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well, bad timing and car accidents, meant a broken thing; mine, but broken. Wondered whether to submit or not. Decided to anyway, just to mark what was done

It’s very broken. Will try to fix, but other issues are filling time; girlfriend in a car accident

sorry. This version is currently broken. Probably best to just not rate it, at least until I can fix it

Ok, now I'm finally able to actually start :-( so, just over 9 hours for the LD Compo, 16 hours for MiniJam, and A day and a bit for the LD Jam. Aiming for the Compo might be nice, but Hmmm... might be better to go for tomorrow morning for the Mini. Let's see what happens!

So #LDJAM’s theme is “start with nothing” @ludumdare and #minijam’s is “Food”, with a limitation of “only arrow key input” @MiniJamOfficial 
Hmmm… I could TOTALLY do both, couldn’t I…
with the same game…
What if you were the AI software behind Star Trek’s replicator?
“Tea.Earl Grey. Hot…”
Er… er… coming right up (?)…
A nightmare in menu form. Many many menus… and with none of them in view

Hi, any update? My last (unanswered) question was six months ago!

went to HERE (the Vote URL) but there isn’t a “winner” theme. So, what is it?

Small bug detected. Will fix

Thank you. Did you manage to finish it? I know you only spend one minute per game for the videos.

Yes. You have to DM the organiser on Twitter I believe 

Really liked the dark part; interesting use of items to form a puzzle. Challenging and fun

Wow! Loved the dark part

Of course you add "at a time" to the theme "only one", which is sort of cheating, but then I (sort of) did that too. The rotation is a little counter intuitive, relying on interpreting the mini-map. However, a good game, if tough for this old timer, and more functional than mine was :-(

Amazing. It took me a while to realise I'd already got the star. Different perspectives on the same cyclic world :-)

It’s not great, but SINCE the Jam, I’ve had more ideas about how to do 1D puzzles

My regret? Only having about 8 of the 48 hours to actually jam, because… Life. Still uploaded it anyway:

because the idea intrigued me of a 1D platformer. I’ve now (well after the jam) got a few clearer ideas of how this might work. At the time, I was more exploring than developing 

Ok, not because it was any good, but because I struggled with the idea of a 1D game myself, I’d like to see the challenge of your interpretation. This was/is both a parody of Thomas Was Alone, and me trying to see if I could make a 1D puzzle platformer. It won’t take you long to play it…

Wow, never would have guessed that from the screen prompt

Ah, thanks. This is a timing game then, where you “activate” the whole wall as the bat? I’ll have another go at it

Counting it up afterwards, I only did about 8-9 hours on the game in fact. I still wanted to post what I’d done, as a marker, to encourage me to come back to it. I have a few clearer ideas of what 1D puzzles might be now

If you’re rating this, please read the submission page comments, and my Dev Log. It might save you time, or give you an idea what I was attempting :-)

You’re right. There is a bit of experimentation as to what a 1D game could be, and I want to explore it further. Time was the enemy, as much as not knowing where I was going, but wanting to explore anyway

The idea I struggled with was what is a 1D platformer. Limited time didn’t help. However, I wanted to try to explore puzzle solving in a way that was more than the jokey 1D Tetris, which is even less of a game. Maybe when I’ve worked things out a bit more I could invite you back to play it. When it is more of a game 

Since the Jam I’ve got a better idea of what a puzzle or a pit or a jump is in flatland, and a better idea of what playing in one dimension should be. I’ll go back to it, when I have more time

Unfortunately, I only had about a sixth of the time I’d expected to work on the game, but thought I’d upload what I’d done anyway, so I can be motivated to go back to it. I also want to learn Pico-8, and things like this push me to do that when time is limited.

Thank you. In the end I only had about 8 of the 48 hours to play, but wanted to mark what I’d done, even if it is meagre. I’d like to explore what a level means in only one dimension, and more so than 1D Tetris, which is only parody; for example, what is a jump or a pit in flatland?

Sadly, I had a chunk of the weekend disappear, but will continue with it when my life settles down a bit

Is the .p8 available anywhere?

Loved this, and my personal favourite of the GMTK Jam 2019

A great, simple idea. I noted the plane dropped bombs at the right most side of the screen without button presses sometimes, often when it was likely to be shot by a base station; a bug, maybe?

Took me a while to work out what to do, and that the torch was a teleport, but excellent! Makes mine look incredibly limited; I am a Pico-8 beginner mind, and had no time :-(

An excellent, original idea. Took me some time to understand the cross deletes things bit, but worth the play

Almost like playing a solo escape room. A little difficult to see the options that could be changed, and a few bugs, such as the options menu not disappearing from one screen to the next, but an interesting idea, thanks

Some of the later levels really stumped me. Excellent work

Arrow keys did not move the bow at the end :-(

Not a game, sorry

Only one developer, only one day (sigh), only one dimension (at a time) and

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Mine, a very early "in development" game (?) done in about 12 hours, as I am new to Pico-8: and