5 dots is 4th in the row. The painting with the 3 dots is 5th in the row. Notice a pattern between the time/number of dots and the position of the paintings with the correct password?

Here's a hint: You have to use the time in the green clock, the number of dots on the green paintings and the positions of the green paintings to figure out why 453 was the right code for the green safe.

X is the 24th letter in the alphabet and T is the 20th. The hint is that you have to add the numbers for X and T. So you get 2+4 = 6 and 2+0 = 2.

No problem, happy to help! Use Jareth's preference list with the menu in the bar to deduce what he would like. For example, he prefers all martinis over manhattans and hates olives. The only differences between a gin martini and a manhattan are gin vs whiskey and olive vs cherry. We know he hates olives, so if he still prefers a martini, he must like gin more than bourbon. You can deduce his preference for other ingredients similarly to make his perfect drink.

Here's a hint: The letters of each word have been shifted in a certain way. One of the three letter words corresponds to 'the'.

For the complete solution you can download the walkthrough file from above.

Thanks for playing!

The goal is to make sure all the lasers point at the front and center of the stage so the lasers in the top view should look like _V_ and the lasers in the side view should all point towards the center. Each button either toggles the position of certain lasers or sets the position to a fixed location. Using the All/T/F/B button can help you understand which lasers are affected by which buttons.

Hope this helps! I can give you hints about the exact button order if it gets too frustrating.

Cool! Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for the help! I managed to get the second ending with the god banished. It's a really good puzzle! It may have been a little easier if Renna had mentioned that you need to step on the runes in order, that was the missing piece for me.  Really cool game! I might come back later and try for the other ending. :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it.

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Hi, could I get a hint for what to do after I have all three true sights? I was just trying different things and then somehow got stuck behind the desk in the severance room so had to quit. Would love to finish it but since there aren't any save points don't want to risk getting stuck again.

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Yes, you have to follow the arrows to the forest (after you've been to the apple house) and then go up into the three different areas with puzzles. I would suggest you don't exit the forest, just keep going right otherwise you might get locked out.

Thanks, bitsandcrafts! Really means a lot! :)

I enjoyed it a lot! It's amazing how much you were able to get done in just two weeks. Loved the story and the art. The puzzles were fun too.

It would've been nice to have been able to use the objects from the inventory directly (For example, the first time I went to the machine, I had all the objects required so I tried to use them on it but that didn't do anything . When I clicked on the machine again it said I had everything I needed.) but it didn't take away from the overall experience. Great game overall!

Fantastic game! I loved the graphics, puzzles, the story and pretty much everything else too. Very well done!

Loved the art style and the story. Looking forward to the longer version (if you make one). Good job!

I think this fits the theme very well! I enjoyed the puzzle a lot.  The art and music were good too. Well done!

A nice game with interesting puzzles. I liked the environment art. Good work!

I liked the environment and the background story of the game. The puzzle was nice too. Maybe it could've used a bit more content but it's a jam game so it's understandable. 

Thanks for playing and the comment! Really appreciate it!

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you were able to finish it! Yeah, decided to scale back a little because of time.

Oh yeah, I'm having some resolution issues in my web build as well. Just wanted to let you know if you didn't already. :)

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Just realized I may have spoiled something so editing the comment. The phone code as such is not important but the phone may be useful for something else.

Oh awesome, I'll check it out!

I loved the puzzles! The animations and overall atmosphere were also great. A very fun game, good job!

A really fun game, I laughed when I realized who I was delivering to! A little short (would've loved to spend more time on the other planet) but had plenty of great puzzles. Very well done!

I was really enjoying the game and the story but I keep getting stuck. After pressing the button, sometimes instead of the room rotating, you end up falling. It says you grew too big for the room. And if it happens too many times you end up in a room where both the doors are locked and you can't do anything after that. Once, I even ended up inside one of the locked rooms after this happened. Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong. I managed to get all the true sights I think but got stuck after that.

I enjoyed the speed-crawl combo puzzle and the stasis true sight puzzle. Voice acting and graphics are good and the controls are smooth.

This is ridiculously good! The graphics and voice acting are great and the puzzles are fun too. I didn't get stuck anywhere but it also wasn't too easy. Loved it!

I had some issues in the browser version - the cursor gets stuck and doesn't go all the way to the edge of the screen. It was fine in the downloaded version though.

I liked the puzzles and how you have to change your character to do different things. Maybe it could've used a bit more story but I understand time was short. Nice entry!

A nice short game with a fun setting. I enjoyed the mushroom puzzle. Good work!

Another great game! A lot of fun to play and the jokes were spot on. I thought the puzzles were also the right difficulty - not too easy, not too hard. Very well done!

Thanks for playing! :)

I enjoyed the surreal vibes of the game, it really did feel otherworldly. And I think using actual AI systems to make the game was very creative. I may have come across a bug - when I went to the dungeon for the second time, I couldn't find the exit and got stuck there so had to restart to finish the game. Good entry overall!

Hi, you should try going to the warehouse again. :)

Hi, thanks for playing! Could you tell me what you tried with the clock puzzle, for example, what combination code did you get for the different safes?

Hi, you can apply for a job at the museum by clicking on the right bulletin board there and selecting apply.