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The first thing I noticed when playing this game was the music. It fits it very well. However, that assumes it's supposed to be peaceful. I am unsure of what your vision was, but regardless I think it needs more challenge. Something to make the player have to take risk. Like a time limit, a money limit, or only a certain number of blocks. I like the minimalist art it was a good choice for a game jam. Good job making the red indicator for when it couldn't be placed. Over all nice little game!

oh dear I may have miswritten the tutorial when I was half asleep! You know how it is. Thanks for the good suggestions.

thanks for the tip

Awesome Art, Great Music! I love this its very unique. I would suggest making  the movement a bit less floaty though.

This is epic! I cant believe you did so much in 48 hours great job!

This was very fun! I would suggest making it a bit more clear what to do though, and also maybe make it slightly harder.

This was SO much fun! I think if you made he tether system not get you stuck this would be amazing!

Thank for the advice. I guess my tutorial section wasn't good enough. I will take that into account. 

I like this idea it's very original. A tip though you want to make the stone back ground darker so the platforms stand out more. 

I like the idea, but the controls a very hard.

Awesome game this is truly great! I think making the beginning levels a bit easier though would have been a nice touch.

I like the art, and the sound effects are just right. I would say it was a bit hard, but that could just be me running on 0 hours of sleep.

I think this won the Jam.

I like the feel of the game its great. There are some bugs though if you die in majority of the levels you just get stuck in a loop of respawning.

This is a super original idea, and I think if you just tweak the physics a bit it could be a great game.

I like the idea, and execution of the game. However it would be nice if the rules were made more clear.

I really like this game! One suggestion though maybe make checkponts because having to restart when I died everytime was frustrating. 

This is Super well done Good job! Only suggestion I have is to make the menu that shows the score counting up not last so long.

I really like how the art looks, but it wouldn't load. When the Jam is over you can make a new webGL build where in Player Settings you go to Publish Settings, and then set compression format to disabled.

I really like it, and it has potential to be even better. Something I think you could do is balance the difficulty more. Great Job though!

They mean improve on your previous original work.

Thanks so much for the feedback. Don't worry I plan to develop this further, and that will include fixing all of the movement!

Awesome job with this. Really made the movement enjoyable which isn't always easy. This game looks and feels super polished.

Thanks for the great feed back!

No I am using a collider system. is raycasting better?

Thank you so much for the feedback! I plan to come back to this after the jam and fix the shooting mechanics, and add in more fun waves!

Awesome idea, and well executed! I loved this you could totally expand on this!

Shooting in this game is so satisfying! Good job with all of the polish in this game

I really like the idea, and execution of it! It's awesome you made this for your first jam. I would suggest next time making the people's order be unique every time, and more accessible while playing the game. 

Thanks for playing. I will consider your input on shooting thanks. The clinging to the side of platforms was intentional because it can allow for some sneaky dodges.

What exactly is required? Just a high score feature or a full list of all the top scores?

I got stuck in an infinite loop of going right?

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback!

That sound like a great idea! I will be adding a key bind feature afterthe jam.

Im glad you enjoyed it! I will fix the controls with a key bind function after the jam.

Thanks so much!

Im new to pixel art and for some reason when I importied it into to unity it blurred. Although thanks for the feedback, I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Im not sure I entirely understand the concept, but I like the art and gameplay. I think you should make it infinite and add a score system.