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This gam is SUPE RAGING! IM SO MAD I WANT TO BREAK A WALL RIGHT NOW!!! But stille good game

CTRL - crouch

SHIFT - hide

SD - Move

SPACE - Jump

LEFT-CLICK - punch / kick

RIGHT-CLICK : Throw beer bottle

Thanks for the feedback


Wow thanks man. But what you just witnessed was a bug. Ps : it's fixed and use L to close your eyes when you hear him coming

Great tool btw

Are you norwegian ?

me too

Thank you for your support

use The axe to cut down The trees

I have a little storyline :

You are a rich, wealthy and well known man/woman. You were on a cruise ship with your best friend, when suddenly pirates attacked the boat to steal YOUR money, but, because of the bombs and explosions, the boat starts sinking. You are the only survivor of this inncident, left with 4 pieces of wood to live and float on. Many debris of the boat comes floating in your direction. But still, the pirates still wants YOUR money......

Hello i'm FireGreeks, an HTML, Javascript ans CSS developer.

I'm so exited for tommorow, its going to be fun. I'm going to program on a web browser from scratch with no libraries, now I'm just waiting it to start. Thank you for this jam.

PS : This is the first time I'll really finish a game and join in a jam (I am really exited), godd luck every one and thank you to the contributers...