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amazing level design, strong Celeste vibe here

I like the idea and the music but personally for me, the game felt a bit annoying to coordinate, the levels are nice but the space between blocks and the jumping felt a bit narrow.

We've want the game to be intense right from the start, we've tried slowing the enemy down but it just don't feel good or fun, when the enemy speed is really high and the player can feel the tense, it feels better when they juked the enemy and getting longer survive time everytime they play, most of our players does get a bit of frustrate but it only took them a few more time until they crack the game. I understand that this does not happen for every player and some might be frustrate but its our target. What we should've done is, I think, add an easy mode for more casual player and if they crack the easy mode it'll give them more motivation for the standard or even hard mode. Anyway, thank you for playing and for your feedback, we appreciate it <3

Thanks for playing!

The rule is very simple: survive for 20 seconds!

Thank you for doing this!

Great game! Controller feels good, the spear mechanic is very satisfying when you it land through multiple enemies. The only thing the game is lacking is a bit more music and sound effects. which will make the game even more juicy. I also like the enemies spawn telegraphing and the diversity of enemies as the game progress. 

Thank you for doing this! This is our first game ever, only gonna take you 20sec per run ;)

I'll check out your game and leave a comment over there, cheers

Thank YOU for making the topic, we made the music by ourselves, it was meant to be even better cause we originally planned to have it rise to top as the countdown reaching zero but we didn't have enough time. Thank you very much for playing and for you comment, so far yours is the best comment we've received for this game and we appreciate it a lot <3
This will only take you 20 seconds per run xD
Thank you!

Here's the Mac version! Hope you like it

Thank you for playing! Balancing the game was a really hard since we only have like one non-dev tester xD

I don't know why no one played this yet but this is really good
The art is nice and the mechanic is really fun to play and the controller is accurate.

The music also fit with the game well, if there's anything, maybe design the enemy so that they communicate to the player that they're meant to be jumped on. Adding moving enemy could really spice up the gameplay ( I haven't play through the entire the game so I don't know if you did add them, if you did then ignore this xD). Overall great game, good job!

Really love the mechanic although I'm still stuck at wave 2 xD. With a little more balancing and music I think this would be a very great card game

I'll upload and link the HTML version later ^^ 

The game is quite fun, although I think the level can have a lot of potential and it would be more convenient if I can just run through the boomerang and it will auto pick up instead of having to press E. Overall a great idea and good execution, love the music too.

Really cool game, I got stuck at the "You can't make it" too but the game looks very promising.
Hope you guys like it, first game we ever made, any feedback is appreciated ^^

Great game and great levels but maybe consider changing the different looks for different mechanics? The color alone is kinda confusing

The game looks and feels great but personally I think the objective is kinda ... blurry. Maybe you should update the instruction to make it clearer or making the UI or character design a bit more obvious cause sometime I feel like I don't know what I'm suppose to do.
Hope you guys like it, first game we ever made, please leave a rating and a comment ^^

Really cool concept and fun to play, I think you should let the player figure out how to solve the puzzle rather than give them suggestions and some more music would be nice.
Hope you guys like it, first game we ever made, please leave a rating and a comment ^^

Thank you very much for your feedback <3 We noticed about the looping problem too but when we increase his speedrate the game just turn a little bit too hard xD and there are 24 combinations for the level so we thought that would spice things up.
Anyway thank you for playing, your comment means a lot.
Hope you guys like it, first game we ever made, please leave a rating and a comment ^^