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i already finished the game x)

Perfect Game i loved it so much but the final level was hard but enjoyable gg :) .

your feedback will be happily received

this game is so good but i think it s annoying for who are using azerty keyboard like me .

your feedback will be awesome in my game

Hi good game but it s quite short.

your feedback will be awesome

thank you for testing it out . 

playing testing and audio was not priority when creating this project so small problems like that can happen ! 


your feedback will be awesome

This Game Is perfect its from my top 10 games i played until now :D

good job creating it and you sticked to the theme

your feedback will be awesome in my game

game is original but i think the bow is a little frustrating but good game overall 


your feedback will be welcome

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Thank you for testing it out . 

it was my first absolute time creating music so i m not suprised with the bad reviews about Audio but thanks again ☺

this game is brilliant but i would recommend integrating attack mode when walking . 

your feedback will be awesome

Thank you for testing out my game !

Nice Game i voted for you :) 

Your feedBack will be awesome in my game

i m new in game development if you could give me the source project to see how is created i will be grateful :)

This Game Is SO FUN . 

i really enjoyed the 30 min session in this game 

can be top 5 easily 

your feedback will be welcome :

i ve rated your game :)

thank you Emmanuel for testing it out and i m glad that you like it :D

thank you for playing our game :)

Thank you so much for testing my game . yeah we made all the art ourselves 

we were 3 people : me as programmer

my 2 friends as art creator and story telling :)


I found a bug : in lvl 2 if you go left you can fall forever

Heart Work community · Created a new topic Game is fun

i tried the game in my phone and it worked great 

But here what you need to improve pervert :p (do you remember me ? XD):

1- the objective is not clear i died 4 times trying to understand the game

2- some animations will make the game so much better 

I liked your sounds and the concept good luck :)