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It is a very interesting concept! I managed to win. Maybe you could throw in more challenge, like an ability of the opponent to switch the tracks for their own goals (a simple AI that tries to screw you up perhaps?)

This game has a pretty good map generation system for a jam entry! I liked the music and the sound effects. It certainly met the theme. And it lived up to it's name! Speaking of which, it would take forever to get anything done... Overall it would require an enormous amount of patience. Perhaps, inventory upgrades, or  a separate slot for the pickaxe could really improve the experience!

Hello! I only have 14 ratings... Here's my game:
It is a rather silly concept put to work. I really need more feedback, so please leave some comments if you can!

Audio instructions are an interesting idea! I think it would be nice to make them louder and add subtitles to go along with them for accessibility. There's many features of the controls, so they could be split into separate audio parts (For example, first it tells you how to get out of the pod. Once you do that, it explains how to orient in space and so on.) Tutorial is often difficult to get right, but I think it is very important for new players.

This game made me think! I wish there were more levels and combinations of words, I'd totally play them.

At first I thought it was completely hopeless to win the game, but if you do not move pawns to the middle, it is possible to take over all of the opponent's pieces with a knight, so in the end only two knights are left. If added a winning screen when the king is threatened, and a draw when the two pawns are right next to each other, the game could be replayable many times!

The browser version of the game has an issue with mouse sensitivity, unlike the downloadable version. I'm going to fix that in the future.

As for throwing stones, to hit two birds with one stone surely isn't easy.

The colors of the crows received a lot of attention since they could be hard to find in the field. The final version isn't perfect, I'm still thinking of ideas to implement this "crow vision"

Thanks for your review! I didn't have much time to add a variety of content, and this is a good lesson to take away. Adding more ways to fight and more disasters to protect the field from would engage the player more for sure.

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Wow, the game tells a story through gameplay in such a unique way! I'd love to play more scenarios with these social cubes.  The themes are so relatable. My favourite was the "third wheel"

The style of the game is great! I wish there was an easier tutorial though ^^; I spend a lot of time dying in my own spikes, and I have to wait for the first wave to begin after each restart. But, the mechanics is really well thought through, since there are many ways to defeat enemies it sure gives you the feeling of agency!

In this game, everything comes together - the art, the game play, the plot and the music! It's an outstanding accomplishment in the game jam so short!

I love the animation of the spider, the Bouncy Wouncy Spider aesthetic! I don't know what the black dots are there for though? A short in-game explanation would be nice :)

Honestly that's my favourite quest too. What I've originally wanted to say with this game, "It's the subtle things that matter the most!"

WOW! This game is so cute and enjoyable. I spent much more time in it than I expected (got to the Super Serum). Fun! The theme is totally met, since I wanted to send these pests down the pit of death as hard as I could :0

Thank's for your comment! Yes, there are multiple endings depending on which choices you've chosen. There are also quests that do not directly involve NPC (cobwebs, lost cow, bone) so you probably have missed a couple of these.

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad the layout worked out as planned ^^

Really cool concept and visuals! I loved how there is no tutorial needed because it is already hidden in the gameplay. I'm not sure if it's just me playing at 10pm, but I got tired on level three. Every time half a dozen new tiles appeared on the screen I subconsciously went "Ughh, now I need to reconnect the entire thing " ... Maybe if you show new tiles one or two at a time, it would be less frightening ๐Ÿ˜…

That's a very nice mechanic! I like how fast rumba goes and the little enemies. The music is not loud I think, in some places it was quieter than others. There is an overwhelming amount of levels! :0 Speaking of which,  I think it may be good to number them, so the player knows where to go. In addition, I think you could make more "action" levels, it feels really good for a quick rumba to go shoot enemies in a rage)

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for staying 'till the end! Sorry for any bounding-box issues, I'll get them fixed. Pressing shift too often is a common problem for many games, but sticky keys can be turned off in system settings. Maybe I'll change the key for cuckoo in the next build.

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Thanks! It's actually a miracle how everything was done on time, although some bugs were fixed after the jam.

Thank you very much! ๐Ÿ˜„

Thank you! I'll definitely make the death skipable! I'll see what I can do with the sound too.

Thank you for showing your point of view!

Well, the colliders must be tuned for sure... It is a great idea to add a skip button and I could add a warning "pendulum is coming!". Also, I don't really remember any levels where you must go through map edges, so there could be a different way to play through it. Anyway,  I should make the boundaries more clear. 

A debate difficult/fun is still in place, with no clear outcomes ๐Ÿ˜ but here are some levels that are mentioned  often: level 11 is too hard compared to other levels, level 6 looks impossible, and I'll find out which level is 8 to see how can it be improved.

Thank you for your response! That is a good question whether this game must be faster paced or not... I guess I made it on a boundary to try to suit all. Some people want it to be more puzzle-like, and others want more challenging stunts and quick death. Good to know!

Thank you! I think level 6 looks really scary but it is really not? You have to wait until pendulums are out of synch. Anyway, I think I'm going to change this one since it is too different from any other level.

Thank you for your response! I had an idea of some puzzles, but all of them broke the pacing of the game, and introducing new elements was a challenge in making a tutorial. Also, puzzle elements would have to go together with the aesthetic which I just couldn't do in time ๐Ÿ˜… And yeah, I was really anxious by the end of levels that they were too easy, I should have thought them through better. The bird indeed is mechanical, and I guess the pronouns would be it/its

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Wow! That was fun! It took me a few tries to get the third level right, but I finished it. I liked the aesthetics of rooms and how pictures are constantly changing! Also, these were the most breathtaking credits I've ever seen in a game) P.S. Breathing was fairly easy to me, I just alternated between left/right mouse buttons at a steady rate.

Wow! This game is so captivating! The game has many choices that feel meaningful, and that feel they have major consequences. I also liked the idea of the book and how you addressed a friend as they. I must say that the writing in here is awesome, and it looks like a lot of content for such a short jam!

Thank you for the definition! Meta-fiction does sound like fun

Wow, the game was cool, but I'm not sure what meta-fiction is so... Anyway, I liked the characters (especially Ariadne). So sad when they die! Although sometimes dies someone you haven't talked to yet. I looking forward to find out what is going to happen in the end!

Wow! What a unique interpretation of the theme! Enjoyed playing the game! I loved how you made a season-clock out of cycles and changed the scene according to it. My score is 16/50 as well (finished 2 years). I think while playing I was mostly trying to avoid getting killed than getting apples... There were just so many! Maybe you could add a few lives, like 3 to make death less punishing (and next step is to add healing items on the map?). Also, I was tempted to look at this beautiful clock (really) instead of looking where I'm going and it had terrible consequences. Maybe you could put a simplified version in a corner of the map? (Small circles for seasons, day/night and apples). Finally I think the cool spinning wheel on the main menu could go to one side of the screen, text to the other - just to make it easier to read. Phew, that was a lot of suggestions, but they're totally optional : )

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Thank you all for the responses! Here's a question for you: do you feel like the game could be easier / more difficult? Do you have any ideas on how to make it more interesting? (Besides making it harder)

It is a good start, and there are a few things I'd like to add to the comments below. First, to make things more consistent, player has to gain damage from the enemy bodies as well (in this game pink could mean friendly, blue - unfriendly). Next, I think the background is moving too fast, as it is behind and farther away from the camera, it has to move much slower (in contrast to enemy ships). Also, the white dot in the center of the player makes it less obvious it is a buffer sign, so you may want to find a workaround. I'd enjoy playing more of this game in the future!

Okay, I'm going to fix this in the future. You didn't miss much; It wraps back to level 1 and shows credits. Thank you for playing!

Hello, thank you for your response - the error is not good, but you don't miss much; since it's a clock it just wraps back to level 1 and says thank you for playing. By the way, thank you for playing!

Oh, I love such unusual techniques in games! Although I don't think I know what makes a game antagonistic, I'm interested to see what you'll come up with.

It is a very interesting game! Unfortunately, all I could get by the year 10 were 97 subjects - it seemed there weren't many options to get more. However, the game has a lot of of potential! I liked the design of the top window where the seasons change, and I think a picture of a castle in the background would fit nicely in there. Since the clouds are moving when the game is paused it is a little confusing, especially after an event happened and paused it automatically. Finally, you could add a brief description of each resource and each card - therefore they would not be overwhelming for new players. Good job on the jam!

That's not good. Can you tell me which version were you using?

Nicely done! I couldn't come up with a strategy that suits best, so I had to think in real time what to do... therefore it makes a good action game!