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Thanks this means alot!

Dude loved the entire idea of this game, and loved the voice over!

If you read the description it said that if you die it doesn't work this is a bug I couldn't quite figure out in time.  Sorry that you didn't know. I know that this game definitely isn't the best, but i'm just happy I finished a game, and learned so much! 

go to the king after locating the princess and you'll figure it out! sorry I couldn't make that very clear in the game!

Here is mine enjoy (read description)

go to the king after locating the princess and you'll figure it out! sorry I couldn't make that very clear in the game!

I only played through a bit cause it got very hard to jump over anything I would always die! But I really liked the idea and execution!

Loved the voice acting! It was kinda difficult to do jumping The colliders were very sensitive!

This is actually hard!

I found this art very funny had a lot of fun playing it! you should check my game out!

I ratedx it all 5/5 just cause! But hey you should rate mine!

I've already rated this! I liked it a lot!

I just reviewed it had a heck of a hard time beating it!

Dude how hard did you want this to be it's very fun but I raged a lot!

I really liked this one! The graphics are very good!

That was very difficult, but fun none-the-less!

This is really hard!

Just finished reviewing! 

This game was very original, and a lot of fun!

I really enjoyed!

Just finished up playing only got like 25% finished than it bugged out, but while I was playing  it was very fun!

This was actually quite cool!

Really impressive!

The amount of work this would take me! How did you complete it in a week!

I can't believe I died with 99 points so I had to play again!

teally simple, but fun!

You go kill Mr. Illluminati

The beginning is very cool! Wanna play my game?

Really fun

Very difficult had a blast! Could you check out my game!

Pretty cool! keep it up! mind checking out my submission?

Enjoyed Winning!


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I was a bit confused about what I was making and couldn't finish bug fixing i'm just happy I finished!

I thought this was fun! care to checkout my submission?

Very Nice!

This really ramps up in difficulty! Here you go heading over to your game now! (Make sure you read description)

Very great use of what I think is the sprite mask! Wanna check mine out it's my first one!