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I got stuck in an infinite loop of going right?

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback!

That sound like a great idea! I will be adding a key bind feature afterthe jam.

Im glad you enjoyed it! I will fix the controls with a key bind function after the jam.

Thanks so much!

Im new to pixel art and for some reason when I importied it into to unity it blurred. Although thanks for the feedback, I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Im not sure I entirely understand the concept, but I like the art and gameplay. I think you should make it infinite and add a score system.

Nice game! Im impressed that you7 added a leaderboeard. Mind telling me how? Cause I might add it on one of my other games.

1359 was my score! Nice easy game. It's like the Google dino game but better. I love the aethstetic, and the music is ok but kinda trippy.

oh ok.

IM glad you liked it! Thanks so much for the feedback, and ideas, I will be sure to use them in future games and maybe even implement them into Uncontrolled burn after the jam!

Well maybe this was just a bug but when I moveleft the character doesnt look left.

Specifically I didn't understand the shooting mechamic however the movement is very nice!

This is crazy! How did you accomplish so much in such little time!? Good job man.

I see the similarities with hollow knight. I love the art, but the player should flip over the x axis when moving in a different direction.

The movement is pretty good but the other controls are very  confusing. I love the idea, and the UI is nice.

I never thought about that thanks so much! I might  add in a key binding system once the game jam is over!

Pretty fun good job with it!

That sounds like a good idea thanks so much for the feedback it helps me a lot! I might add it in once the jam is over.

Oh sorry to bother you I was just looking out for you. 

Don't worry my game has a lot of criticism about difficulty too.

You did a great job with the concept, but it's too difficult. I suggest keeping in mind balancing, and also maybe a game over screen.

Really cool idea, and the art is nice. Maybe make less enemies spawn because while using a mouse might be easy a mouse pad is hard.

Hey buddy dont post your email online you might get spammed.

Thanks so much for the feed back! Simulating real physics while making it playable is hard. 

I love the art and the concept is cool I enjoyed the puzzels too.

The art is awesome, but is there any way to finish the game?

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I really like this game! Props to you for the story. One suggestion though make  interact buttons more noticeable.

I love the art for this game. However the addition of a tutorial would be much appreciated.

I was heavily inspired by the asteroids. I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you so much for playing! 

Thanks so much im very happy you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feed back! Any specific recommendations?

Thanks for the feedback! Any suggestions on how I could improve it in particular?

I'm sorry to hear that. Realistic space physics are hard to wrap your head around

Thanks i'm glad you struggled lol!