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Thanks for playing! I agree with the suggestion it's a good idea!

Thanks so much! Im glad you liked it!

Awesome music, art, and a very fun concept! It feels very polished good job!

I love the art in this game so much!

I really like the aesthetic! Great music, and art. The map visualization is really cool!

Thank you!

Very retro dude! I like the music!


This game feels very nice! I love the art, and music. The music in particular is very  very good. I also like the scene transitions! 

I really like this idea! It is super original so great job! The music is nice as well

I love the art for the game! The idea is solid as well. I do wish that the bunny wouldn't have a shot at not getting caught. I had 24 bunny catch attempts fail with a 26% in a row. 

Nice art, and music! It's unlucky that you had to restart coding! 

Nice game dude I like the clouds! I also like that you added in a boss fight because that's pretty awesome! I would suggest lowering the required coins to get to the boss though.

I really like the music, and the level design is pretty good! I would say on the "Boss" like fight it would ben ice if the center thing telegraphed its moves.

Thanks so much! I am glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much!

I think (I am not sure) that you may need to make the physics calculations occur in FixedUpdate(). Another possible problem might be that you need to set collision to continuous on the rigidbodies. 

Thanks! I never thought of just looping it so thanks for the idea!

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This is an awesome take on the theme, and restriction! I love that you put markers indicating where the obstacles are going to come from it makes it a lot more fair! I got a score of 6400 on my second time through which I am pretty happy with! I would suggest making the music a bit less repetitive, but it honestly isn't that bad. Awesome job overall!

I really like this game idea! The tilt effect you made is also really nice! O would love to see an indicator to see how close we are to finishing though!

Very unique concept! I like that you added in different colored houses! I wish you had the time to add more levels because there was lot that could have been done with this! 

Great job with this game! I like the sound effects! I would suggest you have a warning for where the flaming things will appear before they do because it seems kind of unfair otherwise. 

Thank you so much! I had never even thought of that before so thanks for the great idea!

Challenging, and super fun! I love the chicken models so much! I did find what I think to be a bug though a chicken hit me through the barn. 

Thanks for playing, and it makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback as well!

Amazing game! Great level design, and great concept! I love the music, and the fact that the last trail you used is shown! Great job dude!

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I love the art, audio, and concept! I would love to see you making the game not so punishing though. No matter how fast I typed it the bird would always end up hitting the obstacle. I never got past a single one. I tried typing commands like jump back to back really fast, but the bird would always die. The same thing happened with the down I hit enter exactly before I went under, and it allowed me to duck for half of the way, and then I died.

I love the idea! Very original and funny. I love that you can say slang too! The art is well done. I wish you could change which keys you have to press though, because these keys seem kind of random and were hard to adjust to. 

Very fun and chaotic! This game has very hectic movement which makes it a lot more fun. Good job with the birds! The obstacles are great too! I would like to see the food respawn around the map though and not just at the bottom where the skaters come by every once in awhile. 

I love this concept! Once I got the hang of the combat (Don't use one hand use both) it felt awesome. I do wish the music was mutable because it got a bit repetitive. I also would love it if you added combat in up, and down directions. Over all great game!

The concept seems neat, and the intro is great story-wise. However, the intro does sort of drag on I would suggest making it shorter. I also had a rough time understanding what I was supposed to do, and I would find myself dying with seemingly no reason.   

This game is very polished! I love the art, and audio. I would suggest making the controls more intuitive though. Maybe using arrow keys or WASD for moving left or right.

Nice Job! I like the art, and the concept for the intro is really nice to see! I do wish there was more of a warning you need to move immediately though.

I am glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback I agree!

So I didn't understand how to move, and collect the rocks.