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A game about following rules.
Submitted by spectacles (@_zhimingchen) — 35 minutes, 21 seconds before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#13013.2003.200

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Fun and quirky game, with a great sense of humor. Also, now every platformer without a backflip will forever disappoint me... :-)


Pretty nice. I really like the double jump/backflip being tied to hold rather than 2 taps...I might still that idea for a platformer.


Be my guest! I was first inspired by the first Super Mario Bros to do such a jump.

I loved it, I cant wait to see what you do with this. the back-flip mechanic is a bit hard to use and I couldn't complete level 3, I dont know if it was supposed to be like that (with it not being done 


Thanks for playing, I look forward to making more levels and fleshing out the game :)

I'm getting strong Pony Island vibes from this. I love it. I got stuck on "Don't break your own rule" as well. I like the text sounds and effects.


I'll try to adjust the level to be more intuitive but still as satisfying to figure out after the jam. Thanks for playing!

Love this type of game and look forward to more levels.  One note, the noise for the computer gets old VERY quickly.  


Thanks for playing! I'll make a note about adjusting the sound effects or providing players with a setting to turn it off. I'm keen to create more levels and deliver the original vision to you folks :)

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Like others, I also couldn't make it past the "don't break your own rule" part. But still, I enjoyed it!

It sort of reminds me of aspects of Undertale, with the heart as the player's cursor, the music-tone sound effects for the text dialogue, and the meta-thinking where you are supposed to question the mechanics of the game itself (Flowey not telling you that EXP = "execution points").

You're definitely onto something here!

Update: I finally did it and reached the end! :]


That's awesome! I'm really happy you finished the game :) A couple of players seem to be getting stuck a different stages. I didn't have much time to playtest and balance for the jam but since you finished the puzzles I would love any feedback you might have about balancing the puzzles to make them more intuitive and satisfying. Thanks for playing!


Really cool game, I got stuck at the "You can't make it" too but the game looks very promising.


Thank you! I hope to do some balancing after the jam.


Love the game. The Dialogue is hilarious, it feels like a mixture of both Katana zero and Gladus from portal. The art style is really nice too, its minimal but it feels polished.


Thanks for your kind words! Might bring some of these games to B&P next time ;)

I got stuck around the first level of "Don't break your own rule" but I really like it! Would love to play a full version of this one, and there's so much potential for interesting levels and also cool art/humor stuff. 

And side note, I love the sound effects on the words! Adds a lot instead of having silence.


Thanks for playing! I have a few more levels I'm really keen to implement so I'll definitely revisit this after the jam. I'm glad you liked the sound, I got it in on the 11th hour of the jam but I'm happy that I did!