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So, are we going to talk about the fact some games got ranked off of < 10 ratings ? When will GJ hosts understand that this is the best way to completely screw up games with devs who actually communicate about it and reward lucky devs who don't at all and only end up with a few very generous votes ?

I spent the entire week grinding away like crazy at my game and I get ranked 200 places below one-screen games ? Hell, even if not for my own game, then for all the others who are also in my position. 

My game got ranked 210 - ish in Overall, and my score is a bit above 3 in nearly all category, which would normally mean a bit above average in every category, which is understandable, and which is a lot more objective coming from 30 ratings.

I'm just pissed, and I'm sorry if I'm being too competitve or "Type A" but I can't fathom "joke games" being closer to winning actual game-making prices than mine or others which took a lot of work.

Thanks ! :)

Thanks ! Yea for some reason I thought I wouldn't have time to make a game over / victory screen  so I just had the game close. Big mistake. Thanks a lot for your feedback !!  :)

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Sleep, don't over-scope your project and try to do something new which you've never / rarely done before if it doesn't end up hurting your game's quality. Also better to have at least 2 roles if you're in a team to prevent having only one kind of thing to do (might sound more efficient but the mind is pretty bad at concentrating on the same thing constantly, we need some diversity !). 

Also don't forget to eat and drink so that you don't just run out of energy after a day or two when your body is done energizing from your last pre-jam day's meals. When concentrating the brain can switch to a mode where it sort of "forgets" the sensations of hunger and thirst but it doesn't mean you don't need the energy anymore (the brain is the biggest consumer of nutrients in the body !)

Guys, the stream's ended. I know some people are just desperate for ratings but don't just drop your link in here without even making sure the stream is still going ! You're bumping it for no reason.

Just one game and I suspect the dev just left the stream the second I started testing it. That's disappointing, but I suppose the Jam's hype kind of died already since most games that could remotely hope to win have exceeded the minimum amount of ratings. If anyone is interested I'll be streaming some Starcraft 2 high level gameplay in a few !

 Hey ! Are you on stream ?

Hey ! Welcome to the fourth stream session's thread !

Today we are starting a bit earlier than usual because I have to be available at 7:30 pm my time or so (I'm GMT+2).

As always, post your game down here and I'll test it provided you are here when we do get to it. You can either watch the stream until we get to your game (and I'd be happy to have your company !) or you can reload this thread regularly and track my progress. I will be posting a "Skipped" or "Done" reply under each game we went through, so just stay tuned on those.

Stream will start right now but I'll be waiting for a couple of games at least to show up here. If we don't have enough games for a proper stream we'll be doing something else, like taking a look at my game's Unity Project (though we've already done it last time around) or maybe playing something (as preparation for keeping the stream alive after the end of the rating period ?).

Link :

Thank you !

That would explain it, I was doubting the fact the rythm of the mining sound somehow sounded like music to you :p

Thanks a lot for your feedback !

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The music ? There is no music... not sure what you mean by that.

It "crashes" when you win or lose, actually. The connection to the theme is that the game misleads you - it encourages you to strip mine the map as coldly and efficiently as possible but that only hastens your death - the "corruption" that comes in fact depends on how much Equirium there is left on the map. As such you can completely avoid it if you're patient ! Just gotta let the metal regenerate regularly, sort of lay the mines "fallow".

A simpler interpretation of the theme is the lie about the game's difficulty too. At first it's really easy, the natives don't attack you. All you (think you) have to do is just taking the map over and win. The corruption puts that notion under the ground.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, and for playing ! :)

Thank you :) Maybe I will  !

Hey !

A few people on stream wanted me to show them the workflow for adding new content to my game ! I figured others might be interested.

Stream link :

Game's Unity project for those interested :

Took too long for new games to come, so the stream switched to the "Behind the scenes" of my own game project. I'll make a new thread next I stream !

Skipped because already tested !

Going on break for 10 - 15 minutes. All games in the list have been done. You can post yours here and be on stream when I come back if you want me to test it !

Done !

Done !

Done !

Done !


Done !

Done !


Done !

Done !

Rock / 10.

Need more games ! Used to be the first page would get flooded in a matter of minutes. 

In the meantime we'll be looking at my game's Unity Project.


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Hey there !

I'll be streaming in a moment. I'm looking for games to test. If you want me to test yours, just post it here !

As usual, there's only one rule for me to test your game : you must be on stream when I get to it ! I realise this isn't great when you have to wait for me to get through like 10 other games, but I think I found a solution.

I will be, this time, posting a message such as "tested !" or "skipped !" under every game I go through. This means that if the wait really is too long you can just check back on the thread regularily and keep track of my progress.

Have at it !

PS : This time you'll get to see my beautiful face, I found a nice app to turn my phone into a decent webcam.


So do I ! :D Thank you for you feedback friend :)

Fingers crossed indeed ! Thank you for your feedback friend :)

Holy hell man calm down please. Just breath. You spent so much time playing my game ?

Perhaps because conquering everything is not the right move :p Read the comment on the game's page ? 

Thanks a lot for playing man, and also for being on stream so much. Looking forward to seeing you again when I stream tomorrow (hopefully) !

Guys, the stream is over by now. When next I stream, I'll create a "session 3" thread where you'll be able to post your games. There's no point posting here anymore.

The stream is over. I'll make a new thread for when I next stream (probably tomorrow or the day after)

I shall weep with you. Seeing so many of my hand crafted models just get killed... URGH

Thanks ! Yea I grinded away at this like crazy. Kinda drove me nuts towards the end. But what's losing a few neurons to insanity ?