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Awesome! Thank you!

Hey thanks for letting me know.  The issue should be fixed.  Let me know if you have anymore trouble.

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I quit.  I've been using Unity for the last 5-6 years.  I taught myself C# through tutorials, and I haven't made any money at game development anyway.  I don't really care for learning another engine without any kind of return.  So, I just quit, and I will soon be removing my games from all platforms and deleting my unity accounts.

I just don't want to wake up one day and be in debt to Unity.

Still Great.  I would suggest different music for the battle scene from the menu/setup scenes.

The people of Earth have finally discovered the ability to open a wormhole to bend space-time for interstellar travel.  However, when they opened the wormhole they found a strange insect-like species that the humans called the Bralm.  The Bralm were not hospitable.

I don’t know about Mac, but on windows you have to type .wav at the end of the file name or it will not save.  For example explosion.wav  

If you just type explosion, it will not save.

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I'm looking to build on my portfolio in 2D art as well as composing.  

You can go HERE to view my current portfolio.  I don't have my portfolio for music up at them moment.  Paid work would be awesome, but I will work on free or revshare projects if I like the ideas. 

I wanted to  play  your  game  but I had a seizure.!

I have literally used this everyday since I downloaded it.  It's a great tool now, and hopefully will be better when it's complete.  

One issue is that you have to type .wav every time you export a file, or it doesn't save correctly.  

Other than that, it generates all of the tones you could ever want for any retro game you want to create.

I used these  assets in a game I'm  working on.  You're  credited.

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No, it's just the tiles.  You do get it with the character controller.

It looks like Unity.

Nice!  Great contra feel

Let me know if you ever need help. I do art and music too

Just download the package and import it to a new project.

I commented it as much as could for time sake.

Good Job!!  There is a way to deal with sloped surfaces in Unity to keep the character to slide down, but it seems to be extremely complicated.   I have a piece of code that I can share for that if you want.

Nice.  The only thing that bothers me is that you have to click repeatedly to move.  It's just a pet peeve of mine.   Maybe you could make it where you can just hold down the left mouse button and move.

The artwork is fantastic!  There are a few weird collision things, but I like the idea.

Thirty six recordings of  real guns shooting at an outdoor range.   There are 14 different guns total.

  • Shot Gun
  • AK47
  • AR15
  • 308 Bolt Action
  • 9mm Carbine
  • Pump Shotgun
  • 380 Pistol
  • 9mm Pistol
  • 40 cal Pistol
  • 45 cal Pistol
  • Suppressed AR15
  • Suppressed 22
  • 30-06 Bolt Action
  • Suppressed 308
  • Plus the sound of a bullet hitting a metal target.

All Clips are  .wav, 44100 Hz, 16 bit, Stereo

Well now I know where all the TP is.  This zombie bought it to smash windows.

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I'm really surprised at how few ratings some of the games are getting.  So rate mine and I'll rate yours.

Controls were great.  I would have liked to see some sort of slowdown in crawling speed and alittle more difficulty with obstacles and such. Good job though.

Pleas, don't forget to rate mine!

Good Job!

Please, don't forget to rate mine!

Good Job!

 congrats then

I had planned on that, but wanted to keep it simple for time sake.  The jump and fall animations are copies of parts of the run animation.

I enjoyed the music.

Please don't forget to rate mine.

Nice Game

Please don't forget to rate mine.

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The problem I had is with the rigid body on the eyeball enemy.  I's not supposed to jump super high.  That's why I piled up the blocks.  Quick dirty fix.

The skull guy is purely animator based.  He flies up and then swoops down to attack. 

Thanks for Playing!

I worked with the gravity and fixed it to where when the jump button is released or the cat gets to the peak of it's jump, the gravity increases.   It does feel a lot tighter.   Thanks for the suggestion.

I worked with the gravity and fixed it to where when the jump button is released or the cat gets to the peak of it's jump, the gravity increases.  Thanks for the suggestion.


I'm calling it a night.   Played some great games though!

Nice idea.  Great Graphics.  the Controls stuck for me a little on the single wide blocks.  Maybe consider extending the ground  check to allow jumping a little later than you would expect.  I really liked the music.

Please, don't forget to rate mine.

I think this is a cute game.  The game needs a dash button and re-spawn points.

Please, don't forget to rate mine.

Looks great!  It was a little laggy for me even on the very low graphics selection.   I rated it the best I could based on that.

Please, don't forget to rate mine.

I liked the idea.  I just wish there was a way to clean up the dead bodies.  I placed one in the way and couldn't get past it.

Please, don't forget to rate mine.

Jump quit working almost immediately. You have time to fix it since editing is open.

Please, don't forget to rate mine.

The controls were good, but it is not very challenging.  I really liked the music.

Please, don't forget to rate mine.