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ok, nevermind


Here you go link

I like that a lot!

Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it. I would invite you to look at the post-jam version which has some of these things addressed.

1.- I agree that the nature of the only one button + morsecode is slow. It is inherent to the limitation due to the Jam theme. I believe the new undo command helps reduce the punishment for doing 1 wrong move.

2.- There are 6 new levels before level 1 that introduce the mechanics and are very simple/small

3.- I agree. I had more complex ideas in mind but went for very basic puzzles since most people would be stumbling to learn the input mechanics. 

Thank you again for your detailed feedback.

So cool! Thank you for trying my game!

Very interesting to see another morse code game! so cool! My main suggestion is to relax the morse code timing a bit, it is very realistic (which is very very hard). I would also speed up the airship travel and remove morse code numbers/letters that are not needed from the chart for easier reading of the code ( you can add them in later levels as needed). Has a lot of potential to be a good morse code learning tool.

There was, originally the idea was to type 'move' then 'forward' in morse code!

Thanks!! The control scheme is definitively a niche audience type of thing. The  source code with the legic Morse code can be found here by clicking on code, if you're interested.

Very cool game! The setting is so nice, I wish I had a model of it or a story book for kids. I think with a few more levels and mechanics this could be a full game. Like ways for the fairies to interact and create shadows.

Very cool game. I lked how you presented the design of it all. It is oddly satisfying to finish the level while weaving around enemies with 1 dude left, but also gives you a feeling of...I bet I could have gotten more that makes you replay the level.

Thank you so much. "It's quite fun to get the hang of playing it" is such a rewarding thing to hear!!

Thank you so much for the comments. I really wanted the commands to be actual morse code so  I added the "a"gain command instead of a single dash. I actually had the z button clear the current morse code word in a more complex version of the game (where you had to type 'move' then 'forward' not just 'f'...image how slow that would be!!), then my wife was like..."isn't the whole theme only one...?" lol.

I am sorry, the potato computer I was lent could not run your game. It opens but really laggy and when I tried to type commands/enter it would not recognize. E.g. after pressing "esc" it would take like 3 seconds to pause the game. Really sorry

Reference to game of life? 5/5 it is

Really cool game!

Really nice, the double jump was a bit floaty at times. I really like the premise of the game and the slide/walk move/animation feels amazing.  

Very nice! The part where you introduce the bubbles is soo good. You walk back as a large one and pop them without jumping showing the mechanic effortlessly. Great job!

Really Really good, played it like 5 times. So many one bullet games have missed bonus for trick shots, you nailed it! Only time i was like "maaan" was when a purple ball bounce right back at me (my own fault...but still :P) many one bullet games in this jam but this one has a sweet animation and a ricotchet bonus!!! Plus the bonus makes your ball faster allowing for more bonus! Great job. Add a "DOUBLE!!!" and "TRIIIIIPLEEEEEE!!!!!!" "QUQUQUQUQUAAAD" when you get the bonus and make it a mobile game!

I didnt skip the first boss, but the first battle/music trigger. I really love it when mechanics allow for these things!! Super Cool!

Your character is so hopeful when jumping...made me think of mother games for some reason. The mechanics were pretty neat, fail the first time with a "oooooh" then realize what you need to do. Very cool. The jump is so full of hope I had to make an edit pic:

Someone streamed it and said "imagine morse code speed runs" and honestly my mind went bananas! I think with a more refined morse code system the game could play as fast as the old morse code mesages played. Thank you for trying the game!

It is definitively a slow game due to the control scheme. Thank you for trying the game!

The UI was the first thing I made for myself, then I liked it so much I kept it in! Thank you for trying it!

Thank you!

The building mechanics were interesting. For a second I thought I was decorating a fish tank!! I think more flavor options of similar items would have helped create that feel. I was fun weaving through enemies while having whirpools attack for me.

(1 edit)

Man, if the controls were super tight this game would be capable of super meatboy platforming. I skipped the first boss by jumping over the barrier :)...Took me a while (as in I liked the mechanic so much I spent like 10 min trying to jump over the boss to see if it was possible, it was)...Great job!

Interesting idea. I was not sure what each lil dude health was which confused me a bit. I also got one stuck on the top right and I started spamming LMB and that seemed to work well... Different types of enemies would really help add variety so that I would have been forced to move, like slow enemies with a shield or something.

Already rated before :D

Very interesting... I would have liked if the first time you introduced a new color you would have a pre-recorded version since I wasnt sure how they would work. Like in lvl 2 you have a blue guy jump every other second or so and I only control yellow. 

Very interesting!

Very cool game! I like how the mechanics work together

Great game!! The mechanics you introduced were not very obvious to me. I didnt realize you could shoot the boost to get it, or that once you get it by shooting the shot autoreturns. Once I had that down however, the last double jump was obvious and rewarding.

Really cool game, I wish non-weakness also had some effect on the enemies (like flame slowing knights but doing lil to no damage)

The game has the morse code commands you need. Your game was pretty fun!! Once the king showed up it got a bit hectic!! I kinda wanted the fire to also affect the knights. Really cool sound and visual effects!

Really cool game!

Jamming game (hehehehe....) Broke my brain a few times where I knew I was right and fell off... The high score is devilishly awesome cause I thought I was doing well until I saw other's scores...and it made me want to play 2 more times.