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Thanks for playing. only after I saw others play my game I've realized that for them the brain moves at different speed. Looks like I forgot to take time delta of update into consideration.

Thanks for playing, I'm happy that you liked it. I didn't have enough time to polish stuff like showing that the zombies are hurt (that's why they disappeared) or proper dying animations for them. Shadows are nice idea. Also you forgot that you can rotate the camera, but well that's on me since the onboarding was really short and not playtested enough,

Yeah sounds are something that I have no experience with and I didn't have enough time to add it. Thanks for the feedback.

The zombies come out when you throw the brain near the manhole on the ground. It's a shame I didn't have enough time to make better polished onboarding.

Simple concept but the execution was done really well. The webgl version was pretty laggy for me, but that didn't matter too much since the game was fun anyway. I liked the reflex vest power up and sadly din't find any ghost power up from the screenshot.

Thanks for the feedback. The catch in the third level was to rotate the camera to see the manhole cower hidden behind concrete wall but I guess I could have added tutorial prompt for that instead of confusing players like this

Thanks for the good idea and thanks for playing :)

I'm happy that you enjoyed my game and thanks for the compliment about the pixel art.

Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions. I ran out of time a bit and therefore I'm not happy with how the goal is communicated to the player either, I hope I had some more time for polishing.

I really liked your entry but I wouldn't call it a game. Overall it was well polished and all the sounds and animations created a nice aesthetic. Creature's reactions were interesting but didn't serve any real purpose. Maybe making the objects a little less bouncy would help to provide better control over the result.

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I have to start with that you got me here with the preview image, simple and clear. The styling of the game into 2 colors is nice and but maybe you should have played around with shading a bit more because the scenes look a bit too much flat. In the second level where you get to the first bigger pit, I couldn't distinguish what is the pit and what is not. Only other problem I've had with the gameplay was that the the 2nd level was way too long, and therefore I wan't able to beat it without any checkpoints. There were many tricky sections in that level that I wasn't able to pass consistently enough to beat the whole level. Maybe if you split the levels into shorter segments, and allow players to fail faster without that much punishment it would help the game. Overall really nice gameplay loop that could be nicely expanded into longer game. Great work :)