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I have made it so when you get a higher score it increases, but it is maybe a little bit hard to see

After this jam end, can I still see my comments or will this comment be deleted after the jam?

Played and rated! But how does this fits to the theme

It can be a good ideah, but I think instead I will have a original GamePlay instead original Art

Good game, but it took maybe a bit too long time to wait for the text

The game fits very great to the theme, and I like the sounds effects, but it was a bit too hard? I dont know if I understand the game, but good job with the theme, sounds, and art

It fits a bit to the theme because when you are playing as the ghoast maybe some players think you can go trough the obstacles but you can. Sorry, it is not a really good reason but it was hard to come up with a good ideah to the theme

Thanks!! I think I already use PlayerPrefs, to keep the highscore you need to dowload it I thin



Thanks! Do you have any suggestion how I can change it and make it original?

I like the game, really great job!! Did not find any bug!

I work on my School PC, sorry I can just play "Played in browser games"

Thx for the tips :)

I like the game, cool ideah

Do you mean to make a this to a mobile game too on, or do you mean to make this to a mobile game on Andriod/Play store and IOS/App store


Oh, ok I thought you meant it was a bug witch stoped the game after 33. But it is just that you can't get more, is it to hard?

I did not have much time to play the game 😅, what happens after 33?

I did not have good time, therefore I did not make any menu or background or a good player spirte (sorry)

When the game jam ends, and if I won, how do I claim the prizes, will I get a code or something?

How can I improve the game, you think?

Yupp it is

u need to download it

Speed Cubix

My game is about a cube you is going to move right or left. It is very difficult but you need to practice to finish the game. 4 levels then you win.