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Haha that was exactly the reason why I ended up clicking on your game!  The random navigation wasn't a great choice in hindsight, thanks for your feedback!

Very cute concept. I don't think the dice rolling added a lot to the game, and overall it made the game harder to understand, but it is an appealing game with lots of potential, well done!

Really well done on getting the entire package done with art sfx and code in the 48 hours! Definitely a neat game. Perhaps you could've made objects in front of the camera slightly transparant, or the shot indicator a bit bigger.

I think this would be fun in the multiplayer mode! Good stuff.

Interesting concept! I think you nailed the art and music. The game looks and feels great. From a game design perspective I found there was little incentive to actually change up your strategies, perhaps you could've forced the player to use each option once, and make the numbers on the dice random. I also found the controls to be a tad unintuitive, but I figured it out after about a minute or two. Overall though, neat game with great polish, good stuff.

Yes there is actually an event on some of the yellow points of interest that allows you to purchase a navigation upgrade. I think I should've done something else with the navigation though, perhaps make it automatically repair over time. Regardless, thanks for the feedback!

That was quite something, congrats on finishing a game. I happen to have recently watched a video on dark art. It posed the question whether or not such art is moral, since it seems to perpetuate and affirm negative feelings, especially for some people affected by mental illness. It also discussed tumblr and how that can be quite a toxic platform in that regard. On the other hand its also useful for lots of people. That video definitely offered some food for thought for me, and this game reminded me of it.

That being said I feel like this game was a bit of a outlet for you, and I hope you're alright. You said it yourself, with the mark twain quote in the title, there's lies, damned lied and statistics.
Don't let your life be affected by statistics.

+1 for the music, it's always impressive if someone actually records something for a jam! You really made a cute game. It actually could make for a nice endless game after some more tweaks (though I did manage to free myself from the dice and  "finish" the game). One thing I wonder: does the number on the dice increase explosion size, I could quite tell. Well done on your game!

I got stuck on the second level for like ten minutes. I saw a similar game is 3d and I could wrap my head around that but I just couldn't visualise this. Your game looks great though and I am sure there's some people who are way more into this type of game then I am.

Really cool that managed to cobble this together in 48 hours! I personally didn't really like constantly having to pick up all the coins, I wish there were more of the actual task things, with perhaps a day based system where you have a particular set of task to complete to maximize customers.  Well done on your game though!

Thanks for the feedback! There actually is an event that allows you to purchase a navigation upgrade, but perhaps I should've consider making it automatically slowly repair itsself. Regardless, I appreciate the kind words.

I think this game is best described as a diamond in the rough. The variety of interesting attacks you created are amazing!

I finished the entirety of the game and it really shines in the bullethell-esque moments where the screen is filled with attacks from top to bottom. I just would've wished that the movement was a bit less slugglish and that the maps were a bit clear in where you can and cannot go through.

I also missed incentive to switch dice all that much, which could've been interesting. Perhaps if they had different colours which contoured specific enemies that could've created interesting situations.

I also would've considered change the right mouse button to a dash, and putting the throwing distance of lmb a bit higher to rebalance it.

Overall it has lots of potential though, and I think this combat system could sustain hours of gameplay with just a tiny bit of extra tweaking.

+1 for the music. It seems like you definitely have some practice because that was really good with haunting tuba and nice singing (or probably a slightly smaller instrument, I am not entirely sure). I tried recording something for a jam on my violin at some point but that didn't go nearly as well.

Gameplay wise I would've liked a little bit more, everything functioned alright, but I missed a bit of a goal, especially after I had purchased both of the weapons once.

Overall though it's a polished game and nice take on the theme, well done!

When I got in I was worried it would be another one of those, but I was pleasantly surprised by the creative dash mechanic which works amazing for the puzzles. The aesthetics are beautiful too, and honestly my only minor gripe is that longer level start to feel a little bit cumbersome when you have to replay the start a bunch of time to figure out the end.

Amazing job though, this is the best game I've played from the jam thus far!

Neat game! All that's missing in my opinion is a little bit of feedback as to what effect the potion has had. Perhaps the debuffs could also have been a bit more significant than a stat change.

I also had an issue where I would get cornered by an enemy with no way to get out. Overall I liked the music and art though and it is a really solid game!

The events are specific per type of tile. There's 11 events for the empty tile I believe, so that was just a bad stroke of luck.

Thanks for extensive feedback! I appreciate it a lot.

Just quickly about the random encounters: they are parsed from a large list of 60 or encounters and were really meant to get that idea of a space adventure. I would've loved to have made the more impactful and less frequent but time happened.

Haha yeah, I couldn't quite get the UI to look right, both in terms of art and scaling. Really appreciate the kind words!

Really well executed. You managed to cram in a lot of mechanics and really managed to take this style of puzzle to it's limit. The only thing that confused me were the red blocks. I went right through it the only time I touched it.  Well done!

Kudos on the music, it's great.

I am really impressed by how well made your mechanics are, everything feels good and dice mechanic constantly forces you to think ahead. What do I do if I get a low roll? Combined with cleaver mechanic to keep you afloat when things go awry and you have a solid basis for gameplay.

I think that given a bit more time this could've been a lot more then just an endless fighting game. Perhaps an streets of rage-esque game or more of a fast paced call of duty zombies idea, regardless, good stuff!

Amazing job on the art the game looks absolutely gorgeous.

I tried my best to achieve all the goals, but after a while it felt like I was just endlessly smashing buttons. I didn't really like the lives concepts, perhaps I missed a mechanic, but I felt like I was dying for no reason.

I'd say there's potench to use a famous phrase from the past. Well done!

First of all; amazing job on your game! It fits the theme and is overall nice and polished.

I played through the entire game but I must admit that I struggled a lot with predicting what the actions of my consequences would be. I think a visual indication on the tile where you will land with a ghost will go a long way. I also would've really liked an undo button.

On the whole you made a solid, playable and good looking game though. You managed to keep my attention until the end, and I do not particularly enjoy puzzle games.

Thanks for the feedback, especially the non-procedural tutorial bit, these points are incredibly valuable for the next jam (and a potential postjam version)

I'm also aware of the turning rooms, but if I added more turns in different directions it would break the hacky level generator with the time constraints.

Anyways, thanks again for your honest feedback, it's incredibly valuable.

First of all, thanks a lot for the really extensive feedback, I appreciate it a lot.

I really like the idea of powerups and rewards for doing well, but due to a rough start on day one after which I revamped my idea I didn't really have time. Definitely something I'll do if aim going to make a post jam version.

Than to give you a little bit of perspective on the theme, I tried to make it so that after seeing 1-1 and 1-2 you could do 1- Joined together with a tighter time limit. This would've been an interesting spin on the idea that you normally don't know what coming in a roquelike. Sadly this really doesn't comet to fruition due to a lack of variety in the level generation.

As I also said below, the camera keep speed should've been correlated with player velocity, but I just didn't come up with that during the jam.

Again though, thanks a ton for your feedback, you gave some really great tips that'll help me to improve next time.

Yeah, I shouldve correlated the camera keep speed to the player velocity, but I couldn't come up with that during the jam, thanks for playing!

Really lovely game! As others have already noted the pacing could be better, but its just an incredibly solid entry!

Really neat concept, sadly its just slightly tedious and hard to control, perhaps it would be easier if there was a little distance between the character and the place where you sew. Either way, really well done on this game. You really got a clever idea that beautifully fits the theme, and with some tweaking, could become a really elegant game!

Extremely well polished and neat entry. Perhaps its just a little easy, but you did a phenomenal job!

Nice and simple game, it really misses so kind of reload indication near your gun. solid entry though, congratulations of finishing it!

Really great game! Only gripe is that the level escalate very quickly, to a degree where I got stuck quite early. Overall definitly a contender for top 100 though, really well done!

Incredibly solid entry. Im personally not a big fan of puzzle games, but you pulled of a great game!

The concept is there but in the current state it doesnt really work ou. Still want to congratulate you on finshing a game though!

Incredibly clever game! 

Everything looks great but sadly the gameplay lacks a bit. The controls are really arkward and its quite hard. I think the concept has potential but it shouldve been executed slightly differently, perhap giving the player more control would makes the game more fun.

Overall the game is stunningly polished though, probably the most polished game Ive seen thus far.

Really clever game, sadly I had a really hard time getting a feel for controls. I never really got the purpose of joining together enmies because of that. I think this game could be esspecially fun with multiplayer, where you can also join together the opposite play and enemies, perhaps in a fast paced (stickfight ish) kind of style. Really great game!

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Thanks! Im aware of the bug, it was just too hard to replicate and I couldnt fix it.

I intentionally didnt give a view of the map, the idea is that in the first levels of a stage you have the time to explore a make some mental notes, and than in the final stage , when the levels are joined  together, you can go full speed and barely get it in time. The reality of the situation however is that the levels are not diverse enough to really get that feel (e.g. theres no branching paths like I wanted), Im quite bummed about that, great to hear you liked it though!

Simple but neat game, it got too much for me at level 6 though. (Perhaps because Im not that much of a fan of puzzle games). Really well done!

Yeah Im aware of that, the procedural generation was a real challenge to get in (esspecially after a slow start on day 1)

Definitely the best game I played so far, super well done! Only bug was that you have to jump over the retracted walls, which was really bothersome. Overall amazing job though, definitely a contender for top 100.

Really solid game, only gripe I have is that the difficulty was too hard, mainly due to information overload. Perhaps you shouldnt have introduced all mechanics in the first level and go for a more, introduce, elaborate and repeat kind of system. Overall a really charming game though, with a lot of potential to become something more.