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Wow! Very nice game you've made! Extremely fun to play! The music was funky, the art was cute, gameplay was satisfying. Just framkly well done! Had a lot of fun playing:)

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you liked it:)

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it:)

Incredible! Very original idea and very neatly executed! Had fun playing the game a few times trying to get different endings! Very well done!

Ahhh thank you! Those are the kinds of situations I tried to create! Happy you liked it!

Incredibly well polished game! And some very tricky puzzles! I loved it! Perfectly answers the theme as well! One of the better games I have played this jam!

Thank you! Really appreciate you constructive feedback! I completely agree. It's pretty near impossible to lose at it's curent state so implementing your idea would definetely help haha. Thanks for playing!

Fun idea! And nicely presented! Had a little chuckle while playing! Good job!

Incredible polish! Well done on that front! Very fun to play! Could definetely see this game a super addictive mobile haha Good job!

This game was very fun to play! A cute game with smooth controls is all one needs hahah! Could have been even better with a banger soundtrack! Good job!

Frankly just wow! What a game!! Everything from the idea to the presentation! Amazing! The UI was super original, fancy and polished. The sound design was perfectly fitting! The graphics were amazing! The controls smooth as butter! The difficulty was perfectly frustrating enough! Just perfect! Definetly the best game I have played in this jam. Wow! Just a loads of fun to play!! Just pure fun! Good job

Thank you so much for the feedback! I agree, the AI definetly has some improvement potential as this was my first dive into pathfinding algorithms hahah. Really appreciate it! Thanks for playing!

Oh wow! That's some extremely kind words! Really appreciate that!! Thank you for playing!

I generally enjoyed playing this game! It was a very neat idea presented well. I really felt like a badass sometimes in slow-motion doing this sick flip kills. Well done! And nice job with the polishing! Looked very clean:)

Very well polished! The game looked squeaky clean! An relatively easy mechanic but explored in a pretty interesting way! I like it. Good job! Especially with the visuals

Fun little game! Had a good time playing it! I naively thought I could go for the world record haha didn't quite go as planned

Wow! What a stunning game! Especially considering the time limit! Props to you my guy!

Thank you! Hahah would've been a bastard move to but in a random jumpscare in the game

Nice idea! And well executed! Would say it was a bit OP to save up for the biggest ship. But ignoring that, this is a fun little game! Good job!:))

Oh shit! Godot! Haven't gotten around to trying it out yet! Seems like an interesting engine

Hahah I agree! It reminds of all those simulators with jonky physics (goat simulator, toast simulator, etc.)

Thank you:)

Thank you for your feedback! Really appreciate it:)

The AI was pretty hard for the limited time given hahah but I think it turned out OK. Thanks for the heads up on the bug:)

Thank you so much for your feedback! I definetely will iterate on this concept in the future:)

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Hahah loved it! A very good game jam submission! A very fun idea and executed with great humour! Made me chuckle! Only thing off was the physics that didn't respond quite as I would have wanted. But ignoring that, playing this game was really fun!

A very nice idea but would have loved to see the idea developed with complexity with more levels. But there's definetely great potential here for some great puzzles! The game looks amazing! Very well polished for 48 hours. Loved the swap sound effect! Good job!

Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback!:))

Thank you for your feedback! Really appreciate it! Didn't have time to really optimize so don't think it's just on your end haha

Thank you so much for your feedback! Really appreciate it!:)

Sorry I don't have time for anymore games!  ;(

Sorry I don't have time for anymore games! 

The  joystick movements work just fine and everything it just I can't pick up the spear... It shoots when approach it and I can only shoot in one direction. I'll try the InputMapper! Thx alot!

I'm having problems with your game :( See my comment o your game... Thanks for posting tho!

Its seems like cool idea  ut the controls weren't working (maybe its because we had both PS4 controller ?) So I don't want to rate the game, unless you know how I can fix it...

Already payed and rated! Very good game! Would love if you could check mine out too! Or not, no pressure ;)