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Love the game! Fun and innovative puzzles!

Skip Dialog has been added.

Skip Dialog has been added

A really fun and cute platformer! I like where you going with that artstyle! I definitely will want to see more of your games with this artstyle! Rated ! <3

Very interesting game concept! this game feels like Amnesia, i was actually embracing myself for some jumpscares in the beginning. Very eerie ambience, Great game! Rated!

Do check out our game when you have the available time! <3

This game idea is so unique! and really fun too! I had a good 5mins+ of fun with your game, really from the bottom of my heart, Good Game! 

I always love pixel art platformers and this one goes into my list! A little shaky when moving  not sure the cause but Smooth gameplay , good pixel art!  Rated <3! Do check out our game if you have available time! Much appreciated!

The atmosphere is nice! A very cute platformer game! Rated <3!

Thank you ferdibakirezer! Played and rated your game!

Cool game that sneakily fits the theme :) I like the sound effects and the UI of the game that enhances the experience of the game play! The upgrading system is very clever and well fitting of the theme. The sensitivity of the mouse cursor seemed too high for me making the experience of shooting  quite difficult. But overall, great job!

-Game Artist Zechie (JazeGames)

Hi ClementineFruity

Thanks for playing our game! We really appreciate the feedback :) We are also sorry that those problems have hindered the game play for you to find out the endings too. We will continue to work harder for better works and improved quality of game play and experience! 

- Game Artist Zechie (JazeGames)

Hey samndan, we are really happy you liked our game and we appreciate that very much! There were ups and downs but we are  overall glad we made it, and reading feedback and seeing people enjoying it is what makes it worth it. We will continue working harder to produce more creative and fun experiences!

- Game Artist Zechie (JazeGames)

Nice game! The modeling and animations are pretty cool. The main thing that I feel could be better is to include some time lag when shooting objects from rlly far away so the distance could be felt. Great job and keep going!

Hi Viktorinkov, checked out your game!

A unique game idea! Good effort and congrats on publishing a game!

Played your game and rated! <3

Very interesting game concept! 

Thank you LegendaryHeart8 for playing our game!

Love your game too! Thank you!

Hi sailawayent, thank you for playing our game! Your game was amaaazzzing! UI animations are so smooth. the lion statue startled me alittle! Rated and gave feedback!

That is some quality game right there! Wouldnt be surprised if your game hits Top 20 list. I dont where to start, Art is amazing, music is really nice too! The starting UI animations are so smooth that it already told me this game is going to be pretty good and it is! 

One thing though, the death sound effect sounds alittle awkuard and unfitting in my opinion.  Still Rated 5 *****!

Thank you Ren3, your music and artstyle of your game is on point, i really like it! the ambience and story fits pretty well! Played and rated!! 

Music, Pixel Art and Gameplay are really spectacular! Rated 5Star!!!

Thank you FelineFriendly, there is so much more to implement into my game but 7 days with a tight work schedule made it impossible!  Always remember, the game is a liar :D. Nonetheless, i still hope the cutscenes gave you some joy ! <3

Pretty Fun! the restart button really come in handy! And the voice acting! i always wanted to implement voice acting. As for the Artistic side, the game can look alot better! Great Game ! Rated

Thank you so much dedilol! Me and my game artist both are really happy that you enjoyed the game! My apologies that you have to play it through without the dialog skip! I will learn to manage my project schedule and leave ample time for more Play testing in the future! <3

Hi steffy! Have tried and rated your game! congrats on finishing a game! <3

A Cute Game! Artstyle and Game Features can be alot better! Rated!

Hi tsuyoung, i played and gave a feed back on your game!

Hi Stefano, thank you so much for the feedback! Yes there was no time to work on the UI.  As for the dialog skip, I didnt have time to playtest the game and only after submission that i realise the next day the biggest issue is to have to replay with no dialog skip. Im so sorry that you didnt like the game !

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Hi tsuyoung! thats an incredible first game and a good way to start off! Then again, you will only get better! Rated! <3

Hi snoutfroth! 

I am glad to hear that you liked the art! I will continue to work to improve and produce better works for more people to enjoy! It was indeed a tight schedule as both of us are busy working people with differing and mismatching work times, but I guess we did make it in the end, and gained so much from this!

- Game Artist Zechie (JazeGames)

Hi Marco! thank you so much for playing our game! Are you able to elaborate on the strange feeling with the camera? If its the slight jittery movement of the player, yes! i've just noticed that too! Me and my game artist are looking into it!  

Thank you Dekotale! Yes, I kept the end cut-scenes in a fun and cute animated style!

Thank you Lythmass!

We might very well be looking at one of the top games in this Game Jam!  Absolutely Stunning Beyond Words.

Absolutely love the music!

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Visually it looks really nice! the color fits the game alot! What makes it even better is the beautiful sound track behind the gameplay <3. The game might look simple but it is indeed pretty fun! Rated !

Hi Peter! Would like you to try our game! Forgot to add the dialog skip feature but i hope you still enjoy it regardlessly.

Hi StoneColdPanda! :D

Thank you so much for your feedback and motivating words! I am so grateful to hear that someone loved the game! There is indeed much to improve and we have learnt so much from this experience and had so much fun! We will continue to work hard to create more enjoyable experiences!

- Game Artist Zechie ( JazeGames)