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Oh cool, much appreciated!

Thank you very much, glad you liked it! I also had a go on your game, it's pretty tough but really neat idea ;)

Played and rated, it looks and sounds great!

I'm eager to hear what you think about ours, so far nobody made it to level 2 so be prepared xD

great visuals and sound, it creates a really nice atmosphere. Unfortunately I mainly just found a lot of "insignificance" which let me lose interest pretty soon for things were moving very slow, but I guess the point of the game is going slow, so it's my impatience's fault :P

Played and rated, left some feedback on your page!

If you have time it'd be great if you checked out our game as well, any feedback is much appreciated!

I really like the 3d level design, pretty impressive for 7 days! The game itself would have gained a lot from a little music and sounds. As it is now the enemies did not feel like a threat at all even if I lost health

Played and rated, gotta love the sound design xD It was really fun to read all the messages, the levels could have been a tad more challenging for my taste though ;)

I'm curious to hear if you can make it to level 2 in our game, so far nobody made it lol

Excellent choice in music and sounds, I surely enjoyed it :P

Played and rated, really nice for your first game, keep making cool stuff!

If you have time also check out our game, it's also our first finished game ever and we'd love some feedback ;)

I really like the atmosphere and the idea of the protagonist dying in the beginning :P great job on your first game!

I really dig this game! Controls are super smooth and the different obstacles as well as the overall feel to it is pretty fun. It's super hard though, I think I got an idea of how to beat the game (if there's a way that is) but still couldn't make it as the obstacles went crazy over time :D

Thank you very much!

Neat concept and the atmosphere is pretty cool! Would have loved to see the difficulty increase with every suspect.

Played (till the end ;) and rated, I love it!

Please also have a look at our game, we'd love to hear how far you can make it as it's apparently super difficult

I love it, it plays really well and the narration as well as gameplay are super fun! I beat the cake level because I read the hint before even starting the game so I don't know if I would have beatin it without the hint but the "puzzle" feels very random while all the others make sense so you might want to tweak that level a bit. Overall it's super good though, well done!

Played and rated. It is challenging indeed, my brain needs some rest now :P

Please also have a look at our game, it is pretty challenging as well (nobody made it to level 2 yet lol) We need to tweak on the difficulty but we'd love to hear how far you made it!

Yes baby, I got an A! It's really fun but my brain is smoking... I just couldn't wrap my head around the right arrow key not being the slot on the right. Maybe switching right and down would make it a lot easier, but I love the style as well as the music and everything feels really smooth, good job!

Really cool! I left a rate and some feedback, super cool design!

Let us know what you think of ours if you have time, we'd love some feedback. So far nobody made it to level 2, so no pressure :P

The design is top-notch and the music is a perfect fit! And I even learned new stuff :D 

I think it needs some tweaking on the gameplay as replaying the same questions is not that fun, but given it was made in only 7 days that can be forgiven, well done!

Pretty cool! And enraging! And frustrating! But cool ;)

If you're up for some frustration yourself try our game, apparently it's harder than we intended :P

Oh man, you nailed the hell part, this is what hell must feel like, it's tough! :D I loved the voice coming in when fighting the dinosaur, but I found the music to be a tad too loud compared to the game sounds. I like the level of challenge though, it really made me eager to try again and again, adjusting the hitbox a little bit might be good though, but given it's hell I guess it's supposed to be enraging^^

Played and rated. That's awesome, given that you spent so little time! Curious to see what it would be like with the narrative (and maybe a little more danger by making the enemies hurt you :P)

If you have time please also check out our game, it's the first finished game for us as well and we'd love some feedback!

I really like the look, especially the red glow of the enemys gives the whole scene a cool atmosphere. Some sounds and music to make the whole thing seem more threatening and a way to lose/win and you got yourself a nice game I think ;)

Thank you very much! Yea, somehow the very edges are quite slippery, gotta fix that, thanks for the feedback!

Thank you very much! :)

I thought the word "alphabet" is the puzzle and tried to convert the letters to numbers (a=1, l=12 ...)

SInce it's a little puzzle game some fun thing like that could be worth adding

Thank you very much, happy you like it!

I see, I will try that! ;)

oh I see, I thought there was some puzzle to it and gave up xD

Played and rated, I like the idea of the game, good stuff!

If you have time please also check out and rate our game, we'd love some feedback!

Really cool idea, the music is pretty cool too ;) I was a bit lost on this huge map though, maybe a zoomed out minimap in the top right corner could help

Love it, brilliant mechanics!

Played and rated, the cutscenes surely got some laughs out of me, well done! ;)

I really enjoyed this, the cutscenes are hilarious!

Played and rated, I can see this becoming a really great game with more developing time, it sure is fun :D

If you have time please also check out and rate our game, we'd love some feedback!

This one's really fun! I love the style and all the fun details you put into everything. I gotta say things can get pretty confusing pretty fast though^^

lol, I love it, especially the name :D

If you have time please also check out and rate our game, we'd love some feedback

haha, very clever, I like it! Especially in combination with the game title :D

played and rated, I really like the mini game's mechanics, it felt really rewarding to figure them out :P

Nice one, it felt really good finally finding out how the mechanic works :D And congratulations!