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GMTK 2019 - Space CathastropheView game page

Use your special suit to collect resources to build a reentry module to go back to earth.
Submitted by Caspercaper17 — 2 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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I can only agree to what the others said, a lot of controls and most don't do anything noticeable. I don't know whether the Linux build is broken or I just don't get the controls. At best I could see a blue sphere.

The voice is very quiet and pretty bad recording quality.

For me it was not playable, I'll refrain from rating it.


It could very well be that  the linux build is broken. I have no resources to test it. All controls should have a noticible effect. A very noticeable one. Did you play with controller? Because from what I read, the way I implemented controller support has some serious issues cross-platform.

The blue sphere is your way of moving, so if that didnt move you, it confirms that the linux build is broken.


I tried with keyboard and mouse.

I recently helped someone so I have a vague idea of what might be wrong. While Unity makes it relatively easy export to multiple platforms there are platform specific differences the programmer needs to take care of. Some rendering differences are documented here:


Ah. Very sorry for delivering a broken linux build.

Seeing 2 downloaded mac build with 0 confirmed mac ratings, Im afraid the mac build may also be broken. Thanks for making me aware of this problem.

Im not too experienced with linux but I know that there a various versions of linux. Is there any chance that the game works on another version of linux or is it best to just hide the download?

Submitted (1 edit)

I delivered a broken Mac build myself, but it's hard to test since you have to own a Mac to do so. Linux you can at least boot from a thumb drive or a VM.

The Linux distribution used doesn't matter for the most part. Especially in this case, if it is indeed a rendering issue and not me being stupid, I expect it to fail on all of them since the game will use OpenGL rendering regardless.

You could just mention that the build is likely broken, it's up to you.

Oh, and there is this website where people come together to write a guide on how to ship on Linux. It is pretty new, but I hope it will be a helpful guide eventually:


Audio instructions are an interesting idea! I think it would be nice to make them louder and add subtitles to go along with them for accessibility. There's many features of the controls, so they could be split into separate audio parts (For example, first it tells you how to get out of the pod. Once you do that, it explains how to orient in space and so on.) Tutorial is often difficult to get right, but I think it is very important for new players.


Yes, that wouldve been a way better way to do the tutorial. I didnt think of that. Thanks :D.


The idea is fine, and the one force gives a good challenge. However, the controls are counterintuitive at best, making it really hard to get anywhere.  The voice acting was also really hard to understand.

I do think this is one of the more original ideas in the jam,  and some features are nice. The suit power is for example a more immersive approach to prevent players from crossing world boundaries and drifting off. Maybe making it first-person would make this easier to control.


Thanks for the feedback. I already foresaw that the control were going to be an issue. Esspecially the keyboard control are hard to master.

As of the voice acting, do you mean hard to understand as in not louad enough, or just a bad accent?


both what was said (pronunciation and volume) as well as what was meant (probably as result of the former)