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Hi, it's in the pocket of the jeans in the cupboard.

You can download it from the game page.

Sorry about that! I tested the game in Opera but couldn't recreate the bug.

Would you mind telling me exactly what happens when you try to click on the meds? Do you hear a sound after you click? Also, when you mouseover them, does the cursor change and a label appear next to them saying "Give pills/IV bag X"? This would help me identify and fix the issue.

Thanks for playing and your feedback. :)

Great game! You really managed to do a lot in just 2 weeks!

A good and simple way of educating people about various aspects of the virus.

I think there's a typo in two of the mythbuster questions - drinking bleach WILL protect against COVID and can be harmful and drinking methanol, etc CAN cure it and can be extremely dangerous. While the first statement in both of them is false, the second one that they can be dangerous is true. So it's confusing which option you should select.

Overall, a very nice game! :)

Two fun mini-games, it took me some time to win the first one but I got there! The anxiety of trying to not touch anyone in the game was similar to how I feel about going out in real life. The graphics look really good too. Nice game!

Really nice concept and fun to play too. I think there might be a bug with the number of stars being populated (or maybe I'm missing something) because after playing it 2-3 times, it starts showing a lot of stars and the game ends in 2 seconds even though I didn't change the population from the menu. Overall, I think it's a very good entry. :)

This was a lot of fun to play, trying to figure out how I can separate sick people from everyone else and using the masks and vaccines wisely. I was able to come up with a strategy where I sent all sick people to the corner and surrounded them with ones who had been cured, got 0% infected in some levels after that :). Having the info in the top right corner was a great idea. Awesome game overall!

Very helpful in understanding how easily it spreads indoors. Nice job!

This was a nice short game. I enjoyed the puzzles and the story. Good work!

Getting out of the room took me some time but I managed it. Had to look up the walkthrough for getting the glue and the last lockpicks puzzle.

I loved it! The story, graphics and music were great. I liked that I could just enjoy the story without getting frustrated over puzzles. Wonderful game!

I found the puzzles to be a little harder than last year's game but with the walkthrough I was able to finish it. I liked the jokes and characters. Looking forward to Flybird 3! :)

Finished it! I really liked your game, the story was great. Music and art are nice too. Good job!

Fantastic game, very engaging! Shows the importance of testing, social distancing and wearing masks in a fun way. Great work!

I like your game but I'm stuck. How do I get the keys? The maintenance guy gave me a knife and a notebook and isn't letting me take the key...

Very interesting take on the theme. Nice game!

Thanks! :)

Thank you for the kind words, it really means a lot!

Thanks for playing! For the memory card password, select the numbers of the serial number on the camera corresponding to the highlighted boxes on the piece of paper you must have found inside the camera.

This really captures what millions of people are going through right now, the stress, anxiety, loneliness... Serves as a good reminder for all of us to pick up the phone and call that one friend who might not be doing so great. Also reminds anyone in a tough spot that they're not alone, and that can really help when you have nothing else to hang on to. Great game! Loved the narration!

Nice level design, I had a lot of fun playing it! Some levels were a little too hard for me so I'll have to come back and try again later. Overall, a great game!

A nice, short game. I liked the puzzle and the art style.

No, I played on my computer.

No worries! I think what you managed to achieve in 2 weeks is impressive. :)

Haha, yeah it is a little stressful. I recommend not paying too much attention to the time and just managing your tasks well. :)

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Incredibly well made! I loved playing it. However, I keep getting stuck with the December screen and it happened even after refreshing. Also, after April I only got to make one choice after which it said 0 choices left (trying to still select a choice didn't do anything) and the text for one of the last politics upgrades is flipped. I still had a lot of fun playing it (played it 3 times) so great work!

I think the idea behind the game is really good. Having to manage both a pandemic and the economy is very interesting. There are some bugs as you said but I think if you iron them out, this will be a really good game. Nice entry overall!

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This is so strange and surreal, I love it! There's also something really adorable about the way the character runs.

Oh I managed to finish it! I just didn't see that object for the longest time. What an incredible game, very clever! I laughed out loud at many things ("Don't wake the mummy").

I'm not a fan of having to click use/pick up/etc. every time and combining some of the objects didn't make a lot of sense so had to brute force that. Otherwise it's very well done!

I liked the puzzles and the music. One of the puzzles took me a long time because clicking the post-it board was doing nothing. It was only when I clicked the floor in front of it that something happened. Also, the vending machine sprite changes to a fridge (I think?) and the plant sprite goes away when you examine them. But overall it's a good entry! :)

Very engaging. I liked your idea for the story. The graphics and voice acting are spot on. Good job!

Nice game! The ending was a little obvious as soon as you read the paper but I still enjoyed it. :)

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The same thing happened with me too. I didn't have my costume equipped, and I did the cross and fire thing and then tried to scare her. The screen froze after that...

But I've enjoyed your game so far, I'll try and come back to it later. :)

It looks incredible! The music and story were nice too. Excited about episode 2. :)

Yeah, I figured but I've used all the objects and actions on the baby and nothing happened. Maybe I'm missing an object? I'll keep trying...

Thank you so much!

Thanks for playing and the feedback!

I've updated the game so hopefully the mouse issue is better. I think the lag is mostly happening in the web version, the downloadable version seems okay.

As for the game difficulty and time going fast, it's a little late to adjust that, I'll try to do it after the jam. :)

I'm really enjoying your game so far but I'm stuck. How do you get the red pills?