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Love the game, really great idea. The controls were a little hard to get used to but apart from that it was a lot of fun to play. 

Love the game. The Dialogue is hilarious, it feels like a mixture of both Katana zero and Gladus from portal. The art style is really nice too, its minimal but it feels polished.

Great Art, and player feel. I really like the idea. The one piece of criticism, is that only one life is not that original for a only one theme. Apart from that, amazing work it feels really polished.

The concept of this game is such a cool idea. I would love to see a full version of it.

Is there a theme to the jam or is the only requirement is that it has to be built with only one script?

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Hi Everyone,

I welcome you to play my latest game, OutKast.

It is a fun and exciting puzzle platformer, in which the core mechanic revolves around light and shadows.

So come check it out and don't be afraid to give me criticism, as that is the reason why I am releasing this, so I can grow as a developer.

Game Page:

Developer Page:

Hi Thoof, thank you for the feed back.

The chairs and tables on the outside of the first level were placeholder ones I had put in there that I didn't get around to changing.

With the food  interaction it is detected in OnTriggerStay2D and you can only interact with the food you haven't spoilt yet.

Increasing the player speed is something that I am considering, as like you said the dish could spawn on the other side or right next to the head chef.  

There were a few design flaws i noticed midway through and if I were to recreate this, I know what I would't do.

Thanks again.

Hey Everybody I have just released my latest project "Siege Defender".
Please go check it out the game is  really fun to play.

Any feedback is very much appreciated as I want to constantly improve at developing games

Game Site:


I will be honest. I am not the best at making trailers and it really doesn't do the game justice so go check out the game for yourself

Thanks :)

Hi everybody.

I have just released Siege Defenders which is a game I had a lot of fun creating and I hope everybody will have fun playing it. 

It is a 2D Action packed survival game with a great game feel.

Any feedback is much appreciated as this is the first game I have released. 

The link is below  and I hope you all have fun!

Game Site: