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Submitted by StrayDogHunt, Blentkills — 1 hour, 24 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#2911.5711.571

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I can see the amount of efforts you put into the art (3d modeling, texturing, post processing), well done on that. I also liked the sounds.
On the downside, I will say that the game runs very slow on my old laptop, the User Interface is not deserving well the game (for example: add a background image, game logo on the start screen), I managed to fall off the level infinitely (there are some gaps at some walls) and I didn't find any kind of goal / hook to keep me playing over and over.
I think for a gamejam, you wanted to do something too big and didn't have time to finish it, but you could use what you made as a base to continue and build a great game on top of it!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Your game looks really nice. The models look clean and realistic. The sound design is amazing. Playing both the jam and updated versions, I can say that you have improved it quite a bit.  The user interface could use some polishing though. For instance, there was no information stating that I could move faster by holding shift. I didn't figure that out until I killed everyone haha. Also, I found a bug where if you move in to the wall at high speed, you clip through it. Might want to look into the fixed timestep there. Or it could be due to low framerate on my machine. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it very much and hope you continue the development on this! Good luck


Real lovely comment. Thanks for the positive feedback! Yeah, we encountered that issue ourselves and already fixed it, but that would be coming for the next update (probably next week) along with other stuff. At one point we plan on optimizing the game a lot so we hope more players would be able to have better experience playing. Will think about the controls scheme, thanks again! Just for the info, what are your machine's specs?

Jam Judge(+2)

Good looking game with nice game concept. The laser shooting is so satisfying. I think the enemies are too fast and too many. Also the mouse sensitivity could be slightly slower. Props.


Thank you for the review. An update is coming in couple of days. Some props, a new weapon, and a better lvl design.  We are thinking of making an update every week. Stay tuned :)


Thanks for the review! Mouse sensitivity can be adjusted when you press escape. :) Lots of stuff coming though


You have some really well-made models and textures in your game, but I'm afraid the gameplay itself wasn't all that fun; mostly it was just a mindless shooter. I found it difficult to even control the game since, even at a 320x200 resolution, I could only manage about 5 frames per second on my aging laptop, so I think some optimization is in order.

I think I understand what you were going for, but was there anything past the "in the end it's just me and the darkness" line?


Thanks for the well put critique. We are really not there yet. I guess we did overestimated ourselves. Will do some optimisation and work on the story and level design in the upcoming week or so. 


I rated your game by what I saw in the screenshots, that looks promising. I couldnt play it tho, it crashes when i press play. I hope u continue to work on it!

also, check out game! =)


Thanks for the support. We are currently in cleaning the performance issues and are going to add more mechanics. The thing is that we didn't put a loading bar and if you continue clicking it crashes. 


It literaly crashed when I pressed play :(


It is just doesnt show the loading screen and if you click a couple of times it crashes. Currently working on the loading screen and a bunch of other optimisation stuff.


It was really strange. There was content from AAA quality, and content terrible. Like the start button freezing for 2 min, of the health bar with the default unity slider.

I see that you wernt organized, since you made a lot of chairs and quality models and onoptimized textures before making any animations. 

But in overall that's a great submission, it was fun to play ! Thank you for this game !

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you so much. We are going to develop the game from here on. I am in charge of 3d modeling and texturing but didnt' have time for everything. UI was supposed to be my task too. We will enhance the story and put a loading screen. Things weren't optimized bcs that is my first submission and my friend is just as green as me. Thank you for the time taken to write a review  for us. 


Has some bugs, but it's got some rather higher quality models implemented. Not to mention intelligent AI, and some mechanics like the objects disappearing. I believe if we had more time we would make the game reasonably better!