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Done :)

I liked the Idea and game, only sometimes I felt like I didn't have enough time to place the items to the world. Overall very good game

we are glad you had fun. That's the main thing we wanted for our players.

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate IT :3 We Are glad you liked it even when it's harder then we expected. Unfortunatly there wasn't much time to polish the game, because we aimed too high :/

I liked the game, quite nice idea. I think I found a bug. When I was falling with the white character, I changed to the black one and white character had stoped falling. 

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it. It's true, that the amount of arrows is quite high, but the reflection mechanic is kinda OP.  So we didn't see any issue with that. 

Okey, thank you for addressing it. We are happy that you enjoyed our game.

I had time to play with my GF, her words: "That's too hard", as it looks like our coordination is totally OFF! :D By me it's great game ;) I don't mind hard games

Hi, thank you for your feedback especially on the letter mechanic. Could you define "too strong"? As in too fast, or dealing too much damage? Or that you have to hide behind obstacle? We are aware of the problem regarding trees, we underestimated the time and we couldn't polish the game as we wanted.

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it. The blue broken hearth was meant to regain vision, but as it looks like, without UI and some help informations it is really weird. We are glad you like our game ;)

Thank you for your comment. I am sure we won't give up :3

Thank you for your opinion, I make sure to pass it to the team ;)

Hi, We would appreciate any comment and rating you guys can give :)
If you post yours as a reply, you will have one from us aswell, if you haven't already one ;)

you made quite interesting game. I loved the monster graphics and the first interaction, just slap his head. For me it wasn't really a fun, but that's just my taste for games and when I pressed enter I had completly black review :/ but as I said for graphics and Audio 5/5. 

Wow, thank you for your amazing feedback. We appreciate it a lot. 

Thank you for the comment and feedback. We are glad you had fun. You are right,  UI is completly missing, we kinda underestimated the amount of work :/  There is no real score, only boss to defeat in second phase of game (triggered by the golden hearth if picked 3 times), but we totaly agree, that it should be somehow seen in the gameplay.