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Thanks man

John C. Maxwell said it best "Sometimes u win,  sometimes u learn",

This was my second game jam, There is still time to improve.

Thanks for the advice,

 I loved ur game BTW

Well you tried

I will keep that in mind

Never give up

Thank you



Awesome, I will love to see what comes next

 please give mine a rate too

Its funny thats for sure

please consider to rate mine at

It would be better if the game was a little easier, but overall congrats on ur first game jam

please rate mine at

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I love the graphics and the design, but i usually find myself lost in the levels, But anyhow its the most good looking game i have seen in this jam.

please rate mine as well

Rated, hope u rate mine

"veggies are bad", The Game is indeed a lair.

if u have the time, rate my game at

I like the mystery,

if u would be so kind as to checkout my game, here is a link

I like the narration at the beginning,

if u would be so kind as to check out my game at

played and rated

if u have the time please rate my game at

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played and rated,

you can rate mine at

Nice game, I would however advice you to give the player a little more instruction.

rated, nice game

The idea of changing controls is brilliant, well done

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Nice art nice game

please give mine a rating too

played and rated

played and rated

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Thanks, I will keep that in mind for future projects.

Thank you for sparing the time to actually give me feedback, this helps

Played and rated, if u have the time please rate mine

Here is mine

Nice game, Original idea, played and rate

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That's just awesome, please play and hopefully rate my game

U made that in a week, u should be proud. If u have the time please play and rate mine

I love this game, or in the words of the game("I hate it"), you did a great job, if u have the time u can play my game

Love the game, fits the them

rated yours, hope u play and rate mine

Glad you like it, I will consider making other levels

I like the 3d detail, hope u will play and rate mine too

rated, it would help if u check out mine

Here is mine